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March 3, 2009

help me proof the translation

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Feel free to pick out errors in the English! Or suggest better wording! Some “mistakes” might be intentional, but I’m really a mediocre writer. Thanks! (don’t have to register to leave a comment here)

July 15, 2016

chapter 464 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{Xiangyang, Mount Atou’s Pass}
(??? not sure if 阿 is “a” or “e” in this time period; to keep consistent with “Ah-man” and “Ah-dou”, I’m going to let this one be “ah” instead of “eh”)

[?]: Third round of siege begins!

[?]: Take down Mount Atou and Xiangyang will be in sight!

[?]: Release!

{sfx: shoo~ shoo~)

chapter 464 A Godsend Without Renown
(it’s really just “powerful troop/weapon”, but my first reaction is to use “godsend” to describe it, may change later)

[?]: Protect Mount Atou- our first line of defense!

[?]: Arrows from Cao Ren’s troop are decreasing. Should be depleted soon.

[?]: Their men at River Huai are sparse. Our troops at Hefei have done their job.

[?]: No reinforcements at all around Jingzhou.

[Zhou Yu]: This proves that Cao Cao has no more troops to use.

[ZY]: There’s hope for propagation.

[ZY]: What do we know from the surrendered troops?
[?]: Xiangyang’s Cao Ren and Jia Xu have no new deployments.

[?]: The surrendered men said they have been moving supplies to the rear, as if getting ready to withdraw.
[?]: That detail is in agreement with what our spies have found out in the city.

[?]: Having verified the report, I’ve moved Long River’s fleet upstream for collaboration.

[?]: Once Cao Ren retreats, Lu Xun’s naval force on the Long River can pursue them immediately.

[?]: The Cao army will crumble in the chaos.

[?]: And our insiders at Jiangxia have been watching Zhuge Liang like a hawk.
[?]: As you predicted, our covetous stance toward Jiangxia has locked Zhuge Liang in place.

[?]: Neither the Third nor the Seventh Genius has made a move.

[ZY]: No, there’s one more.

[ZY]: That guest of the southeast…

[ZY]: He might have disappeared prior to the battle of Red Cliff, but I’m certain…
[ZY]: that he has joined Liu Bei’s side.

[ZY]: And as a “spy”, he is more capable than anyone else.

[?]: But our intelligence reports make no mention of such person, so…

[ZY]: An unknown adviser.
(“no name military adviser”)

[ZY]: He’s the only one I’m worried about.

The Crouching Dragon submerges, except… the Fledgling Phenix has spread its wings.

[?]: Exert yourselves! Pull!
(“use strength”)

[?]: Put your back into it!
(“use strength”)

[?]: Skiffs.

[?]: By the hundreds. A specialty of Xijiang.
(“…west river…”)
[?]: Their pride and joy.
(“their most pride-inducing light boat”)

[?]: Notify the Chief Controller, that they took all the skiffs after gaining Xijiang.
[?]: Their target should be Liu Du, but now…

[?]: You’ve infiltrated Liu Bei’s troop for this long…
[?]: Sorry, I just couldn’t find out more about this troop.

[?]: They’re quite strong, like veterans.
(“…like long-endured training”)
[?]: I think they’re Liu Bei’s personal guards.

[?]: You can’t even find out about their commander?

[?]: One commander and one adviser, that’s all I know.

[?]: I figure they want to take a detour to ambush Lingling.
[?]: Their path makes sense, but when they reach these hills…

[?]: why are they climbing…

[?]: You mean…
(“big brother is saying”, here big brother might or might not mean blood/oath relation, but just courteous honorific for an older man)

[?]: There’s another river behind the hills.

{sfx: tumble~}

{sfx: splash~}

[?]: Unit one, board now!

[?]: Down the river, take three rallying points.
[?]: Set up covering fire for the main force to follow!

[?]: They’re not after Lingling of upriver!
(not sure if “upriver” would be incorrect geographically speaking? Maybe “upstream” is safer word choice?)

[?]: They’re going with the current to take downstream!

[?]: Ah!

[?]: Wh… who’s there!
(“has… has person “)

[?]: Oh. Zhou Yu’s spy.

[?]: Go back.

[Chen Dao]: Tell him that “Chen Dao of the White Feathers” said hi.

[?]: The river passage is smooth. We’ll arrive soon!

[?]: All of you in the hills, start travelling downstream.
[?]: A boat-ride is so much faster than walking!

[?]: Are the rations ready?

[?]: Ready. I had to keep it a secret until now.

[?]: The Advisor said the White Feathers will go first with your support.
[?]: The Sun navy has been transferred upstream. The Long River is cleared of blockade.

[?]: Yes. They didn’t expect that we have skiffs to make a speedy landing.

[?]: You White Feathers might be powerful, but your numbers are still limited.

[?]: Besides, it’s hard to defend against Zhou Yu even after victory.

