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March 3, 2009

help me proof the translation

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Feel free to pick out errors in the English! Or suggest better wording! Some “mistakes” might be intentional, but I’m really a mediocre writer. Thanks! (don’t have to register to leave a comment here)

June 18, 2015

chapter 442 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Instead of awaiting the changes of a season, why not respond and exploit it…
(quoting from “Xun-zi”, chapter 17 on Heaven/Nature, thanks to reader comment)

[?]: regulate what Heavens have mandated and use it.
(quoting from “Xun-zi”, chapter 17 on Heaven/Nature, thanks to reader comment)

[?]: No amount of military might could stand up to it…

chapter 442 A Hard-call Between Loyalty And Righteousness

[Kan Ze]: The Heavens want to end you, Cao Cao.

[Eighth]: Do you mean to say, Master Kan, that the Way is immutable like the Heavens?
(quoting from “Book of Han, volume 56: Biography of Dong Zhongshu”, but I can’t find an official translation that I like)

[KZ]: It moved me, yes. Though why do the Heavens favor Liu Bei?

[Eighth]: Haha, those who resent Heavens do not learn from experience. Gong Jin just wasn’t as skilled.
(quoting from “Xun-zi”, chapter 4 on Honor and Disgrace, thanks to reader comment)

[?]: It’s clearing up, Eighth Master. We can go now.
(“weather is nicer…”)

[Eighth]: Good. Detour to Jiangling.

[KZ]: You all can go spectate. I haven’t the mood.
[Water Mirror]: Why withdraw before the fight’s over, Kan Ze?

[WM]: Have you no faith in Gong Jin?
(“unless for gong jin confidence not enough”)

[KZ]: No, Gong Jin’s extraordinary art of war will earn him a victory. Except now at Jiangling he and Jia Xu…

[KZ]: are at a standstill. Even if he wins, he will have been a victim of Kong Ming’s diminution tactic.

[KZ]: Capturing Cao Cao and reducing our military strength. Two birds with one stone.

[KZ]: This battle made a name for Zhou Yu. Yet the real victor behind the scene is Kong Ming.
(“…golden oriole from behind…”)

[KZ]: The big picture is set. I rather not watch Gong Jin keep falling.
(“…keep watching gong jin mistakes on-going”)

[WM]: Oh Kan Ze, would a teacher of the Eight Geniuses not know their capabilities?

[WM]: One thing about Gong Jin- his tolerance is second to none among them.

[WM]: Attacking Jiangling was not a spiteful decision.

[WM]: Don’t forget that Guo Jia was wary of him too.

[WM]: There’s something else at work behind this detour.

[WM]: Oh Kan Ze, I’m only now discovering how intricate…

[WM]: this battle really is.

[?]: We’ve taken the hills!
[?]: Cao Cao’s troops have all surrendered!

[?]: There was another group trapped in the hills who shouldn’t pose a threat!

[?]: Their defenders are too exhausted to fight back.

[?]: Search through the corpses. Don’t let any fish slip away!
(“…caution against [fish escaping out of] broken net”)

[?]: The enemy vanguards have all been captured!

[?]: Haha, we caught the big ones!
(wordplay regarding “letting no fish escape the nets” and the high-ranking prisoner being “big fishes”)

[Cheng Yu]: Huh… You fell too, Cao Hong…

[Cao Hong]: Cheng Yu… you’re not better off either.

[CH]: But at least we’re done. It’s all over…
[CH]: We can die now.

[CY]: Yes. No coward would’ve held on this long.

[CH]: Yes. Our Lord should’ve already died a martyr.

[?]: Days after days of grind…

[?]: The rest of the clansmen should know what to do for the heir…

[CY]: Cao Hong. Something looks off.

[CY]: Our Lord might still be alive.

[CH]: Wh… what!

[?]: Quiet! Don’t move!

Have you lost your mind, Ah-Man?

Are you going to give up your life’s goal so you can live!?

