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November 9, 2013

Teaser Interview, 2013 November

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(around the time of Volume 50’s release)

(the text in the scanned image was very small; I could not read some of them)

I wanted to end the series at Lü Bu’s death, but the company didn’t approve

There’s no reason for all the soldiers to have died in the fire. My prediction…
“I will depict the Battle of Red Cliff in a special way, with a focus on the Cao camp. Historically the Cao army was described as strong and combat effective. I’m certain he wouldn’t have concentrated all of his forces at Red Cliff.”
“It’s just like how the chaining of the ships was merely one detail of the events…”

Guo Jia mentioned the ‘Hua Rong path’ prior to his death…
“Don’t read too much into that. It’s natural for military advisors to try to cover every aspect, think of every location.”
“Military advisors can’t issue an attack on a whim. China is too large- a hundred thousand men would only fill a government stadium; not enough for the tactic of overwhelming force. It might look like a massive army, but it’s just a speck on the map. So I think war would have multiple subplots.”

Is Jiang Wei the Eighth Genius?
“Jiang Wei isn’t born yet, I don’t think (laugh). I have a candidate in mind, but it’s not the time for the reveal. Any character is candidate material, actually. Just like in Naoki Urasawa’s ‘Monster’.”

Second Generation Leader of the Handicapped Warriors
“[Some readers believe the recent narrative is too close to ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms,’ and has lost a bit of creative flavor.] Even so, I still have to follow the path. I know a lot of Three Kingdoms Manga (Japanese) do their own thing, but they aren’t well-received by most Chinese readers. I hope the plot doesn’t deviate too far from the original novel.”


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