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March 3, 2009

help me proof the translation

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Feel free to pick out errors in the English! Or suggest better wording! Some “mistakes” might be intentional, but I’m really a mediocre writer. Thanks! (don’t have to register to leave a comment here)


April 4, 2018

chapter 498 (magazine syndication, not final)

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A leaked strategy cannot succeed.
(quoting from “Zhan Guo Ce”, Qi chapter 3; reader fyreFLYH found a translated version: “If one’s strategy is divulged, his undertaking will result in failure.”)

An indecisive strategist cannot become famous.
(reader fyreFLYH found a translated version: “If one cannot make a concrete plan, he won’t be able to gain a high reputation.”)

[?]: Take the middle path and split the enemy forces in half!
[?]: The Cao army is panicking. The right flank shall attack and disrupt its formation!

[?]: Right flank, prepare to launch the assault!

chapter 498 Caught Up From Behind

[?]: General, it’s taking effect!

[Lü Meng]: Their formation is broken. The main force can now engage!
(“…enter formation”)
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Three divisions, with the forward flank as vanguard, and the rear two used to surround the enemy!
(not sure)
[?]: Once inside the enemy formation, change into left and right flanks!
(not sure)

[?]: Main force, engage!

[?]: Our troops are in disarray. The front units have retreated, and so shall we!

[?]: The Cao army is retreating. Main force, charge!

[LM]: Block their leftward path-
[LM]: force them into the hills!

[LM]: Eight Battle Formations done, now for some Terrain And Security!
(from Sun Bin’s Art of Warfare; alternative translation of the two chapter titles: Eightfold Division of Formations and Terrain As Treasure)

[?]: Sir! The Cao army is about to enter the woods!

[?]: Just as General Lü planned, the Cao army has gone into the woods!

[Gan Ning]: After being in the southeast for years, I’ve finally witnessed the Sun clan’s art of war!

[GN]: Terrain And Security, make the enemy face the woods.
(based on the translation: “To be crossing a body of water, to be facing high ground, to be moving upstream against the current, to be occupying fatal ground, and to be facing a forest – all should be avoided. These five situations can lead to defeat.” Another translation of that full quote: “Crossing water, heading up an incline, or going against the current of a river, camping on deadly ground, or facing woods, are equally worthy of note because these are not conducive to victory.”)

[GN]: Gan Ning’s troop, engage!

{Jiangling, Cao Ren’s main city}

[?]: Sir! Chen Jiao’s troop has arrived with a casualty rate of seven-tenth!
[?]: No news yet from Niu Jin’s troop!

{flag reads “Cao”}
[?]: The other main forces are still fighting back!

[Cao Ren]: The ambush at Sandy Valley cost us the rations. We can’t even feed our troops for a month.
(still not sure if 沙谷 is the actual name of the location or merely descriptive)
[?]: And the Sun army had taken the initiative to block our supply line.

[?]: Both sides are using Master Sun’s art of war, but Sun Bin’s descendants had inherited its essence.

[?]: Sir! Zhou Yu is leading an attack force of thirty thousand strong!
[?]: Their vanguard of five thousand has arrived first!

[CR]: Causing casualty to one’s main force has always been how a baiting strategy works,

[CR]: and yet Zhou Yu made himself the casualty to preserve his main force.
[CR]: Skillful and incredibly brave.

[CR]: Who can match a Genius that understands Master Sun…
(can either refer to the classical Sun Wu or the lesser known Sun Bin; in context it would be Sun Bin)

[?]: We’ve already lost over half of our men. The Sun clan beats us in number.

[?]: Sun Quan’s attack on Hefei is keeping our potential reinforcements occupied.
[?]: Only Jia Xu in Xiangyang could aid us now.

[?]: Except still no news of late.

[CR]: We broke his perfect plan by engaging the enemy.

[CR]: And now Jia Xu must dig his heels in at Xiangyang.

[CR]: It makes sense that he would be furious.

Over there it’s for the good of a kingdom, while over here it’s a union between man and woman.

[?]: Congratulations to your wedding, my Lord!
[?]: And to an everlasting alliance between the Sun and Liu clans!

