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January 26, 2014

chapter 409 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Look, the smoke signal from the hills!
(“…hill inner raises smoke, has signal”)

[?]: Looks like some Cao troop has reached far into our rear position!

[?]: There are several signals- quite a number of enemies!

chapter 409 The Imperial Uncle Marks Time

[?]: Third master, look!

[Zhang Fei]: That means Shangliao and Jiaoqiu have been breached…

[?]: The Cao army has taken the land route. They’re preparing to aid the navy in its attack on Xiakou.

[?]: Have reinforcements from the Sun clan arrived?
[?]: Yes they have!

{Xiakou, Sun and Liu army’s military harbor}

[?]: Sir! The Cao army has been spotted!

[?]: Sir! The Imperial Uncle is here to thank the troops!
(“again report…”)

[?]: Please excuse us, Imperial Uncle. We’re busy with war preparations.

[Liu Bei]: Haha, I don’t mind, but was just observing…

[?]: Your concern is valid. Our navy is small.

[?]: About a tenth of the Cao force.

[Zhou Yu]: Commanding officers could not leave their posts. Apologies, Imperial Uncle.

[LB]: Gong Jin is an accomplished veteran. It’s unnecessary for me to be here, really.
[ZY]: Nonono, your visit does tremendous good to the morale.

[LB]: Our naval formations at Xiakou have been set up according to Lu Su’s suggestions a while back.

[LB]: We’re ready to cooperate at your command.

[LB]: Now with war imminent,

[LB]: may I hear your strategy?

[ZY]: Even though it’s a joint operation between the Sun and the Liu, the main part of the fight still depends on the Sun clan.

[ZY]: Therefore I think you should maintain the defense according to Lu Su.

[ZY]: If the Cao army advances further inland, Chaisang won’t stand a chance once both Xia and Fan fall to the enemy.

[ZY]: Thus I beg you not to act without discretion, Imperial Uncle.

[LB]: Of course I will heed the advice of a brilliant tactician such as yourself. Except…

[ZY]: If we want to win this war against Cao Cao’s massive invasion, we must be meticulous in our plans.

[ZY]: It’s suicide to attack the enemy across the river with Xiakou’s small navy.

[ZY]: As knowledgeable as you are, Imperial Uncle, I’m sure you wouldn’t fight an uncertain battle.

[ZY]: Therefore we will definitely collaborate with you to annihilate the Cao army once our forces achieve a few victories.

[LB]: No, you have misunderstood. I meant to say…

[?]: Chief Controller, Han Dang’s fleet is in position.

[ZY]: We’re about to test the enemy’s strength. Please excuse me, Imperial Uncle.

[LB]: Then… I will leave you to it.
(“…stop bothering…”)

[Liao Hua]: As I said, my Lord, Zhou Yu didn’t want to see you because he doesn’t want to talk about Jingzhou.

[LH]: The Sun clan may have established a friendly relation with Jingzhou’s Liu clan, their motive is not pure.

[LB]: Ha.

[LB]: You’re right. Zhou Yu isn’t after the other shore just yet.
(ambiguous syntax according to my understanding, “…is not yet to swallow the other shore”, but it could also read “…obviously to swallow the other shore”)

[?]: We can forget about Jingzhou if we don’t cross the river with this campaign.

[LH]: Once the Sun clan takes over Jingzhou, we’ll appear inhumane to ask them to return the land that they fought for with casualties.

[LB]: What a Sun clan- scheming every step of the way.

[LB]: I think they let the Cao army cross partly to tie us down.

[LH]: Haha, a flawless tactic.

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: shoo~}

[?]: Too many arrows, General Han. We can’t pass!

[Han Dang]: Okay, we’re done testing. Pull back!

[HD]: Maintain the formation. Don’t let them take any advantage.

[HD]: Spread out the main force- make a shield formation.

[HD]: Don’t lower the sails. Keep the front of the ships pointing at the Cao navy!

[?]: Sir! Han Dang’s fleet has returned safely!

[?]: We’ve counted the Cao navy’s ships- they’ve added more!

[ZY]: Maintain the distance. Do not go pass the initial range!
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: Chief Controller, General Han reporting!

[HD]: Gong Jin, their formation looks a little different this time. I’m not clear of the whole picture yet. Do you want me to try again?

[ZY]: No, we’ll observe first.

[Zhu Zhi]: I think they’re the newly arrived Jingzhou navy.

[ZY]: The Cao navy is in a better shape after months of training by Cai Mao.

[ZY]: It’s very unwise for them to suddenly change formation…

[ZY]: Unless… they reassigned the commander?

[LB]: Liao Hua, how long have you followed Kong Ming?

[LH]: I have followed master ever since he arrived in Jingzhou.

[LH]: These past few years my mission was infiltration while my master studied the weather.

[LB]: Does that mean… a change in weather will be soon like Kong Ming said?

[LH]: Correct, my Lord. That’s why he wants you to get ready.

[LH]: And I’m also about to complete my mission inside Jingzhou’s Cai clan.

[LH]: I sent word that lured the target home. Instant success.

[LB]: Zhao Yun went too?

[LH]: Yes. He’s the expert.

[?]: Chief Controller, this… this is…

[?]: Military supplies from Liu Bei, but…

[?]: What’s the meaning of this thing?

[ZY]: An easterly wind is nigh.

[ZY]: Kong Ming knows what we are planning.

[ZY]: Cai Mao is the best choice to lead the attack on Xiakou due to his familiarity with Jingzhou.

[ZY]: Except now…

[ZY]: Who would benefit if the Cao navy changes its commander?

[LB]: This is a hint, everyone.

[LB]: Liu Bei could no longer be trapped in Xiakou.
(“xiakou, already trap not liu bei”; another translation would be “Xiakou could no longer lock/hold Liu Bei in place.” Not sure which one is better)


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