[?]: Congratulations to your victory, Advisor!
[?]: Mister Zhuge, Eighth Genius the Crouching Dragon indeed!

[?]: We are blessed to serve under you!
[?]: Look! Our Advisor has captured the traitor!

[?]: It’s only a matter of time before the Han is restored!

[?]: Advisor Zhuge is invincible!

[?]: Advisor Zhuge is invincible!
[?]: Calm down! Calm down!

[Zhuge Liang]: How was it?

[?]: Sorry, it was not what we expected.
[?]: For some reason he’s very unyielding.

[ZGL]: All right. Allow me.

[?]: Cao Cao, our Advisor is here.

[Cao Cao]: Brazen traitor. You dare not to kneel before the Prime Minister?

[Guan Yu]: Don’t mind him, Advisor.
[ZGL]: I understand.

[ZGL]: You’ve been wanting to kill Cao Cao for a while. Why the hesitation when the traitor shows no change of heart?

[GY]: As a subordinate, Advisor, I follow your orders to the letter.

[GY]: A military order outweighs any gibberish uttered in the heat of battle.

[GY]: Upholding the military law is my duty. No exception.
[GY]: Now that you are here, Advisor, I have one request.

[GY]: This traitor might’ve been kind to me, but he wields the Emperor like his servant- a crime above all crimes.

[GY]: He’s without remorse even in defeat. For the sake of the world, I wish to…

[GY]: kill the traitor!

{sfx: pa}

[Sima Yi]: What “an assertive stance on morality“.

[SMY]: Whether Cao Cao dies or not, this world still belongs to the “Liu” clan.

[SMY]: However, General, you claimed that the outcome is clear when the big picture hasn’t yet settled.

[SMY]: I beg to differ.

[SMY]: Although what I really want to know now…

[SMY]: is it Zhuge Liang who always wins?

[SMY]: Or is it Sima Yi who never loses?

June 5, 2015

chapter 441 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{the Xu Capital}

[?]: Any recent news?
[?]: The flooding in Jingzhou is rather widespread- there are marshes everywhere you look.

[?]: Landslides in the hills had also made passage to Jing difficult.

[?]: I’m afraid we’ll have to wait til the rain stops before reestablishing contact.

chapter 441 Anti-hero, Loyal Vassal
(two words grouped together with open interpretation, so I don’t know which conjunction to use)

[Xun Yu]: We couldn’t have accounted for exceedingly rare disasters like this.
(“…once [per] hundred year rare disaster…”)

[XY]: My gravest concern is news that our Lord is in distress.

[XY]: Fake supporters on the outskirts will seek to make wave once they hear the news.

[XY]: What’s worse, I fear those blind loyalists will ruin everything.

[XY]: Ay.
(sigh sfx)

[?]: But what if the rumor is true? What should we do?

[?]: Besides, the situation will worsen just the same if we don’t end the false rumors.

[?]: We all know that our land is vast. If our Lord is in distress, we’ll be left without a leader.
(“…dragons without [a] head”)

[?]: His lifetime’s work for a unified Han will have been in vain.
[?]: None of us want that, but we need a surefire plan…

[?]: Secretariat Xun, valiant Young Master Pi is also missing-in-action at the front line…
(“…now also life death unforeseen…”)

[?]: Fortunately Young Master Zhi has the extraordinary talent and the support of the people.

[?]: This is a stopgap measure, Secretariat Xun. Please make preparations immediately!

[?]: We await your order!



[Jia Xu]: As expected, Zhou Yu wants to use Jiangling as their base of operation for future conquests.

[JX]: Jingzhou will lose vital support if we lose this territory. We cannot underestimate the enemy.

[?]: Advisor, the news of our Lord’s distress is becoming more and more insidious.

[?]: Without a declared successor, there will be many fires to put out.
[?]: Young Masters Pi and Zhi never saw eye-to-eye…

[JX]: You all should’ve learned one thing from the battle of Guandu.

[JX]: Hebei was destroyed by the infighting amongst Yuan Shao’s sons after his death.

