Ravaging Times

December 27, 2013

chapter 407 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Sir! The Cao navy is here!

[?]: Over two hundred vessels ahead!

[?]: Look! The groups behind them…

[?]: Each with three ships chained together!

chapter 407 The Youngster Who Knows His Way Around
(“the young horse/colt that knows its way around”; here it’s wordplay on part of someone’s name)

[?]: We’ve lost Haihun, General. Our forces of Yuzhang are digging their heels in at Shangliao and Jiaoqiu.
[?]: Our forces at Pengze are also staying put as ordered. The only ones waterborne now are those of Red Cliff.

[Jiang Qin]: They have the initiative over water now.
{Sun Quan’s subordinate, Jiang Qin}

[?]: Pull!

[?]: General Jiang, look!

My, my!

[?]: Sir! The groups in the rear have connected into a line!

[?]: The ship-bridge is formed and sturdy!

[?]: Seventh cavalry, board!

{horse movement sfx}

[?]: General Jiang, Cao Cao’s cavalry force is coming!

[?]: Amazing! They’ve made it like walking on land!

Cao Cao-

his main force is crossing the river!

[?]: Sir! The fifth battalion has assembled and will get across after noontime.
[?]: The sixth battalion is nearly done with a head count!

[?]: How’s the current?
[?]: Slow. The ships feel stable!

[Cao Ren]: Speed it up! A hundred thousand men must cross before noon!
[Li Dian]: The Yanzhou troop must be ready to transport the supplies immediately!

[Xu Huang]: Sir! Xu Huang’s troop will be the first to cross!

[XH]: The rest of you, follow behind us!

[?]: You could even predict the speed of the current- an expert indeed.

{flag reads: Cao}
[Cao Cao]: Your expertise has opened my eyes, mister Kan Ze.

{Kan Ze}
[Kan Ze]: And your methods of war have broadened my horizons as well.

[CC]: The shores of the southeast are mountainous, difficult to land.

[CC]: It’ll be easier to transport troops there now that we have Haihun as a harbor.

[KZ]: The slow current will only maintain for two days, Prime Minister. Time is…

[CC]: Tomorrow I’ll be able to transport a hundred thousand men across the shore.

[CC]: Five troops will be deployed in the southeast the day after that.

[?]: Sir! General Zhang Liao has begun the attack on Shangliao!

[?]: And here is the deployment map of troops in the region.

[CC]: Good. Give it to Xu Huang for deployment.

[CC]: Tell Zhang Liao to fight without fear of shortage in men or rations.
[?]: Yessir!

[KZ]: Your troops stay put, Prime Minister, as if the mobilization will originate from Red Cliff.

[KZ]: But unexpectedly it’s an invasion by land.

[CC]: We northerners are disadvantaged over water.

[CC]: So I have to figure out a way to let my men to fight at their best.

[CC]: I do worry, however. Our main force is still on the other shore, and with this dry weather, if fire breaks out…

[KZ]: I believe the November northerly winds will keep your troops safe here.

[CC]: We might be bound to win, but there’s no harm in being cautious.

[?]: Achoo!

[KZ]: Apologies. This gusty northerly wind has “ambushed” me as well.

[CC]: Yes. The wind and plague are rampant this season.
[CC]: Please take care of yourself, mister Kan.

[CC]: You should return to camp to rest.
[KZ]: Thank you, Prime Minister.

[CC]: Escort mister Kan back.

[?]: Oh, one more thing.

[CC]: Do you remember someone named little Ma?
(surname “ma”, hanzi for “horse”)

[KZ]: Little Ma?

[CC]: He claimed to be your student.

[KZ]: After years of teaching, I have over a thousand students…

[KZ]: The name escapes me at the moment.

[CC]: Well he’s here. And he has told me earlier…

[CC]: that a easterly wind will blow in a few days.

[CC]: That’s why I’ve decided to move the troops to the other shore more quickly.

[KZ]: Easterly wind… Do you not trust me, Prime Minister?

[CC]: No, I just rather be cautious.

[KZ]: I’m willing to compare notes with someone who holds a different opinion.

[CC]: That… is even better.

[KZ]: Achoo!
[?]: Are you okay, mister?

[KZ]: I’m fine.

[?]: Please head in.

[?]: Do you still remember me, Master?

[?]: It’s been over ten years since we last saw each other.

[?]: It’s me. Little Ma-

[Sima Yi]: that youngster who liked to play the Rain God.
(the “ma” in “si ma”; cosplay Chisongzi)

reader Beatles9 provided a map that may make things clearer geographically, although it may also confuse (???), because it doesn’t look like the river the Cao army is crossing now is the Long River (???); sorry I’m not a Three Kingdoms history buff. ^^;

(Each colored district/province may have a capitol city of the same name, so there’s the Xinchun city in XINCHUN district/province, and Yuzhang city in YUZHANG district/province.)


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