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March 3, 2009

help me proof the translation

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Feel free to pick out errors in the English! Or suggest better wording! Some “mistakes” might be intentional, but I’m really a mediocre writer. Thanks! (don’t have to register to leave a comment here)


January 17, 2018

chapter 494 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Hm.

[?]: We’ve finally reached a dead end.

[?]: How many years have we endured? How many…

[?]: How many battles have we fought, and how many people have we lost…

chapter 494 A Mighty Army of Vengeance

[Liao Hua]: Finally, we don’t have to endure anymore.

[LH]: Cao Cao has come, our homes are lost, and our people scattered.
[LH]: All that we’ve invested in is no more!

[LH]: When he was still alive in this chaotic time, lord Liu Biao devoted himself to protect the Jing Province and its people.

[LH]: As it’s about to fall into the enemy’s hands,

[LH]: are you content to just let it happen?
[LH]: Are you willing to?

[?]: Sir Liao Hua is right!

[?]: Who would be content after two decades!
[?]: How could we face the dead if we surrender!

[?]: Sun Jian has been attacking the people of Jing Province ever since the first year of Emperor Xian.
(“chu ping era”, or 190 AD, but I don’t think this guy would say the numeral, only the era name per emperor)
[?]: And the rise of Sun Ce meant the end of peace for Jing!

[?]: Since Sun Quan’s reign, every one of our families have lost someone while fighting their army!
[?]: Now that Cao Cao is losing battle after battle, and the Sun thugs are about to trample our homes-
(technically he said “step all over door-to-home”)

[?]: we could bend our knees to Great Han’s traitor, but we must never lower our heads to our sworn enemy!

[?]: Some people might have fled to the southeast to drag out an ignoble existence,

[?]: but those who remain are heroes who remember why the enmity exists!
(“…still remember blood sea deep hatred…”)

[?]: You’re right. Remember that every man in Jing had been trained to protect our kingdom!
[?]: And remember who it was that forced us to turn farmers into soldiers!

[?]: How could we tolerate this enemy when they seek to gain from our crisis!

[?]: Liao Hua, all of us who have remained are ghosts for the sake of avenging the dead!
[?]: We appreciate what Sir Zhuge has done for us over these past few months. We’re his to command!

[LH]: Good! If you’re all soldiers, then act like soldiers!
(“…if is military person, then express military person’s innate nature”)

[?]: We dislike Cao Cao, but we hate the Sun thugs more!
[?]: The enmity between the Jing Province and the southeast shall never be resolved!

[?]: We won’t lose Jing to those dogs even if we end up as ghosts!


[?]: Gan Ning, those are civilians but they don’t seem like civilians!

[?]: They move in military formations!

[Gan Ning]: What?

[?]: Cao Cao took Jing and Liu Cong surrendered.

[?]: The majority of Jing’s army have scattered.

[?]: You only cared about the number of soldiers we brought along,

[?]: while forgetting that everyone here is a soldier.

[Pang Tong]: And that is Zhuge’s Ghost army.

[GN]: Convincing the people of the Jing Province to join the ranks. What an impressive feat!

[Pang Tong]: Thanks to the crimes committed by Sun Jian and his sons.

[PT]: Sorry, but today I have to replace Zhou Yu and beat him to the punch.

Like vengeful ghosts, a troop came out of nowhere.
The enmity built up over the years between the Jing Province and the southeast has finally erupted!

[?]: You bastards of the southeast, eager for a beating aren’t ya!
(“…and even self delivered to [our] door”)
[?]: Today we’ll use your pathetic lives to honor our dead!
(“…dog life…”)

[?]: Master Gan, there’s no way we could defend against that many of them!

[?]: Sir! There’s a disturbance inside the city. There may have been a mastermind behind this!
[?]: Our troops are exhausted. We won’t last long!

[Gan Ning]: Zhuge Liang keeps his enemies busy at Jiangxia, but turns out he has already planted a conspirator to disrupt our morale…
(not sure)

[PT]: The Crouching Dragon has invited the Fledging Phoenix to do what he does best.

[PT]: Because no one could refuse my good will.
(not sure, the literal translation is really weird in English)

[PT]: Similarly, it’s difficult to say no to my Lord, who has been practicing kindness in Jing for years.
(not sure)

The Jing Province has always belonged to the Liu clan.

It used to be, and still is.

And so is the world.


[Lü Meng]: Wh…

[LM]: Un… unbelievable! Whose unit is this?
(“saw ghost…”)
[LM]: Civilians would not be marching like this!
(not sure)

[?]: General Lü, order from the rear!


