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March 3, 2009

help me proof the translation

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Feel free to pick out errors in the English! Or suggest better wording! Some “mistakes” might be intentional, but I’m really a mediocre writer. Thanks! (don’t have to register to leave a comment here)

April 15, 2016

chapter 458 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Sir! Another troop appeared behind the hills.

[?]: Please dispatch a blockade!

[?]: This passage is our retreat route.
[?]: Second Master would be in danger if we retreat!

[?]: This is bad. The enemy is increasing!

[?]: Those down there…

chapter 458 A Troop From Wuling

[?]: And more are coming ahead of us!

[?]: Their defense at the valley’s entrance seems suspicious.

[?]: Based on their position, they seem to be from Changsha.

[?]: Young Master, Han Xuan is showing his true colors.
[Guan Ping]: That’s why our Lord said taking the four Commanderies won’t be easy.

[?]: This just in- second Master has yet to win the battle,
[?]: while Liu Du has begun to attack from the side!

[?]: Young Master, we have news!

[?]: The commanding officers of Han Xuan’s army are General Chen and Xu!

[?]: They’re key officers of the Changsha commandery.

[GP]: If they’ve arrive, that means…

{Han Xuan’s General-In-Chief, Chen Fu}
[Chen Fu]: Finally, some good news from Jin Xuan after days of waiting.
{Xu An}

[?]: General Chen, Jin Xuan’s troop is the first to arrive!

[?]: Here comes their deputy commander!

[Xu An]: Have you brought them, General Kou?

[Kou]: Sir, Liu Bei’s main force marched southward from Wuling.

[K]: I was tasked to lead the way, and they’ve arrived at the crossing!

[CF]: Thanks to our Lord’s brilliant ploy, we’ve finally lured him here.
[XA]: Here it comes. We’ve waited too long for this day!

{cavalry sfx}

{cavalry sfx}

{flag reads: Liu}

[?]: Liu Bei.

[CF]: You scoundrel. Plunging the world into chaos using your title as Imperial Uncle…

[CF]: Come. Today you shall take your final step in life.

[XA]: General Kou, has commander Jin Xuan mobilized his army?

{sfx: cha}

[K]: Go ask him yourself.

[K]: The Advisor saw through Jin Xuan’s fake surrender long ago.

[K]: And General Gong Zhi has already finished him off!
{note: Gong Zhi is Jin Xuan’s subordinate}

[CF]: Wh…

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Kou, you betrayed us!

[K]: A scoundrel, like you said.

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: General Kou has made his move!
[?]: Let’s follow suit!

[K]: Mission complete, my Lord. The counter-attack can begin!

[Liu Bei]: A fitting recommendation from Zi Long.
(“zi long recommended person, indeed has his style”)

[?]: Attack the enemy while Han Xuan’s army is in disarray!

[?]: Charge! Catch them off guard!

[?]: Like a headless snake,
[?]: Han Xuan’s army won’t be much of an obstacle to our Lord’s men. We did it!

[GP]: Good boy, you did well in Wuling.

[?]: Why would Jin Xuan’s subordinate do this? What’s going on?

[GP]: The Advisor colluded with Gong Zhi of Wuling during his years in Jing.

[GP]: Jin Xuan had no clue. He was bound to lose.

[GP]: Kou Feng has finally completed his assignment from the Advisor!
(fans speculated that this is the same mystery guy in chapter 418)

[GP]: Haha, our Lord has a new trustworthy commanding officer.

But father, what are you doing right now?

The counter-attack is about to begin!

[Xing Dao Rong]: Let’s annihilate Guan Yu’s troop in one fling!
{Liu Du’s General-In-Chief, Xing Dao Rong}
[XDR]: Surround them and leave none alive!


[?]: Second Master, our vanguard has been scattered!

[?]: We can’t hold this ground much longer!

The last step is finally here!

For with this step I have him firmly in my grasp.

Even if my shoulder is numb from the piercing pain,

or that I pity this old man who has been betrayed by age…

But… I must stride toward reality!

[Guan Yu]: Grandpa, I salute you!
(“old granddad, accept yu one bow”; this time the honorific is the more respectable version)

{sfx: pong~}

April 12, 2016

Chen Mou’s Taiwan Signing, April 3, 2016

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post writeup: maryquant
signing location: Kaohsiung Exhibition Center (?)

(Mr. Chen is very happy about the Taiwan readers’ warm reception!)

You know, he hasn’t changed a bit since 2010!

In response, Mr. Chen blushed and said: Actually, I have more white hair now. (sad) But it feels quite relaxing to come to a Taiwan signing. The Taiwan readers are very nice, unlike Hong Kong readers who often make special requests that put him in a bind. (what kind of request!?)

Now here are his answers to your questions:

Q: We’re all concerned about the syndication schedule. Will it return to being bi-monthly?