[JX]: Favoring the younger over the eldest led to their ruin.

[?]: So could Secretariat Xun make the right decision during this crisis?

[?]: If we were in his place, Young Master Pi would be in trouble…

[JX]: Everyone,

[JX]: preserving the Cao clan’s last hope-

[JX]: rests upon us.
(“depends on us”)

My Lord… you understand.

Two successors emerged within the Cao family on that day.

[?]: Only a few steps away!
(“only one final move/step”)
[?]: Cao Cao is in there!

[?]: Take heart, everyone!

[?]: Their rear camp has surrendered too!

[?]: The last obstacle has also been overcome!
[?]: All troops on the outskirts have surrendered!

[?]: My brothers, this is our last line of defense!
[?]: No retreat!

Cao Cao has taken his last step.

The last step.


[Cao Cao]: Excellent medicine. Too bad the patient lives only to die soon.

[CC]: I refuse to be captured or threatened,

[CC]: let alone submit to that lowlife Liu Bei.

[Hua Tuo]: Funny. Too funny.
(“joke, real joke”)

[CC]: What’s funny, Hua Tuo?
(“…also have joke?”)

[HT]: A pot of remedy followed by a pot of poison.
(“boiled-done life-saving medicine, again boil a bowl, but to kill person”)

[?]: Haha.

[HT]: I suddenly find my deeds no different than those of a follower of Supreme Peace.
(“Taiping cultist”, if you want to keep it consistent)

[CC]: Twenty years – when the world is almost within grasp – only to be given up in an instant…

[CC]: The proudest always falls in the pettiest predicament.

[CC]: A lifetime of reputation to be ruined all at once.

[CC]: The ebb and flow of tides…

[CC]: This scene reminds me of Xiang Yu and how he felt at Gaixia.

[CC]: Faced with similar development, yet I’m reluctant to fight.

[CC}: Because… the real conqueror… is just outside.

[?]: Winning or losing are common in war, my Lord.

[?]: Have you forgotten this saying by the sages?

[CC]: But only those who survive have the right to say it.

[?]: Father said never let pride get in the way of ultimate success.
[?]: Endure it and you’ll be Han Xin or Gou Jian!

[?]: Be it surrender or concession,

[?]: if one could win it in the first place, one could get it back again!

[CC]: Oh Yu Gui, I don’t have your father Yu Jin’s courage

[CC]: nor Lü Bu’s guts back then.

[CC]: I only have Xiang Yu’s cowardice.
[Yu Gui]: My Lord…

[?]: Hurry, my Lord, the enemy is right outside!

[CC]: One last joke…

[HT]: All ears.

[CC]: In 208, Cao Cao was tricked at Red Cliff.

[CC]: Even the least competent strategists could see the fires coming, yet he still fell victim…

[CC]: After that he was trapped in Huarong. An army of one hundred thousand strong routed by mere smatterings of pursuers. Cao Cao committed suicide to escape punishment.

[CC]: Finally, the power struggle between his sons resulted in the loss of half of the unified land.
(I’m tempted to translate the last term as “half of the conquest” or “conquered land”, but that’s too politically incorrect to say)

[CC]: History is written by the winners. So I portrayed Dong Zhuo as tyrannical, Lü Bu as cowardly, and Yuan Shao as indecisive.

[CC]: Today I shall taste my own medicine. My biography shall be part of this country’s first joke book, for the amusement of posterity.

{sfx: pa}

[?]: Hysterical. Even before the punchline.
(“haven’t finished listening, cause person to hold stomach [due to guffawing]”)

[Sima Yi]: There are tears in that laughter. Allow me to resolve this from another perspective.

[SMY]: In 208, Cao Cao was defeated at Huarong.

[SMY]: For the sake of saving face he would rather throw his life away than to surrender.

[SMY]: What’s more amusing was how eager his subordinates were to persuade him to commit suicide…

[SMY]: Only Sima Yi… managed to save his Lord’s life in the end!

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