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March 3, 2009

help me proof the translation

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Feel free to pick out errors in the English! Or suggest better wording! Some “mistakes” might be intentional, but I’m really a mediocre writer. Thanks! (don’t have to register to leave a comment here)

August 11, 2016

chapter 466 (magazine syndication)

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[?]: The navy of the southeast certainly lives up to its fame. Cao Cao has no choice but be envious.

[?]: The people of Jiangxia are blessed to have such an ally to protect them.

[?]: Hahaha, we’re not just allies, Kong Ming. You’re too formal.

chapter 466 Back On Track

[Zhuge Liang]: Yes, Zi Jing, we’re family.
(I moved the “zi jing” from the next sentence to here, to shorten the next line)

{Lu Su’s courtesy name is Zi Jing}
[ZGL]: Except it’s nearly the big day between our Lord and Miss Sun,

[ZGL]: yet we’re still not sure when the “matron-to-be” will arrive?
{Liu Bei’s military adviser, Zhuge Liang}

{Sun Quan’s military adviser, Lu Su}
[Lu Su]: Haha, why the eagerness? We have more important affairs to deal with.
(“…country’s big things important…”)
{Zhuge Liang’s courtesy name is Kong Ming}

[ZGL]: General Sun has certainly been busy, dispatching two fronts in the hope of conquering the world.

[LS]: My Lord is merely preparing to use Jingzhou as dowry for his beloved little sister.
[LS]: The matron will live comfortably once Imperial Uncle has a base.

[ZGL]: Since Gong Jin is unstoppable, that means the wedding will follow his conquest of Jingzhou.
{Zhou Yu’s courtesy name is Gong Jin}

[LS]: Except that Imperial Uncle has prioritized the welfare of the world above his marriage.

[ZGL]: Are you referring to his southern campaign?

[ZGL]: The Sun clan’s homebase is vulnerable to an attack by the four commanderies while most of its forces have been sent to war…

[ZGL]: I’m just worried that General Sun might lose a whole year’s efforts if he were to become threatened on two sides.

[LS]: My Lord has big plans. I appreciate your concern.

[ZGL]: Same for mine. I appreciate your reinforcements.

[ZGL]: We’re allies as well as family.

[ZGL]: Why did someone allow passage to the four commanderies to blindside my Lord?

[ZGL]: Is it to kill two birds with one stone now that Cao Cao seems weak?
(“unless witness cao cao influence weak, intend lump troublesome things together to resolve”)

[ZGL]: Not only that, but we at Jiangxia have been hearing hurtful and frightening rumors.
[ZGL]: Accusations of my Lord ranged from a coup against Young Master Liu Qi to that of the Emperor.
(“light case… heavy case…”)

[ZGL]: I also want to know why the Sun clan’s reinforcements refuse to withdraw when the Cao army has not shown aggression.
[ZGL]: “Maintaining stability,” or something else entirely?
(“…or has ulterior motives”)

[ZGL]: Stop looking around. You’re stuck on the river.
(“…on the river, no escape”)

[LS]: Haha, so are you.

[LS]: The truth is… my Lord wants to engulf Cao Cao, while Gong Jin is aiming westward.
(not sure how to translate 西川, a quick search says it is about half of Yizhou, including modern day Sichuan, Chongqing, parts of Yunnan)

[ZGL]: The truth is… I’m defending Jiangxia while Shi Yuan is working in secret.
{Pang Tong’s courtesy name is Shi Yuan}

[ZGL]: I want you to know, Zi Jing, the great Adviser Pang is beyond my control.
[ZGL]: He likes to rush and surprise us all.

[LS]: If so, Pang Tong didn’t head south.

[LS]: He… is after Jingzhou too.

[ZGL]: He wants to raise hell and become Gong Jin’s nemesis.
(“…aim to destroy…”)

[?]: That’s the last thing Gong Jin wants.

[ZGL]: Apologies. We are too weak not to rely on trickery.

[ZGL]: I hope you’ll help me, Zi Jing.
(not sure)

[?]: Let us get back on track!


{Liu Bei’s subordinate, Zhou Cang}
[Zhou Cang]: Any news?

[?]: Our plan to ransom Zhao Fan for his city failed. The leader was captured,
[?]: currently locked up with his men in their prison.

[?]: Zhao Fan is interrogating them for information.
[?]: I’m afraid they’ll be executed afterwards.

[?]: Our brothers might be okay for now, but…
[?]: that might change if something were to happen to the leader.

[ZC]: Don’t worry.

[ZC]: “Zhao Yun” is too special of a case. The likes of Zhao Fan will definitely use him to bargain with Cao Cao.
[ZC]: Someone in the city might want to kill him, but it won’t happen.

[ZC]: Therefore he’s still safe despite being captured.
[ZC]: For now we can only wait until he reignites his “fire”.

[?]: Because he…

is undefeatable!
(“only win, never lose”; see chapter 263)

[?]: He… he’s advancing again!

[?]: Danger, my Lord, please stay back!

[Zhao Fan]: Don’t worry. He won’t kill me when he’s after my city.

[?]: General, the archers have arrived!

[?]: Formation!

[?]: Everybody below, please back away!

[?]: Move back ten more steps!

[?]: Our Lord says, shoot to kill!
(“…can kill him”)
[?]: Yessir!塔meanin

[?]: He… he’s heading for the pagoda!

[?]: Damn it! That pagoda will block the shots!
(“…this pagoda perfectly block archers”)

[?]: He’s going in!

[?]: It’ll be harder to fight him once he’s in!

[ZF]: This is better. Let him go in.