[?]: Congratulations, my Lord!

A grand wedding banquet took place at Shishou that day.

It made such a wave that it shocked the whole kingdom.

It seemed so out of character for a master who advocated for frugality.

[Liu Bei]: Oh, Kongming, it’s just a political marriage. Why the wasteful extravagance?

[Zhuge Liang]: The extravagance is to show our sincerity; the wastefulness is to show our strength.

[ZGL]: Then the world will know that the Sun and Liu clans will support each other.
[ZGL]: And the annihilation of Cao will be within sight.

[Yi Ji]: The adviser is right. The prestige of this event has shocked various regions.
{Yi Ji}

[YJ]: Leaders of nearby minor cities have flocked to our side.
[YJ]: Even Shishou insists on submitting to you.

[LB]: So the purpose of this banquet is to win hearts and minds. Then what’s our next move?

[ZGL]: We’ve proven our strength, but our sincerity is not yet convincing.

[ZGL]: The world still regards it as a political marriage.

[ZGL]: Why don’t you go to Jingkou, my Lord, and meet with Sun Quan personally?

[ZGL]: So that no one shall question Sun and Liu’s alliance.

[?]: But Advisor, we set the wedding at Shishou to avoid going to the southeast.
[?]: Why do you want to place our Lord in the tiger’s lair now?

[ZGL]: Zhou Yu’s impending victory means he cannot return to Jingkou.

[ZGL]: You must know that Zhou Yu’s faction had long been planning to hold our Lord hostage.
[ZGL]: But without Zhou Yu’s presence, his faction dares not overstep their authority.

[ZGL]: Besides, I understand why Sun Quan wanted to join with the Liu clan.

[ZGL]: It’s because we have an offer that Sun Quan cannot refuse.
(I saw the Chinese fandom joking about ZGL being Kong Ming “Corleone”, so I changed the direction translation “good intention” to “offer”, matching the line in the movie)

[YJ]: But you don’t need to venture into the tiger’s lair, my Lord. Let me go in your stead.

[LB]: No, you’re not sincere enough.

[LB]: This is for the long game.
(“…future road”, not sure if this word is used incorrectly here or if I’m misunderstanding it)

[LB]: An indecisive strategist cannot become famous.

[ZGL]: You understand what’s at stake, my Lord.

[LB]: The wise knows the outcome before it even begins.
(quoting “Zhan Guo Ce”, Zhao chapter 2; reader fyreFLYH found a translated version: “Wise people can foresee how a situation will develop.”)

[LB]: The fight between the Geniuses is about to begin.

That Genius will find his success in the dark.
(not sure)

A leaked strategy cannot succeed. And he has spotted the right opportunity.

Quietly, he intervened.
(not sure, never heard of this colloquialism before)

[Jia Xu]: Sixth Disciple Brother.
(“six same-school younger-brother”)

[JX]: Come out.

[Pang Tong]: Don’t worry, can’t get away this time.
(Jia Xu said this in chapter 185. Sima Yi said this in chapter 197.)

magazine-only-teaser: “Next Chapter: Heavenly Warrior” (to be continued in New Youth issue 19)

March 13, 2018

chapter 497 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Hurry!

[?]: The forward flank has already begun its attack. The rations must keep up!
[?]: Supplies must be delivered before dark!

[?]: Land… landslide!

[?]: What?

chapter 497 Aim For A Risky Win
(“[within] crisis pray/hope-for victory”)

[?]: Oh no, it’s going to land right on the main road!


{crash~ crash~ crash~}

[?]: Wait a second! That’s not a landslide!
(“not correct…”)


[?]: Chief Controller, it worked!

{Chief Controller of the Right Army, Cheng Pu}
(not sure about the military rank)
[Cheng Pu]: Aim well. Don’t waste Gentleman Zhou’s desperate strategy!
(from the idiom to break the cauldron…)

[?]: Release!


[?]: Forward flank, have you not scouted the area ahead of time?
[?]: We haven’t had the chance when the order was a fast march!

[?]: Stop blaming each other. Hurry up and get through this valley to regroup!



[?]: Block the exit. Attack the front!

