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March 3, 2009

help me proof the translation

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Feel free to pick out errors in the English! Or suggest better wording! Some “mistakes” might be intentional, but I’m really a mediocre writer. Thanks! (don’t have to register to leave a comment here)


November 13, 2018

chapter 510 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Look, you guys! Look who’s back!
[?]: I told you a man of the southeast is hard to kill!
(“…die will not”)

[?]: Vanguard lead, your master is back!
(what is 前导军 rank?)

[?]: Master Zu is back!

[Cheng Pu]: Why the rush when you’ve just recovered?

chapter 510 Mere Three Days Apart
(this is a part of a saying that means, “finding a new level of respect for someone after being apart for mere three days”, or that people can change/improve so much in a short time it will make one sit up and take notice; originally based on this story, a saying by Lü Meng)

[Zu Lang]: My excuse doesn’t work when everybody’s fighting with all they’ve got.

[ZL]: Zhang Zhong Jing sure is a miracle worker. He fixed me up in no time.
(Zhong Jing is Zhang Ji’s courtesy name)
{Zu Lang}
[ZL]: The strength of the enemy doesn’t scare us when we have this god-like talent in the southeast.

[ZL]: And our troops could withstand the Typhoid fever while it ravages the Jing Province.
[ZL]: As I see it, morale is unstoppable when there’s no fear of injury or illness.
(not sure)

[ZL]: With both brain and brawn, Gong Jin sees through all of it.
(Gong Jin is Zhou Yu’s courtesy name)

[ZL]: While commanding every military maneuver,

[ZL]: he’s also leading the charge on the battlefield.

[ZL]: What kind of a man of the southeast would I be if I stayed in bed?

[ZL]: But I’ve been thinking while stuck in bed…

[ZL]: Counting the time he saved my life, and the numerous injuries he accrued recently,
[ZL]: even if everyone says Gong Jin takes after his brother Bo Fu’s…
(Bo Fu is Sun Ce’s courtesy name)

[CP]: Zu Lang, what are you trying to say?

[ZL]: Gong Jin has always been careful,

[ZL]: but this is not how a Chief Controller should behave, not when he shoulders such a great responsibility!

[ZL]: Tell me, what in the world happened?

[?]: You’re awake.

[Zhou Yu]: How long has it been?

[Zhang Ji]: Three days.

[ZY]: Three days.

[ZY]: Do you realize how far ahead I could’ve gotten in three days?

[ZJ]: Three days. Your life has been extended by three days.

[ZY]: Ha.

[ZY]: Ready my armor.
[?]: Yessir.

[ZY]: Has my three-day absence affected anything?

[?]: No. Everyone’s used to it.

[?]: And Ling Tong’s army has taken Yiling.

[ZY]: Excellent.

[ZJ]: This medicine treats against pathogenic factors. Use in moderation, General.
(“this medicine treat evil, not for frequent use, general be careful”; word choice of “pathogenic” is from related phrases)

[ZY]: Thank you.

{gulp gulp}


[ZY]: Huff…

[ZJ]: Patience. Take it easy.
(“…[go] slow”)

[ZY]: Danger awaits the southeast if I do.

[ZJ]: The plan discussed over a seated session is decided. Why the concern?

[ZY]: Never neglect the prospect of danger in times of peace, nor the prospect of ruin during times of security.

[ZY]: Concerns will accumulate after three days of separation.
[ZY]: Not to mention we’re not facing a simple foe.

{map notation: third camp (top right), cavalry (bottom right), archers (top left), infantry (bottom left)}

[ZY]: Ling Tong fought the civilian militia of the Jing Province, right?

[ZJ]: Yes. Jia Xu revealed his move.

[?]: The masses do not fear death. What a brilliant way to make someone else to do the dirty work.

[?]: The sacrificial pawns this time: the people of Jing!
(the text on the map is too small this time, and they’re not vital, so I’m not translating them)

[ZY]: If it was Jia Xu, then he’d announce to the world how the southeast slaughtered innocent civilians of the Jing Province.

[ZY]: Our conquest of Jing will forever be plagued by external threats and internal strife.

[ZY]: And Kong Ming will use the example of those fearless civilians at Yiling to raise morale.
(Kong Ming is Zhuge Liang’s courtesy name)

[ZY]: Yin and Yang, doctor, just like your dark and light approaches of treatment.
(traditional Chinese medicine has the concept of Yin -Yang aspects in both the body and the treatment)

[?]: Except… even Zhang Zhong Jing is at his wit’s end.

[ZY]: Why not spread this news further: Chief Controller Zhou has been injured beyond hope of recovery.
(“…injury severe no treatment”)

[Lü Meng]: Oh please! No one’s going to fall for that old trick again.
(“…this technique already used too often…”)

[ZJ]: You’re far from your base, Chief Controller, making it weak.
(refers to Cao Cao’s method of war commentary)

[ZY]: That fish is in the shallows…

[ZY]: Am I all out of ideas, everyone?

[ZY]: Say no more. That’s a yes.
(there is a subtle acting moment here, so I’m going to retain the wording as much as possible instead of simplifying it)

[ZY]: That’s good then.

[ZY]: My strategy is complete!

{the Xu capital}

[?]: Having to handle much work every day, I can finally take a long rest.

[Xiahou Dun]: What did you need to see me for?

[Xun Yu]: We’re both vassals of Han, and we’re both working for the kingdom.

[XY]: I… want to lodge an accusation against someone.

[XHD]: First of all, I’m a vassal of Wei, not Han. That’s my clear line in the sand.
[XHD]: Second of all, don’t endanger yourself again by making accusations without proof.

