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March 3, 2009

help me proof the translation

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Feel free to pick out errors in the English! Or suggest better wording! Some “mistakes” might be intentional, but I’m really a mediocre writer. Thanks! (don’t have to register to leave a comment here)

March 8, 2015

chapter 435 (magazine syndication, not final)

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(I’ll finish updating based on the picture when I have access to this account again, leaving now)

{the Xu capitol}

[?]: Release them! Release them!

[?]: What do you think you’re doing, Xun?
[?]: Release Young Master Pi’s people!

[?]: Don’t be reckless. Secretariat Xun said they were insiders!

{sfx: ka}

chapter 435 Assuming Responsibility In the Face of Danger
(“facing danger accept order”; kind of long, but my original “A Mission During Crisis” could be interpreted as one-time thing, whereas here it might mean long-term assignment)

[Xun Yu]: Where are they?
[?]: They left their troops outside,

[?]: in the care of the Cao clan!

[?]: Secretariat, it’s unusual that the Cao clan would interfere. Do… do you think…

[?]: Secretariat Xun, we received no news of our Lord’s defeat,
[?]: since news by messenger pigeons were late by two full days.

[XY]: That means someone has been hiding said news on purpose?

[?]: Yes, but it’s not clear who did it.

[?]: Xun, we were ordered to transfer garrisoned men in the north to Jing. Why did you send men to stop us?

[?]: Fine! We’ll turn ourselves in and let our Lord be the final judge!
[?]: That’s right. You’d bully us because we surrendered to you in the past? Think again!
(“…don’t think we are surrendered generals, so allowed [to be] bullied”)

[?]: If that’s true, Secretariat Xun,
[?]: I fear that we would’ve hindered Jingzhou’s defense!

[XY]: Then… where is Jia Xu?

[?]: News said he suffered a heavy loss in the south.
[?]: He is now packing for a transfer back to Jiangling.

[?]: Jia Xu had a sizable army, yet he was wiped to the floor. The morale plummeted…
[?]: Our Lord must be furious. You should be careful too, Secretariat…

[XY]: Understood.

[?]: Who framed these men as insiders? The real insiders…
[?]: have already been eradicated by them before they headed out!

[?]: Release them now!
(“immediately release person”)

[Yang Xiu]: Our Lord is in a crisis at the Huarong Path.
[YX]: How dare you hinder the reinforcements?

He knew before I did that our Lord is at Huarong…

That means the reports I received were all fake!

Unless… it was all his treachery!

[?]: Why, Master?

[Guo Jia]: I must plan for the worst.

[GJ]: Even if the odds are in our favor at Red Cliff, but… one thing troubles me greatly.

[GJ]: Zhuge Liang would never join the fray without absolute confidence. And it’s impossible to defeat Zhou Yu in naval warfare. But northerners could never understand that…

[GJ]: I only pray for a victory, that our Lord could return triumphant.

[GJ]: Yet a single miscalculation could upset the balance, because Xun Yu and Jia Xu are no match against those two. For our Lord’s world,

[GJ]: you must find a way to weaken Xun Yu and Jia Xu’s leash on him! After that, he won’t dare to revolt as long as you watch him carefully.

[YX]: Would he really accept the mission, Master?

[GJ]: Don’t worry. He’s a businessman.

Right now his “investment” in Cao Cao is being interfered with.

And he knows full well I could never account for everything after Guandu.

I have but a single contingency plan.
(reader Jax’s translation that “secondary strategy” really should just be “plan B” or “contingency plan”; I was afraid that there’ll be a third such thing… what do you think? should I change all the older wording to “contingency plan”?)

Let Sima Yi succeed my role!

[Sima Yi]: Officers, listen up!

[SMY]: There are no Zuo Ci here. Only “goats”! And this is not the time to slaughter goat!

[?]: Goats… there are goats here.

[?]: Ah… goats…

[?]: Yes, only goats…

[Cao Hong]: Ha… goats… the goats are talking.

[?]: We must be crazy hungry…
(so hungry they lost their mind, what’s a better way to phrase this?)

[SMY]: Get out there to calm yourselves.

[SMY]: You hear that, Old Jia? Goat.

[Old Jia]: Haha, are you so afraid of that goat-face “Yang”, Zhong Da!
(wordplay on Yang Xiu’s surname, which sounds the same as the hanzi for “sheep/goat”, but different hanzi)

[?]: Fine. We’ll catch them one by one as they exit.

[?]: Ah! All goats outside?

[?]: Hahaha! Goats catching goats, hilarious!

[SMY]: Careful. Don’t breathe in that smoke.

[?]: Yessir.

[?]: He’s fine, Young Master. Our Lord has merely fainted.

[?]: Move him to the next tent.

[Zuo Ci]: Boy… you sold me out…

[SMY]: You’ll catch a great price, of course you’re worth selling.

[ZC]: Wh… what? Don’t you hate Cao Cao?

[SMY]: I do hate him, but hate isn’t a solution. It takes capital to hate someone. I’ve been waiting…

[SMY]: waiting for Jia Xu to lose influence after the easterly wind; waiting for Xun Yu to lose some clout in the capital; waiting for Guo Jia to provide me with an opportunity.

[SMY]: I could have exposed everything in the beginning.

[SMY]: Too bad no one would have believed me.

[SMY]: So instead of inviting a snub, why not focus on my “occupation”. If I can’t engage by force, I’ll invest. Then… scheme to overthrow!

