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February 21, 2014

chapter 411 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: All ships assembled!

[?]: Supplies on board!

[?]: Gears accounted for!

[?]: How’s the wind?

chapter 411 The Mountain Behind The Mountain
(a variant on “there are mountains beyond the mountain”, here it’s sort of wordplay on “back mountain”, which could also mean “backing/support”, or literally, someone behind)

[?]: The wind has ceased!

[Sun Quan]: That’s the prelude. Excellent. All according to mister Kan.

[SQ]: The eclipse this month will cause great changes. Just as expected!

[?]: My Lord, a message from Yuzhang says Huang Gai has fled with his ships!

[SQ]: What about his route?

[Lu Su]: Our forces were attacked by Zhang Liao’s troop. That cleared the path for Huang Gai.

{Lu Su, courtesy name “Zi Jing”}

[SQ]: How are you feeling, Zi Jing?

[LS]: I’m on razor’s edge, to be honest.
(“…extremely anxious”)

[?]: The rest of our men must feel the same way.

[?]: The showdown is about to begin.

[?]: The year of the twenty-fifth cycle will have a lukewarm summer and winter.
(“wu zi year“)

[?]: An eclipse will occur this month. An excellent thesis.

[Kan Ze]: And yet nothing to the point.
(“except you too, cannot speak of important point”)

[Sima Yi]: Yes, master. My job is merely to delay you.

[KZ]: Then stop it if you know I have important duties to carry out.

[KZ]: I’m certain the Prime Minister would discourage you as well.

[SMY]: Aren’t you preparing to flee tonight, master?

[KZ]: What… nonsense you speak of?

[KZ]: Go build your case. The Prime Minister will not believe you.

[KZ]: Stop wasting time. Besides…

[KZ]: There won’t be an easterly wind.

[KZ]: There won’t!

[SMY]: Master,

[SMY]: the new naval commander wants to see you.

[KZ]: It’s on my schedule, don’t worry.

[SMY]: I heard they’re going to rearrange everything.

[KZ]: No. The formation is still in place even if Cai Mao is dead.

[SMY]: Suppose I tell you that this new commander’s strategy is different…

[SMY]: He has been training Jingzhou’s navy…

[SMY]: to deal with an attack by fire.

[SMY]: This new commander is called Wen Ping.

Wen Ping!

[SMY]: Wen Ping has a renowned background and is more capable than Cai Mao.

[SMY]: Cai Mao was actually a front, whereas Wen Ping was the real commander.

[SMY]: Cai Mao’s death was used to bait the enemy to act in haste.

[SMY]: And most importantly… the real goal of the battle at Red Cliff is to lure the southeast navy to attack by fire.

[SMY]: Everything is within our calculation.

[SMY]: Including the easterly wind on the twenty-third day.

[SMY]: Huang Gai will pretend to surrender and send his burning ships to Red Cliff.

[SMY]: The showdown will occur then.

[SMY]: Sun Quan will lead his men in a full-scale counter-attack!

[KZ]: Ha… Hahahaha! You brat!

[KZ]: Playing the rain god doesn’t mean you could spout nonsense!
(my first translation, too long: “You think you get to say ridiculous things just because you like to play the rain god?”; cosplay Chisong-zi)

[SMY]: Yes, but it was impossible to defeat the greatest army without exploiting men’s superstition.

[SMY]: Fortunately I met an amazing person at the Battle of Guandu a few years ago.

[SMY]: You should know, master, that the powerful Yuan clan had many skilled and distinguished associates.

[SMY]: One of them was like you, who suddenly entered our Lord’s service.

[SMY]: And who also advised our Lord frequently after coming on board.

[SMY]: Including predicting the weather.

[SMY]: Remember when the Cao navy traveled south during Jingzhou’s high tide?

[SMY]: And about the eclipse and the unusual weather pattern?

[SMY]: As well as the easterly wind that you disagree about.

[SMY]: He had predicted them all with more precision and speed than any other.

[SMY]: If you think our Lord doesn’t question the employed, yet sometimes…

[SMY]: not questioning is part of our Lord’s killing move.

[KZ]: Wh… what does that mean?

{sfx: pa}

[SMY]: It’s not mere mortals like me who would be comparing notes with you, master. It’s this…

[SMY]: expert in Astronomy.
(“all under heaven, astronomy number one person”)

[SMY]: He of the Way of Supreme Peace-
(“Taiping way/cult”)

[SMY]: Zuo Ci the Immortal.

========== black page preview ============
With an immortal leading the way,

it feels as if victory is guaranteed.


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