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March 3, 2009

help me proof the translation

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Feel free to pick out errors in the English! Or suggest better wording! Some “mistakes” might be intentional, but I’m really a mediocre writer. Thanks! (don’t have to register to leave a comment here)

April 18, 2015

chapter 438 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: The towers need three units.
[?]: Prep them and head on up!

[?]: Thanks to your accurate prediction, Advisor-

[?]: any later and we’d be in serious trouble.

chapter 438 Words Unspoken
(“one sentence heart word”)

[?]: Zhou Yu’s troops really came out of nowhere.

[?]: We thought they’d be after our Lord. Who knew they’d suddenly target us.

[?]: By the looks of it, they might’ve mobilized the whole army.
[?]: We’ve been caught off guard.

[?]: It’s getting colder, Advisor, plus the enemy blockade is preventing us from aiding Huarong…

[?]: After so many days, I’m afraid… our Lord’s troops…

[?]: No. Despite the difficulties, how could we vassals just let this happen?
(not sure)

[?]: Cao Ren’s forces have arrived!

[Jia Xu]: No. We cannot lose this ground.

[?]: Advisor, but…

[?]: we can’t do this!

[JX]: How are you holding up, Cao Ren?

[Cao Ren]: What do you mean…

[JX]: Deputy, provide rations to Cao Ren’s troop,

[JX]: then we’ll lock the gates and defend Jiangling to the end.
[?]: Are you being serious?

[JX]: Yes.

[JX]: Young Master Pi is at Xiangyang.

[CR]: Jia Xu, does this mean…

[JX]: You understand.

[JX]: You must’ve been thinking about it on your way here.

[CR]: Men, there’s been a change. We must take a detour.

[CR]: Our main force must head west!

[CR]: We’ll let Jia Xu’s troop take care of things here.

[CR]: Men, we head for Yiling!

[JX]: The fire in the hills may have trapped Yue Jin, but the downpour should’ve saved him, don’t you think?
[?]: Yes… I’ve also received news that of the main forces,

[?]: Yue Jin’s troop was the only one that managed to escape.

[JX]: Good. I can rest easy with him around.

[?]: But if you won’t rescue our Lord, Advisor, then… then…
[JX]: This is what the situation demands. It’s the best we can do…

[JX]: Cao Ren understood.

[JX]: I hope… Yue Jin will too.


[?]: We’re so glad you’re safe, Young Master.

[Cao Pi]: Send Sima Yi my thanks.
[?]: You flatter him, Young Master.

[?]: It’s true. Young Master would’ve been in grave danger without Sima Yi’s help.
[?]: The days of travel must be exhausting, Young Master. Please rest inside.

[CP]: How much military forces do we have here?

[?]: We shouldn’t let emotions affect our decisions, Young Master, we need…

[CP]: Am I not allowed to go rescue my father?
[?]: Nonono, that’s not what we meant…

[Yue Jin]: Right now we need you to stay and stabilize morale, Young Master.

[CP]: I could execute you with impunity just for saying that.

[YJ]: I don’t fear death, unless it had no value.

[YJ]: I’m… just worried that you…
[CP]: What are you worried about?

[YJ]: You get it, Young Master!

[YJ]: We all do.

[YJ]: Four of our reinforcements still haven’t arrived.

[YJ]: I don’t know what happened back in the capital…

[YJ]: However, as things stand, there’s only one thing on our minds…

[YJ]: We must look out for Young Master Pi.

Because on that day, there was one thing on everyone’s mind:
“Cao Cao is dead.”

[?]: Stay calm. Hold fast!
[?]: Our Lord is still alive.

[?]: Reinforcements will be here soon!

[?]: Tighten our encirclement.
[?]: The Cao army can’t hold on much longer!

[?]: Whoa.

{falling sfx}

[?]: Shit! More traps!
[?]: Untested grounds. Don’t rush in!

[?]: Look, Guan Yu’s troops have slowed down!

[?]: Now’s our chance! What’re we waiting for, proceed with the plan!

[?]: Archers!

{sfx: shoo~}

[?]: A flawless defense.

[Guan Ping]: Father, this commander is quite good.
{Guan Yu’s son, Guan Ping}

[Guan Yu]: Yes. Yesterday the Cao army crumbled.
[GY]: And today they’re suddenly fighting tooth and nail.

