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March 3, 2009

help me proof the translation

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Feel free to pick out errors in the English! Or suggest better wording! Some “mistakes” might be intentional, but I’m really a mediocre writer. Thanks! (don’t have to register to leave a comment here)

May 14, 2015

Chen Mou Audio Interview, RagaZine HK, 2015

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RagaZine Interview of Chen Mou, weibo message

RagaZine Interview of Chen Mou, weibo (a twitter clone) message

News Posting: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3758466171
Audio file: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1gd6H2Pt

(sorry I don’t understand Cantonese, so I can only translate based on what other people report on this interview)

In the above screenshot, the pertinent information are:
* there have been correct guesses of who the Eighth is in the fandom
* Seventh is only skimming the top at Red Cliff
* Fifth is about to show what he’s made of
* important female character to appear after Red Cliff

In the baidu threads, a few comments may be summarizing the interview:
* Mr. Chen appears to be conflicted about some audience guessing the Eighth’s identity correctly (?), as he doesn’t want to make it so easy, and he may have backup plans (?)
* Zhao Yun will attack the four southern commanderies(?) after Red Cliff.
* Mrs. Zhao will appear and be important? (not sure)
* Zhou Yu has always been the lead at Red Cliff, more scenes to come; Mr. Chen says Zhou Yu always trumps Seventh in strategy and tactics of war.
* the rumor of interested director to turn Ravages into a movie may not be pure rumor?
* Wei Yan will not have as much focused/impactful portrayal as in Unhuman/Inhuman (Chen’s debut graphic novel).
* Zhang Liao is still living in Lü Bu’s shadows; he will come into his own at Hefei.
* Zhou Tai of the Wu Kingdom is a tough nut too.
* Zhang He is among the best; he will be a pillar of the later Wei Kingdom
* After Red Cliff, the next generation of Handicapped Warriors (like Wang Shaung, son of Wang Gang) will appear.
* The story will delve more into “Eight Eccentrics” (I decided to change wording from “Freaks” to “Eccentrics”) once the focuses is on Five Pecks of Rice.
* Liu Shan is a wise ruler (not sure)
* Chen Mou mostly comes up with ideas on his own
* maybe he’ll get to draw Meng Huo by the time his audience’s children grow up
* Xiao Meng will reappear through countless (?) flashbacks
* Ma Chao will reappear soon
* Tian Feng was purposely turned into a bit player

May 8, 2015

chapter 439 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: The rising water level has wiped away any trace of a road.
(“…original road already face/appearance made-over”)

[?]: The water is too deep up ahead, General. We can’t get across!

[?]: Tell the rear flank to pull back. We can’t go forward in this direction.

[?]: Look out! Landslide above us!

chapter 439 Fallen To Hell
(“battalion/camp fallen [into] hell”)

[?]: How’s it going. Are we still lost?
(“…have we not found the road yet”)

[?]: This terrain is hard to traverse. By the looks of it we can’t even travel for three li in a day.
(around 1247 meters)

[Xiahou Dun]: How long will our rations hold?
[?]: Three days tops. Master Dun, should we…

[?]: No! Keep moving. We’ll never retreat before recovering our Lord!

Oh Ah-Man…

You better be alive!


However, Xiahou Dun was also contemplating…

if things were to go wrong, what… he would do.

Save Cao Cao at all cost?

Or… save the Cao clan’s legacy?
(“…cao clan’s world”)

{Cao Cao’s main encampment}

[?]: All right. Switch shift.
[?]: Your turn to rest.

Everyone else is contemplating too.

[?]: Cough cough… Close the covers!
[?]: Hurry up. We’re freezing to death!

[?]: No more room. Get rid of the dead!
(“…dead men drag out”)
[?]: Damn it! He was fine yesterday; Now dead, after one shut-eye?
[?]: I heard that the second battalion had over three hundred deserters. Were they caught?

[?]: Our feet have been in ice water for days…
[?]: Yeah. It hurts like hell to walk, let alone fleeing…

[?]: This place is hell for sure…

[?]: All units assemble! All units!
(“full army rally, full army rally”)
[?]: Liu Bei’s army is here again!

[?]: They’re here!

[Cheng Yu]: Listen up. Our backs are against the wall, and our rations are near depletion…

[CY]: However, if we can hold on, reinforcement will come once the water recedes!

At this point, that was all Cheng Yu could do.
(“…only can say these”)

[?]: Sir, the de…defense…

[?]: Damn it! They surrendered!

The… the entire division?

So… they’ve planned this ahead of time!

Enemy siege by day, deadly cold by night. In mere days, even the most loyal troops would feel hard-pressed to fight on…

That Zhuge Liang’s art of war is frightening like the work of a devil!

{sfx: don~ don~}

[?]: Why’re you dawdling?
[?]: They’re heading for the rear with the defectors!

[?]: Block their route and aid the rear!

[?]: Xiahou Liang’s troop will go rescue them!

Another killer move presents itself as one regains consciousness.
(not sure)

[?]: The Cao army is exiting the camps!

[?]: Perfect timing! Out, everybody!

[?]: Am… ambush? How could this be?

[?]: Yes! Here lie your graves!

{sfx: shoo~}

[?]: Another enemy troop has been lured out!
[?]: Vanguards, prepare for a joint attack!

[Guan Ping]: We break their men before we capture the leader!
(“…Cao the traitor/rebel”)

[GP]: Men, engage!
(“guan ping’s troop…”)

[?]: The… the enemy is heading for Xiahou’s troop!
[?]: Send a unit to rescue them!

[?]: No, too many arrows. We can’t get close!
(“…climb not up there”)

[?]: Xiahou’s troop has been cut off!


[?]: Protect the core. Don’t rush forward!

[?]: General, we must save Xiahou Liang!

[?]: They’re done for if they’re isolated!
[?]: But…

[?]: East… to our east!

[?]: Enemy from the eastern valley!

{cavalry sfx}

[?]: Look… the banner!

[?]: It’s their main force!

[?]: Guan Yu’s coming!

{cavalry sfx}


(more like “huh”)


[?]: In… instant collapse!

{cavalry sfx}

[?]: Sir, Guan Yu’s troop is overwhelming.

[?]: They’ve killed many of our officers and men!

[?]: Our morale has crumbled, sir. What should we do?

[?]: Such killing aura,
(“earth move mountain shake”)

[?]: enough to shake the earth…
(“what level of killing aura”)

[Sima Yi]: Even the “immortal” has regained consciousness.

[SMY]: Curious. What level of man…
(“…one who could make immortal stare on with slack jaw”)

[SMY]: could make an immortal look on in disbelief.
(“…is what level of person”)

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