[LM]: The Chief Controller didn’t catch up because of that?

[LM]: Say that again, why did the Chief Controller do that?

[?]: Be… because only he was confident about rescuing general Zu Lang!


[LM]: My brothers,

[LM]: it’s about to begin.

[PT]: Indeed,

[PT]: it’s about to end.

magazine-only-teaser: “Next chapter: Cao Ren’s Determination!”

December 27, 2017

chapter 493 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[Gan Ning]: We agreed to fight Cao Cao together to save the world,

[GN]: and Liu Bei actually kept his word.

[GN]: While we’re in a crisis,

chapter 493 Zhuge’s Ghost Army

[GN]: he came after Yiling.

[Chen Dao]: Yiling was part of Jing Province. My lord is related to Liu Qi who inherited that region.

[CD]: So how could he not lend a hand when Jing is in trouble?

[CD]: Not to mention you might not have succeeded, General, without help from us White Feathered Army.

[GN]: Righteous preachy words, sounds just like Liu Bei.

[GN]: Liu Bei’s main force is focused on pacifying the four Commanderies. How could he spare any troop to jostle for Jing?
[GN]: In reality, this clash between two powers is the perfect opportunity for someone to benefit from it.

[CD]: We agreed on the tripartite. My lord Liu Bei needs Yiling to move into the Chuan region.

[CD]: If Sun Quan doesn’t keep his word, I’ll just have to play that game.

[GN]: My lord may have agreed, but the decision is up to the Chief Controller!

[GN]: Commanders in the field are not bound by orders from afar.

[GN]: Let me tell you nicely. Once the Chief Controller brings his reinforcement, you’re dead if he wants you dead.

[CD]: If Zhou Yu is a major obstacle…

[CD]: then… I have to strike first.

[?]: Sir!

[?]: Troop spotted in the north, and it’s sizable!
[?]: I’ve sent scouts to follow them!

[?]: Are they Chief Controller Zhou’s reinforcement? But the direction is off!

[GN]: Just decoys!

[GN]: I know all about Liu Bei’s forces. There are no more to spare!

[CD]: You’re right, General. We have none to spare when the main forces are spread across four Commanderies.

[CD]: It’s an army of ghost who came for blood!
(“…demand life…”)

[?]: Zhuge’s ghost army!

[?]: Unbelievable, this is impossible!
(“saw ghost…”, wordplay lost in translation)
[?]: Where the hell did such a huge army come from?

[?]: By your demand, we meet in this open field with only a few of us.

[Wang Shuang]: The Sun army has kept its promise and retreated from south of Xiang.

[?]: Please forgive our offense, lad.

[WS]: The antidote is limited. I hope you use it well, General.
(“miracle/godly medicine…”)

[?]: Can you tell me who made it?
(I’m not sure whether it’s referring to the toxin-maker or the antidote maker)

[Guo Huai]: Hua Tuo the miracle-working doctor, is that enough?

[Wang Shuang]: Enjoy.
(“slowly use” or “use [at your] leisure”)

[Huang Hao]: What Hua Tuo? And who’s that geezer?
[GH]: Who cares. Let’s bolt.

[GH]: Can’t trust Zhou Yu not to cheat. Look over there…

[GH]: As predicted, they’re coming after us.

[WS]: Brothers, let’s show them!


[?]: Do they want to wade the river by force?

[?]: How could they in that deep torrent?
[?]: Have they gone mad?

[?]: They’re dead for sure. Let’s go fetch their corpses downstream!

[WS]: Don’t scatter. This river’s not difficult to wade through!

[HH]: No way, we’ll be submerged if we keep going.
[HH]: We should take a detour!

[WS]: Don’t worry! Our old man did it, so can we!

[WS]: But look after the guy with two injured hands.

[?]: He’s being swept away!

[GH]: Forget about me, get to shore first.

[GH]: Then go… go find Cao…


[?]: How could we leave?
[?]: How could we succeed without our main advisor!

[GH]: Then you better not regret this!

[WS]: Come!

[GH]: Fine! Then we’ll fight a more vicious battle than our old man!

[?]: Hahaha, let’s go!

[?]: They… made it.

[?]: What do you think?

(it actually says “pinch”)

[?]: Sir, what… what did you do that for?
(since they are subordinates to the listener, I’m not sure “what is the meaning of this” would work here)

[?]: I think you all understand the current situation as well as I do…

[?]: Zhou Yu’s existence will make things worse.

[?]: Therefore,

[?]: this is fate.

—– black page preview —–
Zhou Yu has to die.

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