[GY]: Never once have I witnessed such phenomenon in all my years on the battlefield.

[GY]: Kong Ming, I, too, have a thought…
(“…a sentence”)


who is it that has turned your depressing script…

into something more exciting?

April 9, 2015

chapter 437 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: The water level rose way too fast! We’ve been cut off from the fifth battalion!
[?]: What now? We can’t get the rations to them!

[?]: General, look!

chapter 437 The First Battle Between Ultimates
(“…godly man/men”)

[?]: General Song has been mobbed!

[?]: The fifth battalion has mutinied!

[?]: Sir! We can’t make contact with the two divisions in the hills ahead either…

[?]: We haven’t heard a single report from them the whole day!

[?]: They must’ve fled!

[?]: You men out there, keep your voices down! Our Lord needs to rest!
[Cheng Yu]: Hua Tuo, how is our Lord’s condition?

[Hua Tuo]: After taking the medicine, he just needs to rest for a few days to recover. However…

[?]: Right. We should still try to escape this freezing weather.

[?]: How does it look at the front lines?

[?]: The water level rose too fast. We’ve lost contact with many of our troops.
[?]: And Liu Bei’s forces have blocked our only escape route.

[?]: Our men are deserting in droves. Many more have succumbed to the cold.

[?]: Didn’t they promise to send four troops from the north to our aid?
[?]: But nary a word thus far.

[?]: Something must’ve gone wrong.

[?]: I heard that things are bad at Jingzhou too. Several reports of rebellion prior to the storm.
[?]: The commanding officers at each city have been working nonstop. Things will only get worse once they hear of our defeat at Red Cliff.

[?]: Stay at your post. As for reinforcements… don’t expect miracles!

[?]: Sir! The latest news…

[?]: Liu Bei’s men have been spreading the news around our camps…

[?]: that our Lord’s main camp has been breached, and that he has been captured!

[?]: Nearly all of our men in the region have surrendered!

[?]: What should we do, Advisor Cheng…

[CY]: It’s too late to do anything. They had intended to surrender…
(“…make amends…”)

[CY]: The outcome has preceded the battle. Our hundred-thousand strong is routed while they lose no one…

[CY]: The precision at which the opposing strategist plots his moves is beyond belief…
(“…already arrived at an unfathomable state”)

[CY]: In order to escape this unscathed, everyone,
(“…full body retreat”)

we’ll need a miracle…

[?]: All troops in position, Advisor.
[?]: Awaiting orders.
(“anytime can take action”)

[Zhuge Liang]: Deputy.
[?]: Yessir!

[ZGL]: Initiate the first round of a full scale attack.

[?]: Something off in the enemy camp?

[ZGL]: Their formation has exceeded my expectation somewhat.

[?]: Main army, move out!

[Guan Yu]: Hm. Finally.

[GY]: Only the Advisor knows me best!

[ZGL]: Go!

My first battle!

{sfx: dong~ dong~ dong~}

[?]: Sir! Liu Bei’s troop has begun their attack!
[?]: Their flag says Guan…

[?]: Guan… not Guan Yu, is it?

[?]: Sir, it… it is Guan Yu!
[?]: Are you all scared?

[?]: It’s common knowledge that Guan Yu is invincible.
[?]: But our… our commander hasn’t had that experience!

[?]: Hoo.

[?]: Tough luck…?
(“what other solution is there”)

[?]: Let’s tough it out!

[?]: Young Master, we didn’t expect to fight Guan Yu in the first found.

[Sima Yi]: Are you concerned for me, old Jia?

[Jia]: The foundation of our usurpation scheme may be in place,

[J]: but this fight is something else.

[SMY]: Yes. There’s this obstacle before us.

[J]: Can you handle… the art of war?

[SMY]: Haha, no “prior experience” to speak of.

[SMY]: Yet… it’s quite thrilling.


Zhuge Liang must feel the same way.

[?]: Advisor Sima, they’ve broken through our vanguards!
[?]: The middle flank can’t seem to fend them off!

[?]: Young Master!

[SMY]: Come.

[ZGL]: Go.

[ZGL]: My first battle…

[ZGL]: must be won.
(“only victory”)

[SMY]: can’t be lost.
(“cannot lose”)

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