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March 3, 2009

help me proof the translation

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Feel free to pick out errors in the English! Or suggest better wording! Some “mistakes” might be intentional, but I’m really a mediocre writer. Thanks! (don’t have to register to leave a comment here)

November 10, 2016

chapter 471 (magazine syndication, not final)

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It’s always nice to have a do-over.

[?]: Here are some food and clothing.

[?]: And soon we’ll get people to repair your shed.

[?]: However, madam… since you’re about to go into labor,

[?]: why not come with us.

chapter 471 The Most Painful Decision

[Eighth Genius]: I can have someone wait here in your stead.

[Xiao Fan]: There are countless abandoned wives in this day and age. Why bother, sir…

[Eighth]: My older oath brother is sympathetic to your loneliness.

[Eighth]: Don’t misunderstand. He’s just unwilling to let it be.

[XF]: Why?

[Zhao Fan]: Honestly, we all appreciate beauty we see in similar ways.
(not sure)

[ZF]: It’s like no one would ignore a beautiful jade that’s been discarded by the roadside.

[ZF]: In all honesty, when faced with a woman I fancy, I’m… powerless.
[ZF]: Perhaps… I’m willing to fall for a rose.

[XF]: Your words sound familiar, and hurtful too…

[?]: Just like… a thorny rose is bad news.

[?]: You all must’ve known what happened to those lecherous men?

[Eighth]: Brilliant. You’re as good as a man.

[Eighth]: And it’s even more eye-opening to see you turn lecherous men into minions.

[Eighth]: But it’s always pitiful to see a jade being thrown away.

[Eighth]: Perhaps it’s just like seeing the world being defiled on a whim.

[XF]: Associating women and the world, you sound like a preacher…


[XF]: Bastard, you want to abuse me like Heavens already did?

[ZF]: Madam…
[Eighth]: Haha, my oath brother is moved.

[Eighth]: Perhaps at this moment you’re willing to give up everything for her.

[Eighth]: But you still don’t understand what this Xi Shi of the commandery can do for you.
[Eighth]: Why not choose again?

[ZF]: Thanks for the reminder. I almost became her minion.

[Eighth]: What we need to learn now are observation and patience.

[Eighth]: Not knowing where one stands has been the cause of all these chaos.

[Eighth]: It’s the same for you.

[Eighth]: Feel helpless all you want, madam. It won’t do anything for you.

[Eighth]: Watching the passing of time and wait for its coming

[Eighth]: cannot compare with dealing with time and making use of it.

[Eighth]: Do you understand, madam?

[Eighth]: You have something no ordinary person has.

[Eighth]: Those who know themselves don’t blame others. Those who accept their fate don’t blame the Heavens.
(quoting from Xunzi, but I can’t find official translation at the moment)

[Eighth]: You’re not a child-bearing tool. You… can be a weapon.
(“…bear son tool…”)

[Eighth]: Don’t think that women have nothing going for them.

[Eighth]: Haven’t you heard of Bao Si and Da Ji? Even Xi Shi was a weapon that could sway the world.

[Eighth]: Foolish men fight to the death over land and reputation.

[Eighth]: They know not that their piece of jade ornament

[Eighth]: can be traded for cities.

[Eighth]: Now that you see your true value…

[Eighth]: Why not choose again?

Perhaps everyone is the same…

[?]: Our Lord has been held hostage. Wh… what do we do?

[?]: Do we surrender? Or maintain this stalemate?

{sfx: pa}
[Eighth]: Everyone is the same…


We are all making choices.

[ZF]: Truly the softest weapon in the world.

[?]: I’ll turn your spear against your shield.
(quoting from Hanfeizi, but I can’t find the official translation at the moment)

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Don… don’t hurt our Lord!

{sfx: pong~}

[ZF]: AH~

{sfx: pa}

[Eighth]: Brother, why do you still keep her?

[Eighth]: Looks like you did end up being her minion…

[Eighth]: She is indeed a weapon.

[Eighth]: Born to be a weapon.

{sfx: cha~}

[Eighth]: Could’ve been used to cut through to the Shu territory.

[Eighth]: But today, she could only be used to trade for a lovesick man.

{sfx: cha~}


[Liaoyuan Huo]: You should also know who’s in charge here.
(“…who is lead/main”)

[Eighth]: No.

{sfx: cha~}

[Eighth]: I never yield to threats.

[Eighth]: What’s the matter? Isn’t it painful to watch?

[Eighth]: You wear that uncaring face,

[Eighth]: but your heart is in turmoils.

[Eighth]: Is it to complete your mission for someone else,

[Eighth]: or to destroy your own happiness?

[Eighth]: At this moment, you may be holding up your most powerful shield, “the Greater Good”.

