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September 5, 2013

Chen Mou Interview, Celebrating Reaching 400th Chapter

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(I reworded many things in this interview; if you don’t trust me please ask for a second opinion, thanks… ^^;)

Q: The Ravages of Time has finally reached 400th chapter. How do you feel about that?

A: This is the result of having an unrestricted creativity and no sense of time. I’m thankful for the supporters of such an absurd comics series.

Q: The Battle of Red Cliff has begun. The classic tales such as The Debate Against the Wu Scholars, Borrow Arrows With Straw Boats, Huang Gai’s Defection, Borrowing the East Wind and so on all have their set framework. Is it difficult to jump outside of “the box” that is The Romance of Three Kingdoms?

A: Of those segments you mentioned, the only one that’s in both the historical text and the novel is Huang Gai’s Defection. I may have outlined things long ago, but there are already changes coming- such as a massive edit to the Debate, because it was too long for syndication. As for the rest, please wait and see.

Q: Now that Liaoyuan Huo is officially Zhao Yun in Liu Bei’s camp, would he get a new armor design to distinguish between his past and present? After all, an assassin and a General shouldn’t be wearing the same type of outfit.

A: Maybe a little. But since Liaoyuan Huo tends to wear light armor for the agility, there won’t be major changes to the design.

Q: Of all the camps so far, which warrior faction – overall – is your favorite? That of Dong Zhuo? Lü Bu? Cao Cao? Liu Bei? Or the Sun clan?

A: No favorites. If they acted like real men they’ve got my respect. Three Kingdoms fans are a weird bunch. There is a fanbase for any person of the Three Kingdoms legend. That’s “her” special appeal.

Q: Whether it’s about Xiao Meng or Liaoyuan Huo, flashbacks in Ravages have always been very moving to read. Will there be more flashbacks about Liaoyuan Huo?

A: Only if the story calls for it, and not too deliberate.

Q: Sun Shu’s real identity was revealed in the previous chapter: she is to marry Liu Bei and become Lady Sun. Was this plot point already decided at her debut? If Sun Shu marries Liu Bei, in other words there won’t be another sister of Sun Quan to show up. With so little female presence in Ravages… that’s one less female characters. Perhaps the readers will then pin their hopes on the Qiao sisters. But will they make another appearance?

A: Yes, [the bit about Sun Shu] was decided long ago. Ravages has always been a rather manly series, with female characters appearing only out of necessity. Sorry to disappoint the Japanese-stype Manga fans. However, I do believe readers will be more interested in the relationship between Zhao Yun and Sun Shu. (laugh)

Q: Liu Bei’s son Liu Shan has made his debut. What about his foster son Liu Feng? Will he show up soon?

A: He was an outstanding talent according to the historical text, so of course he will appear. And speaking of which, Guan Ping is not far behind either.

Q: So the renowned Eight Geniuses are the main military advisors for the Cao, Liu and Sun camps during the Battle of Red Cliff. Then… will the Eight Eccentrics influence this battle in any way?

A: They will be used for the Zhang Lu arc. I have no plans for them here.

Q: Back then it was because of Gan Ning that Liaoyuan Huo and Xiao Meng became lost lovers. Will there be an epic fight between Liaoyuan Huo and Gan Ning when they meet again?

A: He’ll still have to stand in line behind Ling Tong! Gan Ning killed his father. But it’s no child’s play to them when they have to think about the big picture.

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