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March 3, 2009

help me proof the translation

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Feel free to pick out errors in the English! Or suggest better wording! Some “mistakes” might be intentional, but I’m really a mediocre writer. Thanks! (don’t have to register to leave a comment here)

February 2, 2016

Volume 56 Extra Text

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Raging War South of Jing; Three Generals Attack Four Commanderies

God-like Warrior Leads His Troops to the Huarong Path; Confidants Find Common Ground In the War-tent

For people who work long hours, like me, watching TV at home has become a staple form of entertainment. Maybe it’s because I’m too bored, the usual comedies just aren’t satisfying enough. Yet the things that weren’t meant to be funny can be so much funnier if one is willing to look beneath the surface.
Some renowned historical piece, with serious production values and research… and then we see the main character fly onto the roof.
Some documentary, recording a realistic story about the lead being alone in the wild. But he is followed by a camera crew…
Some Haunted House (I don’t know which one he’s talking about) series on an American TV channel shows the home owner telling us how their life has been like hell while living there, and yet they still haven’t moved out by the end…
In music videos, black people are always partying next to swimming pools, and idol groups singing love songs always have that starving look…
I’m sorry, I’m way too bored.

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Volume 47: A Gathering of Heroes

January 29, 2016

chapter 454 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{city of Guiyang}
[?]: We haven’t dared to step out of line these past years since Cao Cao’s rise to power.

[?]: Our goal was to save the country, but we were helpless to do anything about it with our limited resources…
[?]: But justice at last when you whipped that traitor at Red Cliff.

[?]: You’ve also shown us all that not even Cao Cao is invincible.

[?]: That’s why we feel reinvigorated to fight for Imperial Han.

chapter 454 Fan the Older, Yun the Younger
(“fan older-brother yun younger-brother”)

[Zhao Fan]: Hence the excitement here in Guiyang when you arrived, General Zhao.

[Zhao Yun]: Sir Zhao’s clear sense of principles is a blessing to the Imperial Uncle.
(“…like gaining a tiger-like general”)

[ZY]: As you know, Lingling and Changsha in the south are stirring trouble with Imperial Uncle…
[ZY]: We should raise an army to assist him so that we may eliminate the rebels and expand territory.

[ZF]: That makes sense, General Zhao. I had the same thought.

[ZY]: I stand alone,

[ZY]: so I hope that with your support we could stage a two-front assault to help the Imperial Uncle.

[ZY]: You in command, and I as support. What do you think?

[ZF]: Yes, I’ll prep the troops and set out with you immediately, brother Zhao.

[ZF]: Great minds think alike. A toast to you.

[ZY]: No, brother Zhao, your generosity puts me to shame.

[ZY]: This toast should be to you.

[ZY]: Blessed is me to have a confidant in this fight for our country.

[ZY]: Here, let’s down it together!

[ZY]: Let’s!

[ZF]: You’re right, but…

[ZF]: Old Peng, this wine is too cheap for a drink between brothers.
[Peng]: Oh, my apologies.

[ZF]: Don’t we have several jars of the best? Bring them out, quickly.
(“…excellent wine…”)

[P]: Yes yes yes, right away.
(“…I immediately switch them here”)

[ZF]: Preparations will take time. Let’s drink to our heart’s content before the battle.
[ZY]: Your wish is my command.

[?]: Here! Down it!
[?]: Haha, you sure can hold your liquor!

[?]: What’s the matter? Why’re we still waiting to take him down?

[P]: That guy sat next to our Lord on purpose. He’s gotta be suspecting something.
[P]: So I have no choice but to switch out the poisoned drink with regular ones.

[?]: We already know his hand of cards. So what’re we afraid of?

[?]: Don’t be rash!

[?]: This guy made a grand show at the Changban Slope. If we poison him, our Lord might die with him too.

[?]: The better option is to take him down when they’re out cold.

[?]: Just a little longer. Wait for my command.

[?]: More reason not to dally if he’s already seen through it.

[?]: This guy is an assassin. He came with a plan.

[?]: He’s a skilled fighter too. I fear that none of you are his match.

[?]: As always, let me go in first, and you watch for an opening.

[?]: You sure?
(“you have grasp/confidence”)

[ZF]: Zhending county of Changshan? Then we really do share a hometown.
(同乡 feels quite broad to me, so not necessarily from the same village/city/town/province, depends on context; for example, I think Chinese expat abroad can say the same about each other, regardless of which province they were from, although maybe limit it to either both northern or both southern regions; but YMMV)

[ZF]: Unfortunately this first meeting came too late. Had we known each other earlier,
[ZF]: the three of us would’ve already made it in this world.

[ZY]: Three of us? What do you mean, brother Zhao?

[ZF]: Haha, I forgot, I forgot…

[ZF]: I keep mentioning him.

[ZF]: My oath brother, Zhao Ling, he was as outstanding as you.

[ZF]: Talking about world’s affairs with him always filled us with righteous indignation.
[ZY]: Haha, good men.

[ZF]: Pity he didn’t watch the tide carefully enough. A single misstep cost him his young life.
(“…unable to observe/figure-out world’s situation, one time not careful, prime year early death”)

[ZF]: That’s why I’ve always been cautious about making big decisions.

[ZF]: Even if I support the Imperial Uncle, I must do so secretly for fear of making a mistake.

[ZF]: Apologies… The drinks brought back memories of my late brother- got me rambling again.

[ZY]: Everybody dies. But friends make life worth living.

[ZF]: Yes. I just hope I can take care of his family…

[ZF]: Sadly despite my determination to go into battle,

[ZF]: I still have attachments.

[ZF]: Zhao Ling’s widow, Miss Fan, is still in her prime.

[ZF]: At his deathbed, he asked me to take care of her.

[ZF]: I should be at the forefront as the commander, but I’m afraid…

[ZY]: Don’t worry. The sister-in-law of my oath brother is like my sister-in-law. I will do my utmost to protect her.

[ZY]: However, I have a request as well.

[ZY]: Save your honey trap. Come with me to see the Imperial Uncle, or…

[ZY]: I’ll end your miserable life.
(“immediately take your dog life”)

[ZY]: The ambush here is pittance compared to what I faced at Changban.
(“…chang ban slope’s skin and fur…”)

[ZF]: Hahaha… playing the charade sure can be exhausting.

[ZF]: Zhao Ling was made up, like Zhao Yun of Changshan, right?

[ZY]: No, I used to be a Zhao.

[?]: Yes, he is a Zhao.

[Fan]: Back then he was Zhao Huo.

[F]: He was the foster son of Dong Zhuo’s subordinate Zhao Xian.

[F]: Eighteen years ago, Zhao Xian was executed for his failure to protect Xu Lin.
(“190 A.D.”)

{sfx: ka}

[F]: His foster son Zhao Huo went missing.

[F]: Zhao Xian’s entire family was killed because of Xu Lin’s death.

[F]: Only one person escaped the punishment.

[ZY]: Xiao Fan…
(“xiao” or “little” being the somewhat affectionate prefix for someone’s name, like for “xiao meng”)

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Go!

{sfx: ping~}

[?]: Sit down, all of you!
[?]: Drop your weapons and surrender!

[?]: You hear me?

{sfx: zing}

{sfx: ka}

[F]: Don’t worry, old Zhao. It’s just assassin’s reflex.

{sfx: pong~}

[ZF]: Sometimes the truth is scarier than fiction.
(“…boasting too much, truth instead makes one’s hair stand on end”)

[ZF]: Who… is he really?

[F]: The man who kept me vidual

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