[XY]: First of all, I predict that you will remain a vassal of Han forever.

[XHD]: And the second?

[XY]: Ma Teng.

magazine-only-teaser: “next chapter: a contest between ambushes” (to be continued in New Youth issue #52)
(the syntax is ambiguous, so it could just mean the physical locations of an ambush, so don’t read too much into it)

October 31, 2018

chapter 509 (magazine syndication, not final)

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A powerful earthquake hit the Jing Province in year 209.

And the kind of disasters that would naturally follow it occurred one after the other.

[?]: War and natural disasters kept coming. All who could flee did.

[?]: Only the old and the feeble remain, living in unspeakable misery.

chapter 509 Deeply Hidden

[Wen Ping]: Our Lord deciding to distribute food to the victims is such a great blessing to them.

[WP]: The unending supply certainly demonstrates our Lord’s strength.

[WP]: I bet this disaster relief effort is also meant to stun the southeast.
{former Jing Province officer, Wen Ping}

[Cao Ren]: What couldn’t be accomplished when there’s a surplus of food and wealth?
(quoting from Book of Han, “Treatise on Food and Money”)

[CR]: We want Zhou Yu to realize that there are more than one front we’re fighting on.

[CR]: How does it look?

[?]: The well has dried up. The underground water reserve is gone. There’s no hope for this place!
[CR]: Got it.

[WP]: This must’ve been a long-term relief effort. I want to thank our Lord on behalf of the people of Jing.

[CR]: But winning these people’s hearts won’t happen overnight.

[?]: The people of Jing hate the Sun clan while fearing both Cao Cao and the Yi Province. And yet…

[?]: the man who gives them hope is someone who had accomplished nothing.

[?]: Liu Bei, the hero of the Imperial clan who had been fishing in troubled waters.

[?]: This sentiment has been growing rapidly in the past ten years. It has taken a deep root.

[CR]: Impossible. How could Liu Bei achieve this ten years ago?

[WP]: It’s been ten years…

[WP]: A belief has been spreading out of Longzhong since then, that Liu Bei will restore Imperial Han.

[WP]: And Liu Bei’s heroic tales have taken root in people’s hearts.

[WP]: The scariest part is, even Lord Liu Biao believed it.

[WP]: Nothing could stifle such talks, not even Cai Mao and the other officials of Jing could do anything about it.

[WP]: The Crouching Dragon hidden in Longzhong had absolute faith in the plan involving Liu Bei and Jing.
[WP]: He toiled away in Longzhong for ten years, paving a path for the future even when Liu Bei was not yet ready.

[WP]: Remember that many officers followed Liu Bei after the Cao army arrived.

[WP]: And after gaining the four commanderies, he even received a majority of Jing’s troops and civilians.

[?]: This place belongs to Liu Bei. The news of him becoming the Governor had brought hope to the people.

[CR]: So are we now fighting against the covert scheme that the Crouching Dragon devised ten years ago?

[WP]: Correct. Zhuge Liang isn’t just a military adviser,
[WP]: he’s also a manipulative politician.

[WP]: Despite our methods, we’ll have a hard time changing the minds of the people after they’ve developed their own political view.

[WP]: The Sun and Cao wear down each other’s armies, while Jing has already fallen into his hands…

[CR]: Normally I’d have laughed hearing those words from you.

[CR]: But the events of Red Cliff and the four Commanderies have left me without a doubt.

[WP]: Every move from now on will have layers of schemes.

[WP]: No campaign of the past could beat the brilliance of this one.

[CR]: Yes.

[CR]: Towers are built out of piles of earth.

It will be brilliant indeed!
(“…very brilliant”)

{outside of the city of Yiling}

[Ling Tong]: Traitor Cao, the Sun army is dispensing food again!

[LT]: Piling tactic begins!


[?]: Fire!

[LT]: Lay down the sandbags and follow me. No retreat!

[?]: General, their arrows don’t seem to be depleting, we…

[LT]: I want this gate breached no matter what!


[LT]: What?!

[?]: They’re civilians! Not Cao Cao’s troops!

[?]: Why would the civilians guard the city for traitor Cao?

[?]: We people of Jing hate the southeast with all our guts!
(“…animosity [that] won’t [let us] share [the same] sky”)

[?]: Today we’ll pave the way for the Imperial Uncle!

[LT]: Then screw it, kill them all!
(“then don’t bother…”)


[?]: We heard news from the front that the few smaller cities have been breached as well.
[?]: And the defenders were all civilians who received military grade equipment.

[?]: By this logic, these are the civilian militia from the Jing Province.

[LT]: These armors, shields, and bows are all high quality standard issue equipment.

[?]: And look over here, General Ling.


[?]: It’s filled with weapons, and there are a lot of food supplies!

[LT]: Wh…

[?]: The Cao army may have retreated, but they kept sending food here. This move is to show the people of Jing… which side is the benevolent one.

[?]: They sent food to the Nan commandery, but sent blades to Yiling. They knew who the people of Jing really hate.

[?]: Use the enemy to control the enemy. That person has fully understood the people of Jing.

[Gan Ning]: A genius salesman keeps his wares deeply hidden.
(quoting from “Records of ritual matters by Dai the Elder“, chapters “Zengzi about behaviour I-III”; wordplay on Jia Xu’s surname, but could also hint at businessman Sima Yi)

[GN]: Little bro,
(“old younger-brother”)

[GN]: that Jia is about to counter-attack.

magazine-only-teaser: “next chapter: unexpected” (to be continued in New Youth issue #50)

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