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March 3, 2009

help me proof the translation

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Feel free to pick out errors in the English! Or suggest better wording! Some “mistakes” might be intentional, but I’m really a mediocre writer. Thanks! (don’t have to register to leave a comment here)

October 20, 2016

chapter 470 (magzine syndication, not final)

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Seize power to fulfill one’s aspiration.

Make toast to remember old friends.

[?]: The pro and anti-Liu factions have clashed,
[?]: and it’s getting out of control!

[?]: And the lack of information from the neighboring cities is worrying!

[?]: Look.

chapter 470 A Friend Returns
(not sure if the “again” in the original Chinese is meaningful or redundant)

[?]: The eastern pagoda fell.

[?]: Our lord is in the eastern courtyard. Not sure how he’s doing.
[?]: Has the messenger returned?

[?]: Report! General Yi Guang has returned!
[?]: What happened to you, old Yi? Where is our Lord?

[Yi Guang]: All… all exits to the eastern courtyard have been blocked…

[YG]: There is fighting going on in the courtyard, but I don’t know who the enemy is.

[YG]: Go save them! This… this is a coup!

[?]: Have you found him?

[?]: The way he fell, he should be here!
[?]: Once we find the rope…

[?]: Found it! He’s under here!

[?]: Sir! General Ma’s troop has arrived!

[?]: Sir! We’ve just pushed back the archers outside the gates.
[?]: But the insiders who escaped know all the key locations in the city.

[?]: My lord, they’ve spread rumors in your absence!

[Zhao Fan]: Zhao Yun certainly has extraordinary minions.
[ZF]: They made a chaotic scene within my ranks.

[?]: Pull!

[?]: My Lord, we found him!

[?]: So… what’s next?
[ZF]: Liu Bei doesn’t have much troops. He has no reinforcements.

[ZF]: Everyone, return to your posts!
[ZF]: Drag Zhao Yun’s corpse outside and demoralize his minions.

[ZF]: Oh, I see him.

[?]: Broken bones and a bloody mess…
[?]: That’s… what remains of the hero of Changban.

[ZF]: Overlook small details and a crack can sink ships.
(can’t find official translation of Guan Yin Zi‘s ninth chapter on “Remedies”?)

[ZF]: Ignore an insect and their bite may be poisonous.

[ZF]: Underestimate a scoundrel and they could ruin a country.

[ZF]: The calamity of Guiyang…

[ZF]: is another lesson.

[ZF]: And your troubles, Xiao Fan…
[ZF]: should also have gone up in smoke.

[ZF]: The three commanderies and Liu Bei should be wearing each other down, which is beneficial to us.

[ZF]: Sort out your feelings. I want to finish off Liu Bei!

[?]: Wa… wait.

[?]: This guy, he…

[?]: he’s Gao Fan, assigned to guard the pagoda!

[?]: He’s not Zhao Yun!

[?]: What? Then whe…
[?]: where is he?

[?]: Over here!

[?]: There’s another rope here!

[?]: He must’ve used Gao Fan’s corpse as a decoy,
[?]: then waited for the pagoda to fall before escaping!

[?]: Search the place! He’s still here!

{sfx: ta}

[ZF]: You were waiting for the pagoda to fall?
[Zhao Yun]: Yes.

[ZF]: So you want to hold me hostage for Liu Bei?

[ZY]: Yes. We have more toasts to make.

[ZF]: Brains and brawn. Once again you remind me of someone.

[ZF]: That year I traveled the world with my younger oath brother.

[ZF]: We had the same aspiration, which was…

[ZY]: Younger? I thought he was your late older brother?

[ZY]: Don’t worry. I’ll take care of your “younger” sister-in-law.
(“…younger-brother’s wife…”)

[?]: No.

[Xiao Fan]: Ah.
[?]: City or woman;

[?]: mission or family.

[?]: You missed your chance back then,

[?]: so now you get to choose again!

September 29, 2016

chapter 469 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: No one ahead. The enemy has fallen back by another position!
[?]: Patience. We have the enemies pegged!

[?]: Sir! Signal from our troops in the right hills says they haven’t spotted them yet!
[?]: We’ve forced them to the left hills!

[?]: By the looks of this hill…

chapter 469 Zhang Fei Takes Flight
(semi-wordplay on Zhang Fei’s name?)

[Wei Yan]: their numbers should only be in the hundreds…

[?]: No wonder Zhang Fei avoided fighting. He’s short on men.

[WY]: Haha, so this third master Zhang,

[WY]: I was looking forward to a real battle,

[WY]: but it turned out to be a mere skirmish.
(“…small circle…”)

[?]: Troops are deployed, master Wei.
[?]: And reinforcements from River Qu is on their way.

[?]: The target is now clear, we can move in.

[?]: Once the right side is in, we can attack with fire!

[WY]: I wonder if the land-lubber in the woods

[WY]: gets that he can’t even fly out of this one?
(wordplay on Zhang Fei’s name “fly”, and the land-lubber term “dry-land duck” and the idiom “can’t fly even with wings”)

[WY]: Avoidance is no solution.

[WY]: Come out and face me!

[Zhang Fei]: Fine.

[?]: Look, Zhang Fei is here!

[WY]: Our match isn’t over yet!
(“not decided win defeat”)

[ZF]: Come.

[WY]: What kind of weapon is that?

{sfx: zing~}

[ZF]: Serpent spear.

{sfx: zing~}

[ZF]: Now I slither instead of swimming.
(“now not duck, is snake”)

{sfx: ka~}


S… so strong!

[ZF]: Ho, not down yet.

{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: cha~}

[ZF]: Watch out

[ZF]: for snake bite.

{sfx: ka~}

The spear is turning!?

{sfx: ka. ka.}

[ZF]: You’ve been bit.


{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: sha}

[WY]: You too.

[ZF]: Fine.

{sfx: pong~}

[WY]: Zhang Fei has dismounted. Hurry!

[?]: Here!

[ZF]: Ha!

[ZF]: Amazing.

[WY]: Men, charge!

{sfx: pong~}

[ZF]: Hoo.

[ZF]: Here they come.

{sfx: ka}

[ZF}: Go.

[WY]: Unit two, surround him!

{sfx: ta}

[?]: Where’re you running to, Zhang Fei?

[ZF]: Go.

{horse neigh~}

{sfx: pong~}

[ZF]: I ain’t runnin’.

[WY]: He’s still alone?

{sfx: ka}


[WY]: Any sign of Zhang Fei’s troops?

[?]: Master Wei, look!

[?]: Th… they’re down below!

[?]: We’ve been lured away.

[?]: There’s no one but him in the hills!

[WY]: Have you no fear of death, Zhang Fei?

[WY]: Or have you
(“you are unafraid of death”)

[WY]: a death wish?
(“or actually want death”; possibly foreshadowing his end???)

{galloping sfx}

[ZF]: Wei, have you painted this hill?

[WY]: Haha, which hill?

{sfx: hoo}

[ZF]: The one across from us.

{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: pa~ pa~ pa~}

{sfx: pong~}

[ZF]: What’s the matter, can’t catch up?

[WY]: Huff.

[WY]: Hahaha, why would I let a captured prey escape?

[ZF]: Interesting!

[ZF]: But the scale of fighting here is too small.
(“except, circle too small”)

[ZF]: Want a bigger prey?

[ZF]: If yes, then keep up!

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