[?]: No. Don’t forget that our Lord has popular support at Jingzhou. He can draft a militia to aid in the defense.

[?]: Our troop at Youkou has been under surveillance. We have to take a detour and go straight to the coast of Jing.
[?]: As famous city defenders, make good use of your strength.
(not sure)

[?]: I repeat,

[?]: With enemies on three sides, abandoning Jing is Cao Cao’s best strategy.

[?]: They would only retreat to Runan to protect capital Xu.
(he didn’t say “capital”, but I thought it’s clearer this way)

[?]: And when Cao Ren retreats, those cities will be empty…

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Watch it!

[Pang Tong]: As an addendum, we’re one step ahead of Zhou Yu-

[PT]: to replace him!

July 1, 2016

chapter 463 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Not much at Ancheng. Xiangnan’s troops are mostly fake too.
[?]: So Han Xuan’s main force is at Yiyang?

[?]: Yeah yeah, now that both General Chen and Xu are dead, our army will surely return to defence.
[?]: But one thing of caution- the archers trained by Huang Zhong are very powerful.

[?]: There will be heavy casualty on the side that comes within their range.

[?]: That was what kept the Sun clan at bay.

chapter 463 Becoming One’s Own Enemy

[Guan Yu]: That old man’s weapon is so heavy.
(I can’t tell whether GY is being derogatory or not, because he is being presented quite ambiguously in Ravages, compared to the Romance view that he doesn’t care for old people to be on his level; I waffled between the word choice “geezer” and “old man”)

[Liu Bei]: You haven’t stopped talking about Huang Zhong. You two must really “get along.”

[GY]: No. I’m just shocked by the blaze on that dying candle.

[GY]: When I weighed the pros and cons, it felt right to call off that fight.

[LB]: So you withdrew first to preserve our troops?

[GY]: As you know, big brother, we don’t have much.
(“our soldiers not many, big brother most aware”)

[LB]: You’ve matured this year, second brother.
(“rare…”; I don’t know how to fit in this “rare” part of the sentence without sounding like LB is criticizing GY for being rash/childish otherwise. In Chinese it feels less harsh?)

[GY]: My time with Kong Ming has taught me about the big picture.

[GY]: But big brother, that old man is something else.
(“…not bad”)
[GY]: Hale and hearty despite the years. Full of surprises.
(“…every move an eye-opening experience”)

[GY]: Fighting alongside an old soldier is beneath me, but I can respect him as a “teacher”.
(“even shamed with old soldier in rank/company…”)

[LB]: Letting go of your ego already makes you better than Lü Bu.

[LB]: Your intentional withdraw saved our route back to Changsha.

[LB]: Leaving an old man on the hills is quite disrespectful.

[GY]: Big brother,

[GY]: fervour drives cold steel.
(“the pusher of cold arrow, is a surge of hot blood”; wordplay between “cold arrow” and “hot blood”, “a sneaky attack” and “passion”)

[GY]: One more step…
(“you again step forward”)

[GY]: and you’ll fall into his “range.”

[LB]: That… depends on his goal.

{sfx: ta}

You too, big brother, have dropped your ego.

{sfx: pa}

You might not be standing at the peak of Mount Tai, but the world already seems small to you.

[?]: That…

[?]: that man is Liu Bei!
[?]: Not Guan Yu!

[?]: Master, he is within your range.

[?]: Don’t miss this chance, master.

[?]: That’s a first-class merit!
(kind of archaic term, any modern equivalent for “big score/credit” in a battle?)

[?]: Master!

[?]: Remember why we fight?

[?]: All these years on the battlefield is all for…

[?]: It’s for, it’s for…

[Huang Zhong]: Everyone… perhaps this is the last step.

[HZ]: Huff.

[HZ]: The Heavens

[HZ]: have saved this last step for an old fool.

This arrow should be as light as feather, but why does it feel heavy like Mount Tai…

Why couldn’t you face yourself.
(the syntax of this line seems to say something slightly different? “why, the self you cannot face”)


Your true self.

[?]: Damn it!

[?]: All of the third battalion is finished!
[?]: And there’s only one of him!
(“enemy, only one…”)

[?]: Let’s go!

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Hoo.

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: First and forth battalion!

[?]: All of first battalion!

[?]: The fourth too!

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Un… unbelievable!
(“saw…saw ghost”)

[?]: The… the Changban legend is real!

[LYH]: Zhao Fan,

[LYH]: this city-

[LYH]: I’m taking it.

[LYH]: And the other one,

[LYH]: I never gave up either!

In the core of my heart I keep them, and never will forget. How lovely.

[Zhao Fan]: Men, let’s fight with all we’ve got.

Because this city has been shaken.

And that core

seems to be changing quietly.

As if it’s going back to that year, falling back to that year.
(“defeated return…”)

How volatile are you and dissipated, by the look-out tower on the wall.

Xiao Fan, don’t be defeated by yourself!

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