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March 3, 2009

help me proof the translation

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Feel free to pick out errors in the English! Or suggest better wording! Some “mistakes” might be intentional, but I’m really a mediocre writer. Thanks! (don’t have to register to leave a comment here)

August 10, 2017

chapter 485 (magazine syndication, not final)

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Father once said, loyalty to one’s kingdom is the most important thing in life.

Loyalists must curry favors too. With power they can then suppress the corrupt.

[Sun Shu]: Huff…

That is politics.

chapter 485 There Will Come A Day
(“always has [that] one day”, or you can translate this as “eventuality”)

[SS]: Big sister, come back here!

[?]: Come on, little Miss, you won’t catch up to them. Let’s go home!

[SS]: Why is big sister leaving?
[SS]: Who is that guy named Hong Zi?

[?]: Kiddo, sir Hong has a renowned heritage.

[?]: Your sister is fortunate to marry into that clan.

[?]: Not to mention our Sun clan is in need of this familial tie!

[?]: We women folks must all marry someone sooner or later.

[?]: You’re too young to understand, kiddo, but you’ll get it eventually.

[SS]: No, I won’t marry. I won’t I won’t I won’t!
(“…I definitely not marry”, emphasis mine)

[?]: Yes yes yes, women of the Sun clan don’t marry into other clans-

[?]: the husbands marry into ours.

[?]: Your brothers certainly don’t cry so easily as you.

[?]: Your sister must be so happy to have married well.


[?]: Oh!

[?]: Young Master, please stop!

[Sun Ce]: Big sister, get your ass back here!
(“…roll back here”)

[Sun Quan]: Hong Zi, let go of big sister!

[SS]: Why’re you here, pissy-pants?
(or “pants-wetter” if you prefer)

[SQ]: Hong Zi, let my sister go! She’s mine!

[?]: One day I’ll make you…
(he used the arrogant self-referential “[your old man]”)

One day…

There will come a day when my heart succumbs to temptation and betrays my own promise.
(“…heart shaken/waver…”)

Even though I wouldn’t know what’s on his mind.

It seems that even one’s perspective changes with age.

Women must all marry sooner or later.

Women cannot violate the law of nature.

And father could not release himself from the loyalist’s shackle.

I thought I understood everything.

But it was all one-sided.

When a woman marries, it’s like how a loyalist tries to save a kingdom.

It matters not who he is or what that kingdom is like…

Let it happen blindly as it had always been that way.

[?]: Tell the Imperial Uncle,

[SS]: I won’t step onto shore unless Lu Su is released.

[SS]: I’m being honest. We’ll go home if my words fall on deaf ears.
[?]: Yes ma’am! I’ll notify him right away.

[SS]: That Liu Bei doesn’t look so old at this distance.
[?]: Hush, you’re no spring chicken yourself.

[SS]: And yet I’m getting married before you.
[?]: Hmph!
(she’s playfully making the spitting sound, “phooey”, but doesn’t sound right here, neither does “girl!”, or “oh no you didn’t” XD)

[Liu Bei]: A political marriage. Sun Quan sure is ruthless…
[Lu Su]: Apologies. It was the last resort.

[LB]: Then… we’ll have the wedding at Shishou, a neutral territory.
[LS]: Yessir. I’ll notify my Lord upon my return.

[LB]: Thanks for all your troubles, Zi Jing.
(Lu Su’s courtesy name is Zi Jing)
[LS]: Farewell.

[?]: Slow down! It’s too fast!


[?]: So… so reckless!


[SS]: Sun Shu here to meet the Imperial Uncle.

[?]: Advisor Lu, our little Miss…

[LS]: Sigh. She’s still so reckless at this age!
[LS]: But at least she’s been married off.

[?]: Whoa!


[?]: My Lord!

[LS]: So it’s true. You certainly don’t let go easily.

[Sun Quan]: I should at least check out what kind of man my brother-in-law is.

[LS]: Miss Sun is in his hands. Now he has changed the wedding location to Shishou.

[LS]: Liu Bei won’t follow us to the southeast now that he has his own base.

Except he wouldn’t have expected…

that my gift is not a wife

but a weapon-

a sharp blade that will forever hang over his throat.

His life is already in our hands.

[SQ]: From a long-term view, what kind of a child is Liu Shan?

[LS]: Kong Ming already clings to him like a lifeline. Don’t bother.
(Zhuge Liang’s courtesy name is Kong Ming)

[SQ]: Kong Ming… What a loyalist.

[?]: My Lord, we should head back.

[SQ]: Thank you for your hard work, brother-in-law.
[Hong Zi]: It’s my duty.

[LS]: General Hong sure is a helpful assistant to my Lord.

[SQ]: That’s the Sun clan…

[SQ]: We take back what we lose.

It no longer mattered what we’re loyal to.