[SMY]: That… is the true quality of a businessman!

[SMY]: Say hi to Guo Jia for me, Immortal.

[?]: General, the water level is rising. Please relocate our men in formation!

[?]: No. We’re done for if we scatter!

[?]: But… our rear division has fled!

[CH]: Zhong Da, us commanding officers have all been wounded. We’re relying on you here!

[?]: Yessir.

[SMY]: Do all of you men trust me?

[SMY]: Excellent.

[SMY]: Except I want you to know, that there is an even scarier man than Gentleman Zhou up in those hills…

[SMY]: He… is about to make his move!

February 14, 2015

chapter 434 (magazine syndication, not final)

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After the primary strategy comes the secondary.

[?]: Look, the flames traveled so fast that they’re already near Cao Cao.

That’s because…

[?]: Cao Cao would never have expected to lose at Red Cliff with his army of a hundred thousand strong.
[?]: Nor would he have expected that the real slaughter happens during his retreat.

[?]: Feng Xiao at Guandu; Gong Jin at Red Cliff. Both making splendid achievements.

[?]: Except…

chapter 434 Rivaling Red Cliff
(it can be interpreted as “as ingenious as” or “as glorious as” or “as exciting as”, “as complex as”, etc.)

[Eighth]: I still cannot predict Kong Ming’s next move in this battle.

[Water Mirror]: Back at school, Kong Ming could win any contest he choose to partake.

[WM]: He never competed if victory was uncertain. And yet his contribution in this battle is miniscule, merely as an aid to Gong Jin.
[WM]: It’s a pity that years of slumber has grounded the dragon.
(“…impossible/difficult to ascend sky”)

[Kan Ze]: Stop the carriage!

[WM]: What’s the matter, Kan Ze?

[?]: Careful, Master Kan!

[KZ]: Huff! Huff!

[KZ]: So it is!

[KZ]: A sunshade made of smoke, what a guise!

[KZ]: Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

I… finally understand!

[?]: Why has the forward flank stopped the advance?
[?]: Keep moving, don’t block the path!

[Sun Quan]: Why has Chief Controller Zhou halted his troop?

[?]: My Lord, Chief Controller Zhou ordered his men to take a rest.

[?]: But Cao Cao has lost his mind to the fire, and his men to desertion.
[?]: It won’t take much to make them crumble. I really don’t understand…

[?]: If we stop, my Lord, it’ll only benefit Liu Bei’s troop.
(“…on the right side…”, don’t know if I should say “east” here)

[?]: Looks like they will be seizing the supplies left behind by the fleeing army.
(“the Cao army in disarray, leave behind gears…”)

[SQ]: Take it easy, everyone. The Chief Controller must have his reasons.

[?]: My Lord, the troop ahead of us is heading west!

[?]: The Chief Controller is changing route all of a sudden?
[?]: Wh… what’s he doing?

[?]: We’re pressed for time, hence the sudden change.

[Lu Su]: My Lord,

[LS]: By Chief Controller’s order, we are to first take Jiangling.

[SQ]: What? Jiangling first?

[LS]: With Cao Cao’s main force on the run, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to rein in the chaos at Jiangling.
(“…Jiangling in chaos…”)

[SQ]: And then we advance from Jiangling?

[LS]: Yes. The circumstances changed.

[SQ]: That means…

[LS]: My Lord, our secondary strategy is in motion.

Because we are about to witness a scheme that no common man could pull off!

And that schemer is…

[KZ]: How… could I have forgotten…

[KZ]: Eleven years ago… near the end of the fourteenth year…

[KZ]: exactly full cycle.

[KZ]: The rare easterly wind- something that I’ve already predicted.

[KZ]: But I’ve only been focusing on the region near Red Cliff.

[KZ]: While Kong Ming was at Jing…

[KZ]: pretending to be living in seclusion…

[KZ]: Though in actuality, he had been calculating this whole time.

[KZ]: I was researching in the southeast, as he was in Jingzhou. The Sleeping Dragon…

[KZ]: The Sleeping Dragon is about to make a move. These eleven years…

[KZ]: to him… were never a day wasted!

The dragon is now on higher ground, waiting quietly for this moment.

[?]: Sir, all troops have been deployed in the hills.

[Zhuge Liang]: Excellent.

[ZGL]: Look at those clouds.

[ZGL]: The weather is changing.

[ZGL]: Blow.

{sfx: sha~}

[?]: Rain…

[?]: it’s raining!

[ZGL]: Come.

[?]: Second master, look! They’re coming!

[?]: The Huarong Path is lowland terrain.

[Zhou Yu]: And the final nail in Cao Cao’s coffin isn’t our fire, but his flood.

Jingzhou’s weather enters a cyclic pattern every eleven years. A flood in August always meant the coming of easterly wind in November.

And it will be followed by an unmanageable downpour…

[ZY]: We’re at the entrance of the path, and we would be trapped like Cao Cao if we were to advance any further.

[ZY]: Our only option now is to detour toward Jiangling.

[ZY]: Right now Liu Bei’s troops are on a higher ground.

[ZY]: They only need to watch for an opportunity…

[ZY]: to capture Cao Cao alive.

Enjoying the fruits of others’ labor without a single casualty!

This battle… rivals Red Cliff! Even surpassing it!

Seventh has not changed at all!

{sfx: pa}

And half of the world will fall into his hands!

He… has always been the director of this battle!

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