[Eighth]: A beautiful jade then becomes a stumbling block.

[Eighth]: Out of love, you want them to live; out of hate, you want them to die.
(this sentence can be directed at Liaoyuan Huo, Xiao Fan and Zhao Fan, so I’m going to leave it vague and not try to verbalize why Liaoyuan Huo might want Xiao Fan to die)

[Eighth]: You try your hardest to view her as food and clothing.

[Eighth]: Cold-hearted or not, you’ve already become someone else’s tool;
[Eighth]: someone else’s slave.

[Eighth]: We all appreciate things we see in similar ways.

[Eighth]: We might feel and think the same too, no?

[Eighth]: So that man who came by the tree every year…

[Eighth]: Who was he? And what was he thinking? It seems the answer is already clear…

[Eighth]: Sorry I never told you this.

[Eighth]: He… never forgot…
[Eighth]: Never.

[Eighth]: Your men are behind that door.

[Eighth]: Release Zhao Fan, take her, and I won’t pursue.

[Eighth]: Faced with your true self and whatever you’ve missed out that year…

[Eighth]: why don’t you choose again?

October 20, 2016

chapter 470 (magzine syndication, not final)

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Seize power to fulfill one’s aspiration.

Make toast to remember old friends.

[?]: The pro and anti-Liu factions have clashed,
[?]: and it’s getting out of control!

[?]: And the lack of information from the neighboring cities is worrying!

[?]: Look.

chapter 470 A Friend Returns
(not sure if the “again” in the original Chinese is meaningful or redundant)

[?]: The eastern pagoda fell.

[?]: Our lord is in the eastern courtyard. Not sure how he’s doing.
[?]: Has the messenger returned?

[?]: Report! General Yi Guang has returned!
[?]: What happened to you, old Yi? Where is our Lord?

[Yi Guang]: All… all exits to the eastern courtyard have been blocked…

[YG]: There is fighting going on in the courtyard, but I don’t know who the enemy is.

[YG]: Go save them! This… this is a coup!

[?]: Have you found him?

[?]: The way he fell, he should be here!
[?]: Once we find the rope…

[?]: Found it! He’s under here!

[?]: Sir! General Ma’s troop has arrived!

[?]: Sir! We’ve just pushed back the archers outside the gates.
[?]: But the insiders who escaped know all the key locations in the city.

[?]: My lord, they’ve spread rumors in your absence!

[Zhao Fan]: Zhao Yun certainly has extraordinary minions.
[ZF]: They made a chaotic scene within my ranks.

[?]: Pull!

[?]: My Lord, we found him!

[?]: So… what’s next?
[ZF]: Liu Bei doesn’t have much troops. He has no reinforcements.

[ZF]: Everyone, return to your posts!
[ZF]: Drag Zhao Yun’s corpse outside and demoralize his minions.

[ZF]: Oh, I see him.

[?]: Broken bones and a bloody mess…
[?]: That’s… what remains of the hero of Changban.

[ZF]: Overlook small details and a crack can sink ships.
(can’t find official translation of Guan Yin Zi‘s ninth chapter on “Remedies”?)

[ZF]: Ignore an insect and their bite may be poisonous.

[ZF]: Underestimate a scoundrel and they could ruin a country.

[ZF]: The calamity of Guiyang…

[ZF]: is another lesson.

[ZF]: And your troubles, Xiao Fan…
[ZF]: should also have gone up in smoke.

[ZF]: The three commanderies and Liu Bei should be wearing each other down, which is beneficial to us.

[ZF]: Sort out your feelings. I want to finish off Liu Bei!

[?]: Wa… wait.

[?]: This guy, he…

[?]: he’s Gao Fan, assigned to guard the pagoda!

[?]: He’s not Zhao Yun!

[?]: What? Then whe…
[?]: where is he?

[?]: Over here!

[?]: There’s another rope here!

[?]: He must’ve used Gao Fan’s corpse as a decoy,
[?]: then waited for the pagoda to fall before escaping!

[?]: Search the place! He’s still here!

{sfx: ta}

[ZF]: You were waiting for the pagoda to fall?
[Zhao Yun]: Yes.

[ZF]: So you want to hold me hostage for Liu Bei?

[ZY]: Yes. We have more toasts to make.

[ZF]: Brains and brawn. Once again you remind me of someone.

[ZF]: That year I traveled the world with my younger oath brother.

[ZF]: We had the same aspiration, which was…

[ZY]: Younger? I thought he was your late older brother?

[ZY]: Don’t worry. I’ll take care of your “younger” sister-in-law.
(“…younger-brother’s wife…”)

[?]: No.

[Xiao Fan]: Ah.
[?]: City or woman;

[?]: mission or family.

[?]: You missed your chance back then,

[?]: so now you get to choose again!

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