That is my politics.

magazine-release-only teaser: “Next chapter: Looking Forward To The Next Generation”

July 19, 2017

chapter 484 (magazine syndication, not final)

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I thought I had a deep understanding of the situation, but it turned out not to be enough.
(wordplay lost in translation; play on multiple definition of 分; I’m translating based on personal interpretation)

The tripartite theory, however, still stands.
(wordplay lost in translation; play on multiple definition of 分)

[?]: Who doesn’t want to stake their claim to a piece of the dying Han?
[?]: I just didn’t expect to be banned myself.

[?]: I thought the people were with me for good or ill…

[?]: Haha,

chapter 484 Under the Pines And Cypresses
(“pine [and] cypress’s beneath”)

{Governor of the Changsha Commandery, Han Xuan}
[Han Xuan]: who knew they would also be the first to turn on me.
{Liu Bei’s Attendant Clerk, Ma Liang}

[HX]: What a mistake it was to listen to slander and squander my hard-earned reputation.

[HX]: I really shouldn’t have sent civilians into battle. Definitely not!

[Ma Liang]: To spare them from collateral damage, General, you’re still demonstrating mercy by your surrender.

[HX]: And to think I’ve read so much about history. Still my mercy was not enough…
(not sure)

[HX]: Yet the man who kills my people…

[HX]: become the one they support…

[HX]: I listened to the literati and they lied to me.

[HX]: Liu Bei and I are of the same ilk, yet incomparable.

[ML]: Similar indeed, but still leagues apart.
(“general indeed like my master, except mutual different thousand li”)

[ML]: You love the people, but don’t protect them.
[ML]: You appreciate talents, but judge them poorly.

[ML]: You thought you’re knowledgeable about history, but you forgot that history texts are poisonous.

[ML]: Remember that history texts are trash literature written to justify the sins of the victors.

[ML]: Through all this time in Changsha, our job has been…

[ML]: to turn you, General, into Yuan Shu-

[ML]: a “treacherous vassal” demonized by the history text.

[ML]: History texts are also texts about warfare.

[ML]: From the absurd auspicious signs during an Emperor’s birth, to the bestiality of the usurping vassals. There was a motive behind all of them.

And only a true hegemon understands what it means to learn from history.
(not sure)

And the hegemon is not the only one to acquire this mentality.

The truly capable men who have swallowed their pride can reach this state of mind as well.

Those men who have truly experienced hardship.
(“…experienced [through] wind rain…”, colloquially I’d probably translate this as “having been through shit” XD)

That’s why the hegemon understands.

He fully understands how to tell apart

the ones he could make use of

from those he could not.

Conquering the world is a science.
(not sure; study? discipline?)

Conquering hearts and minds is even more profound.

That is why the top officially branded traitor of the “government” has yet to fall.

[HX]: Their plan is deep, so deep! Then…
(I’m translating based on personal interpretation)

[HX]: give up, men. Let’s accept fate.

[HX]: What are you…
(“you [all]”)

[?]: Only they are allowed to surrender.

[ML]: What kind of a man is he to want to annex three Commanderies in order to invade the Chuan region?

[HX]: So there’s no room for someone who shares the same path?

[ML]: As a true member of the bloodline, the Imperial Uncle’s mission is to restore power to the Imperial clan!

[ML]: All others are Yuan Shu!

[HX]: Haha.


That’s why he will invade the western Chuan region, then engulf his clan brother who shares the same aspiration!

I want to laugh, but I’m unable to.

{sfx: pa}

Under the pines and cypresses, the grass does not flourish.

Oh politics…
The average person only sees the surface and not what’s actually going on inside.

Nothing is sadder than having chosen the wrong path.

Those who could have joined forces to fight the traitor turned on each other instead.
Therefore he already understood it.

That narrow circle is expanding.

A motley crowd, but still a crowd.

Is that a hand? Claws?

Nobody knows.

{sfx: pa}

Therefore someone will always disagree,

and show a “backbone.”

But… what do they want?

Why do they remain?

A wise ruler will know, of course.

{sfx: pa}

And a skilled officer knows it too.

A person must head toward reality.

Which ruler hasn’t killed people over the millennia of the Central Plain? And which warrior hasn’t spilled blood?

It’s just a change of location and a begrudging acceptance.

Perhaps they haven’t chosen the wrong path.

Because that is the path of a hegemon.

Perhaps it’s self-sacrifice.

Hope is beyond where there is no mercy nor honor.

That path shall always end-

end in a Loyalist’s vision…

of an ideal kingdom.

The political situation is deep. So my role…
(wordplay lost in translation; play on multiple definition of 分; translating based on personal interpretation)

was merely to play the part of a spectator and witness the tripartite.
(wordplay lost in translation; play on multiple definition of 分)

magazine-release-only teaser: “Next chapter: the Daughter of the Sun clan”

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