A: Right now it’s already at full speed. (He felt bad, but he insists on a certain quality of the art and story… So please be patient. This is his life’s dream and career, therefore he will definitely complete it.)

Q: Who is the Eighth Genius? Will he appear this year?

A: Why does this question follow me everywhere! How do I put this…

moderator: You were asked this the last time you were here in 2010. Who knew we would still be waiting in agony to this day

A: This year… no promises… Uh… how do I put this? (he’s stalling)

mod: That’s not a good sign. So has this character been the same one since the beginning? Any change?

A: Still the same person. No changes.

Q: Have you played the Ravages games? What do you think about them?

A: I have played them… but when I do it still felt like I was working. I wasn’t having “fun”.

Q: What happened to those tens of thousands of dead bodies in the (long) river?

A: For the sake of world peace, they automatically disappeared!

Q: Do you have a grudge against Zhang Liao? Whenever he says “no one can survive the reach of my sword” he ends up…

A: Not at all! (Actually Zhang Liao has been given a lot of attention and love from Mr. Chen recently. [Zhang Liao] will be taking center stage soon. Right now it’s just setting the backdrop.)

Q: Your favorite characters tend to end up… After you said your favorite is Lü Bu, there was that “send off in the rain”. In 2010 you told us your favorite is Sun Ce… then he became useless. And now your favorite is?

A: Fear not, everyone! They are long dead. They’re all dead. So don’t be afraid.

mod: My Xiao Meng… QAQ
(my crying face must have been too much… so Mr. Chen drew a Xiao Meng for me without me asking)

Q: Your battlefield scenes are filled with soldiers. Are they exhausting to draw?

A: …Actually, they were drawn by my assistants. (sweating)
(No one can devote their energy to so many areas. He insisted on drawing the “horses” in a Three Kingdoms story and drawing them well… So he had to relegate [the task of drawing] soldiers to the assistant.)

Q: Now that there has been a stage-play of Ravages, are there plans for a movie or TV series in the future?

A: They’re still in talks. However, the most likely project to be green-lit might be a cartoon!

Q: Would there be LINE Emotes of Ravages? I’ve always wanted to send my boss one of “for Dark Art of War, I sacrifice my Lord” XD

A: Both the editor and I have thought about that. We love the idea, but LINE isn’t popular in Hong Kong. WeChat or Whatsapp are more common there, which doesn’t have emotes feature. So we’re still just thinking about it.

Q: On the book-jacket you once spoke of a cockroach that lived in your desk… Is it still there?

A: Yes! And it’s already the fifth generation. (How could he know that!)

mod: In accordance to Sun clan’s Perpetuation Principle!?

A: Exactly. (laugh)

2016.04.29 reader ciper added his own cheery-picked notes (ciper’s comment in parenthesis) on the rest of that interview:

1. Based on Mr. Chen’s plan, Ravages could be treated like a Trilogy. Part one is the Lü Bu Arc, part one is the Guandu and Red Cliff Arc, and part three is the Three Kingdoms Arc. The third part will be very long, since Liu Shan must appear in principle, so… you could deduce the length!

2. The Eight Eccentrics will be explained later. Mr. Chen believes that Religion is also a method of war, and he wants to explore the idea of how Religion influences people’s minds. Look forward to Zhang Lu of Hanzhong with regard to the Eight Eccentrics. (Liu Bei will play a key role in that arc too!)

3. Sixth will have more screen time and exciting stories during the West Shu Conquest arc. (a luxurious send-off?)

4. Of all the Three Kingdoms adaptations, Mr. Chen loves Yokoyama Mitsuteru’s Sangokushi and Sōten Kōro the most. He likes Sangokushi for its faithfulness to Romance of the Three Kingdoms; while he likes the latter for how well it conveyed some of the philosophies. But Mr. Chen would not tell a story in the same way as Sōten Kōro, and he thinks history is filled with lies, so he likes to pull from various sources to present his own interpretation.

5. Mr. Chen’s favorite character in the last arc of the Three Kingdoms era is A-dou (Liu Shan). Surrender when it’s time to surrender- don’t prolong the suffering of the people. That kind of wisdom by the one in charge would not be understood by the subordinates. And as for Liu Xie, his end would have come sooner had it not been for Cao Cao. Therefore people should not judge Cao Cao so harshly in this regard. (I got a bad feeling for Jiang Wei…)

6. Eight Geniuses. Sure, he’ll show up when it’s time. (Maybe not this year, perhaps a toss-up between him and Sixth of who will get screen time first… And then Zhang Lu, feels like forever… The implication is that this four commandery arc will take a year…)

======== overview of comments at the bottom of the original thread ========

* animation! +3
* we will keep waiting for the Eighth!
* “for the sake of world peace…” +4
* “they’re all dead” +2
* comments about the card game
* need more substance to Zhang Liao’s scenes
* so three-week release schedule is at max speed XD

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