[ZF]: Everyone, guard the pagoda and prepare a fire…

[ZF]: We’ll make a “pagoda that lights up the world”!

[?]: Get us a fire so we can burn down the pagoda!
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Surround the pagoda. Don’t let him out!
[?]: Haha, the hero of Changban is no more!

[?]: Wait… wait… what…

[?]: Fire… there’s fire in the pagoda!

[?]: Haha, that guy set it ablaze himself!
[?]: My, my, he finally gave up!

[ZF]: Impressive guts!
(I almost wanted to say “he’s got balls of steel”, but it feels out of character for this guy)

[?]: Zhou Cang, there’s a fire!

[ZC]: The signal is fire.

[ZC]: The plan has not changed.

Everything is back on track.

July 29, 2016

chapter 465 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: The Cao army has retreated through the south gate.
[?]: Rally toward the city center!

[?]: The Sun army has entered the pass.

[?]: Look, they’ve escaped!

chapter 465 Auspicious Day

[?]: Open the gates, let in the troops that have made it out!

[?]: Mount Atou has fallen to the Sun army!
[?]: The entrance to the pass has been breached. Our Xiangyang will be next!

[?]: Enough rest, go and repair the outer walls!
[?]: Yessir!

[Jia Xu]: So fast. Another city gone.

[JX]: What a day to lose it too. Hahaha.
[Cao Ren]: What’s today?

[JX]: You forgot?

{Cao Cao’s General-in-Chief, Cao Ren}
[CR]: Shit, it’s our Lord’s birthday…

{Cao Cao’s military adviser, Jia Xu}
[JX]: A day of disappointment indeed.

[JX]: Except it’s also unavoidable.
(“except, person must live-through this day”)
[JX]: Is our Lord happy or sad right now, I wonder?

[CR]: Strange. Why does it feel like you’re excited about this?

[JX]: Must be my looking forward to the auspicious day.

[CR]: Have you lost your mind after suffering these losses?
[CR]: We still need a solution, you know.


[JX]: There is a solution.

[?]: Okay!
[JX]: It’s just not the right time yet.

[?]: Okay, everybody shout!

[?]: Traitor Cao you son-of-a-bitch, the Southeast wishes you a happy birthday!

[?]: We’ll shout it again at your grave this time next year!
[?]: Very good. Again!

[CR]: Goddamnit, we’ll return the favor, and louder too!

[CR]: Jia Xu, think up a retort if you’re not doing anything!

[?]: The fighting’s done. They’ve finally come in.
[?]: Is that man Zhou Yu?

[?]: Traitor Cao Cao, go to hell!
[?]: Haha, you hear that?

[Zhou Yu]: Such energy after a battle.

[ZY]: Deputy, why are you playing along with this?

[?]: Today is traitor Cao’s birthday, Chief Controller.

[?]: The men are congratulating him.

[?]: Your literary talent is out of this world. Would you like to suggest a toast?
(“…why not also gift one sentence”)

{sfx: ta}

[ZY]: Summon the intelligence officer immediately!
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: Chief Controller, wa… wait.

[?]: Xun Yu’s defense is solid. The rebel troops can’t get an upper hand.

[?]: So far most of attackers are waiting quietly for their opportunity.
[?]: Only the battle at Changan is quite intense… Zhong Yao might be powerful,

[?]: but the newcomer Jia Kui is even more fierce.

[ZY]: Why didn’t anyone notify me about Cao Cao’s birthday celebration?

[?]: It’s a yearly event here, so we didn’t pay much attention to it.
[?]: And this time it was sponsored by the merchants, not funded by the court…

[ZY]: Merchants?

[ZY]: And they agreed?

[?]: Looks like the Cao clan is short on funds, so they forced the merchants to pay.

{sfx: grasp}

[ZY]: If the merchants refuse to cooperate, that may be a perfect opportunity to bait the enemy.

[ZY]: So those on the outskirts would use this chance to attack.

[ZY]: Merchants murder.
(homonym wordplay on “business” and “harm”, this is the exact same phrase said by Zhuge Liang in volume 13 chapter 108)

{Cao Cao’s General-in-Chief, Xu Huang}

[Xu Huang]: Yuan Shao’s former subordinates Fan Cheng, the Xianbei tribe,

[XH]: Chen Yi of Shanggu, Li Chang of Yanmen,
[XH]: and neighboring Lu Ying’s faction…

[XH]: They launched a major assault three days ago and fell into our trap.

[XH]: Like Sima Yi predicted, the enemy will attack whenever the merchant class shows discontent.

[XH]: Our troop is now fighting back in full force, prompting many of the enemies to surrender.
[XH]: The celebration can resume, and our Lord is happy.

[CR]: That means soon a defeat will lead to spare reinforcements for us.
(not sure)

[?]: Amazing. I thought they would never make a move.
[?]: Who knew the birthday celebration can be used like this.

[JX]: So it seems that man would put on a show if we’d just wait.

[XH]: Now that Sun Quan’s main force is at Hefei, Zhou Yu has no reinforcements. Just like us.

[JX]: And the fish has left water.

[JX]: What do you all have to be afraid of now?

[JX]: As Guo Jia said, Zhou Yu…
[JX]: must be eliminated.

[JX]: Pretend to retreat and give up several cities.

[JX]: Then we secretly transfer our main force to Zhou Yu’s rear.

[JX]: Oh, you asked me earlier about a retort, Cao Ren.

[JX]: Tell the men to shout back…

[JX]: Kill Zhou Yu or die trying!
(“no kill zhou yu, no leave person’s head”; it’s supposed to imply the speaker’s head, but syntax-wise it allows for anyone’s head, clearly he’s not betting his own head)

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