[?]: Fire!

[?]: Break through! Call for aid from the front!


[?]: Nice trip, got an officer!

[Pan Zhang]: Too bad he’s only a small fry of the Cao camp…
(“…small officer…”)
{Pan Zhang}

[?]: Don’t let him escape! Catch him alive!


[?]: Brother Pan, it’s not the right time yet.

{Ma Zhong}
[Ma Zhong]: We’ll catch a big one.
[PZ]: Hm.

[?]: Over here, hurry!

[?]: Wha…

[?]: Then change the opponent.

[Zhou Yu]: How about Zhou Yu?
(call back to his line in 492)

[?]: Di… didn’t Zhou Yu die from poison?
[?]: And if he’s showing up here, watch out for his tricks, everyone!

[?]: Big deal! Just off him if he’s the commander!

[ZY]: My fall doesn’t guarantee your victory.

[ZY]: We’ve always had two Chief Controllers throughout the campaign for Jing.
(I almost want to say “dual Chief Controllers”, but it sounds weird in this case)

[ZY]: I lead the forward flank, Cheng Pu leads the rear.
(“yu as front, pu as rear”)

If one goes down, there’s another.

[?]: Any news from the front?
[?]: Not yet!

[?]: I thought we could get a promotion after our big score,
[?]: but instead we got reassigned to the rear flank.

[Guo Huai]: And I gotta put on this bleh uniform.
(“…not [good] smell…”, this could mean smelly/stinky, or could be interpreted as “it doesn’t make me feel good”)
[?]: You’re still not satisfied when you get to be a part of Cao Ren’s troop, Advisor?

[GH]: That just means all the credit goes to Cao Ren, you know.

[?]: Then blame your low-born background.

[?]: It’s still worth all that struggle, though, getting to where we are.

[?]: Perhaps you’ll become a real adviser after winning this battle.

[GH]: Yes. We need to go all out!
(slightly distorted, let me think about this one, I’m tempted to translate this to be “Let’s go big or go home.”)

[GH]: If we make it, our status will change.

[GH]: Look at that, thinking about her again, eh.

[GH]: She’s from a wealthy family. And all it took for her to buy your devotion was that measly hairpin.
[?]: Haha, don’t make fun of him.

[GH]: Yeah. We’re all throwing our lives away for some goal or another.

[GH]: Perhaps the hope we brought this time

[GH]: could change our fate.

[Liaoyuan Guang]: Pfhh.
{almost burst out laughing}

[GH]: Ho, you don’t believe me?

[GH]: I’m on the same level as the Eight Geniuses.

[Wang Shuang]: Sure, Ninth Genius.


[GH]: Damn you bastard, why’d you hit me!

[WS]: Ninth Poser, you know what happened?
(wordplay related to “[bottom] ninth” being lowly)

[Huang Hao]: Baldy Guo Huai, you screwed us all!

[HH]: Why did you spread the news that First Master commanded the Handicapped Warriors to assassinate Zhou Yu?

[GH]: That was to make up for losing the city!

[GH]: Wait… do you mean…

[?]: Losing south of Xiangyang, First Master; tactic change, Handicapped Warriors; poison, bait the enemy to pursue.
(not sure about middle part)

[?]: Zhou Yu’s not dead. This one stone is killing several birds!

[WS]: Correct. Chief Controller Cheng Pu of the Right Army had been laying in wait. This is their strategy for a risky win!

[HH]: Flat-Brow, tell our people to pack up and say we got orders to scout the southern area.
(“horizontal brow” being a nickname)
[?]: What?

[HH]: The Cao army suffered heavy casualties at Sandy Valley. All rations were lost.
(don’t know if 沙谷 is an actual location name or not)

[HH]: The situation is dire. They’ll be coming to investigate this soon…

[WS]: Yes. We’ll lose our heads if we don’t flee now.

[?]: Soon the news will reach the Xu capital.

[?]: Thanks to you two idiots…

[WS]: the Sima clan is doomed beyond redemption this time!

magazine-only-teaser: “next chapter: Contesting The Nan Commandery”
(to be continued in New Youth issue 17)

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