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November 14, 2013

chapter 404 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Sir! Gan Ning and Zhou Tai’s troops have been withdrawn.

[?]: And we haven’t spotted any enemy troops nearby!

[?]: The Cao army must’ve had enough with losing.

chapter 404 The Number One Upstart
(“…small/young general”)

[Taishi Ci]: Then withdraw our troops too.
(the syntax is confusing me, I think in context he’s issuing an order, not saying “so our troops have all been withdrawn”)
[?]: Yessir!

[TSC]: Because of the encroaching Cao army, General Huang Gai has ordered our surplus forces to be transferred to Red Cliff for its defense.

[?]: Yessir. Five thousand have already left yesterday.

[?]: You may also return to the frontline, General.

[TSC]: Oh and didn’t our Lord order us not to allow outsiders inside the camp?

[TSC]: You big softie.

[?]: These Jingzhou refugees were supposed to be sent to the south.

[?]: The recent disturbances by the Shanyue tribe may have been instigated by the Cao army.

[?]: I was afraid for their safety, so I let them stay inside for a while.

[?]: Don’t worry, General. I’ll have them escorted out tomorrow.

[TSC]: No, a military order is inviolable. Escort them out now.

[?]: But it’s already dark, why not…

[TSC]: Sorry, but this is a key military position.
(“don’t blame my cruelty…”)

[?]: Understood. Right away, sir.
(“…subordinate accordingly act”)

[TSC]: How’s the situation with the Cao rebels?

[?]: Their hundred ships from last month have departed.

[?]: I haven’t found any Cao soldiers in the nearby areas. After our previous ambush,
[?]: they must’ve boarded the ships in the dark and headed back to Wulin.

[TSC]: Has our insider confirmed this?
[?]: Yes, he has.

[?]: Let me go, let me go!

[?]: Who said you could wander around, boy!

[TSC]: What’s going on?
[?]: General, we caught a little interloper.
(slightly distorted; the poster called the boy “Amuro”, haha)

[?]: Hwa-ha!

[?]: Are you General Taishi?

[?]: I’ve been dying to meet you!

[?]: Get your ass back here, boy!

[?]: Hwa-ha, do you know how long I’ve admired you?
[?]: We grew up listening to the tale of the legendary brawl between you and the Little Conqueror!

[?]: They caught me trespassing, but I had to get to you!
[TSC]: Aren’t you too young to enlist, boy?

[?]: I’m thirteen, General. I just want to make a name for myself alongside you!

[?]: Your accent sounds like someone from Xinye.
[?]: Hwa-ha, you’re amazing, General Taishi!


[?]: Sir, the hundred vessels to Haihun have returned!
[?]: But they haven’t come to shore yet!

[?]: Damn it, are there too many ships docked?

[?]: Tell them to cooperate and get those men off the ships.

{sfx: pa}
[?]: You’re so dutiful, General Wang.

[Wang]: Advisor Jia!
[Jia Xu]: Up and working before sunrise.

[JX]: Are you in charge of directing the flow of ships?

[W]: Nono, I saw my comrades coming home from fighting on the other shore, and I just want them to get back on land.

[JX]: Yes, they’ve suffered over there.

[W]: You’re right, Advisor. Thankfully Young Master sympathized with them and transferred them back.

[JX]: Too many ships docked. Let the men off the ships once there are free space.

[W]: But it has almost been two days. What’s taking so long?

[JX]: Chained ships are hard to maneuver, that’s why.

[JX]: Suspicious, General Wang?

[W]: What?

{sfx: pong~}

[W]: Advisor Jia, what…

[JX]: All right, Sun clan’s insider, your suspicion was absolutely correct.

[JX]: But it was too late. Thanks for notifying the southeast that our army has retreated.

[JX]: You know those hundred ships that haven’t docked…?

[JX]: They’re empty.

[JX]: And our troops on the offensive over at the other shore haven’t returned yet.

[JX]: Those ships are coming to load more men.

[JX]: You know what,

now is when my attack officially begins!

[?]: Look, a rope! It was lowered from here!

[?]: Oh no, this opening…

[?]: The enemy has sneaked in in the dark!

[?]: Hurry, alert the General!

{sfx: pa}

[?]: That’s why I admire you.
(“not ashamed/unworthy to be my admired person”)

[?]: Lightning reflex.
(“look how fast you reacted”)

{sfx: cha~}

[TSC]: Brat.

[?]: Oh no, them!

[?]: Unit two, formation!

Piss off!

[TSC]: Mobilize and retaliate!

[?]: Unit two, listen up!

[?]: The southwestern gate has a weaker defense. Attack there!
(“…people number less…”)
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Good job.

[Zhang Liao]: Don’t get greedy now, Deng Ai.
(“don’t greed military-credit/merit/achievement…”)
[Deng Ai]: Yessir.

[ZL]: Leave this business

[ZL]: to the grownups.
(he could have meant “grown ups” or “the higher ranking officer”)


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