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January 9, 2014

chapter 408 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: The Cao army has finally crossed the river.

[?]: Those landlubbers won’t suffer once they step onto solid ground.

[?]: Feinting retreat, but planted an ambush to seize Haihun.

chapter 408 A Desperate Measure

[Pang Tong]: A brilliant play by Jia Xu.

[Zhuge Liang]: Troops at Yuzhang might not be able to hold onto Shangliao and Jiaoqiu now that Haihun fell to enemy occupation.

[PT]: Yes. Starting this line of attack will split the Sun clan’s forces. This means an invasion from Red Cliff may still be possible.

[PT]: A collaboration of these two fronts will give the shorthanded Sun clan a major headache.

[ZGL]: However… doesn’t that split the Cao army as well?

[PT]: Haha, so you noticed too.

[PT]: Yes. I really want to see Gong Jin’s next move.
(Gong Jin is Zhou Yu’s courtesy name)

[?]: Keep it steady!

[?]: We can’t, the current is stronger now!

[?]: Sir, as mister Kan predicted, the slow current only maintained for two days.

[?]: All right! Tell the other shore to stop crossing!

[JX]: The troops have crossed the river. Good work, everyone.
(last part is more like “thank you [all] for your hard work”)

[?]: Advisor Jia, our troop has breached two of Sun clan’s staging grounds, Shangliao and Jiaoqiu.

[?]: Huang Gai’s troop has been routed. The Sun army are dugging in at Yuzhang.
[?]: All five of our troops were able to advance inland.

[Xu Huang]: Except that Zhang Liao’s troop was hindered by a confrontation with Cheng Pu’s reinforcement.

[XH]: Advisor, the terrain from this point onward is quite complex. Without a guide to lead the way…

[JX]: Don’t worry, General Xu, I have an idea.

[JX]: Our army has swept south. Very soon…

[JX]: there will be countless number of Sun clan’s troops surrendering to us.

[JX]: Hm.

Feng Xiao, we have crossed the river.
(Feng Xiao is Guo Jia’s courtesy name)

{city of Yuzhang}

[?]: Stop! Stop it!
[?]: Why’re you hurting your comrade?

[?]: Enough! Are you done yet!

[Cheng Pu]: The enemy hasn’t even arrived and we’re already fighting among ourselves. Can you be any less proper!
(based on mdbg.net: “what a scandal” doesn’t sound right to me… Suggestion?)

[?]: We’ll stop after you release him, Master Cheng!

[?]: That’s right. If you won’t release our master…
[?]: we’ll never go back!

[?]: Our master was merely following orders, Master Cheng. He can’t take all the blame!

[CP]: Oh sure!

[CP]: So you want Taishi Ci’s death and the loss of Shangliao and Jiaoqiu province to be pinned on me?

[?]: Damn it, could we end up like this had you not ordered troops to be transferred back?

[CP]: The southern defense has always been you guys’ job. So who was it that overlooked Zhang Liao’s troop?

{sfx: pa}

[CP]: Damn that old fool!

[?]: Old fool!

[?]: When you were little, I used to hold you just like this.

[Huang Gai]: No one knew what to do whenever you cried; I was the only one who could tease a smile out of you.

[HG]: Haha, Zhong Mou, this is my first time seeing your baby.

[Sun Quan]: I repeat, uncle Huang, the plan can be changed.

[HG]: Kid, I’ve served the Sun clan for generations.

[HG]: There’s nothing for me to feel proud of other than watching your boys grow up…

[HG]: Unrelentingly old age hurries near; failing to establish a fair name is all my fear.
(quoting Qu Yuan’s prose “Departing In Sorrow“, my translation is modified)

[HG]: A chance like this is rare.

[HG]: Ling Cao’s heroic feat back then filled me with envy.

[SQ]: Consider your old age, uncle Huang. Why don’t we follow Cheng Pu’s advice…

[HG]: He didn’t misjudge; I did. It’s undeniable according to the military law.

[HG]: Cao Cao is too sharp to not see through a trick.

[HG]: So I say you should just act objectively and flog me without mercy.

[HG]: Don’t stop until I’m crippled.

[HG]: It will appear more convincing the more ruthless you are.
(“you more ruthless, then more convincing power”)

[HG]: I must be held responsible for Taishi Ci’s death.

[HG]: Shangliao and Jiaoqiu’s loss, more so.
[baby]: Weh.

[HG]: Gong Jin did say that the first to take a misstep will carry the scheme through.

[HG]: Cao Cao wants to fight on two fronts. So we’ll carry out two strategies.

[baby]: Wahh.
[HG]: Aw! Why’re you crying all of a sudden? Here here, have a hug.

[HG]: Good baby, this old man is leaving…
(doesn’t mean his actual grandfather)

[HG]: Don’t cry, yeah? Don’t cry.

By mid November, the Cao army has advanced across the shore and routed the Sun army.

For failing his military duty, Huang Gai was sentenced to flogging…

until he could no longer walk.

Three days later,
(“third day”)

he received a letter from the Cao army.

reader Beatles9 provided a map that may make things clearer geographically, although it may also confuse (???), because it doesn’t look like the river the Cao army is crossing now is the Long River (???); sorry I’m not a Three Kingdoms history buff. ^^;

(Each colored district/province may have a capitol city of the same name, so there’s the Xinchun city in XINCHUN district/province, and Yuzhang city in YUZHANG district/province.)


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