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March 6, 2014

chapter 412 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Master, look!

chapter 412 Cometh Gai and Yu

[?]: Messenger pigeons.

{Master Water Mirror, Sima Hui}
[Water Mirror]: The sound comes from the east.

[WM]: That means they were released over the sea.

[WM]: Red-feet pigeons, I presume.
(is there a species name?)

[?]: Yes, master. They are from Gong Jin.
(Gong Jin is Zhou Yu’s courtesy name)

[?]: The release of pigeons is a signal for wind change.

[?]: Haha, Gong Jin has grasped Kan Ze’s knowledge.

[?]: And the water?
[?]: Warmer than yesterday, master.

[?]: The temperature hasn’t stopped rising since last month.

[WM]: Today is the twenty-third day.

[WM]: By dusk…

[WM]: cometh the breeze-

[WM]: and the battle!

[?]: They have arrived on time, Advisor.

[Xun You]: Proceed according to plan. Don’t give way unless the commander is present.

[XY]: Notify them.
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Deploy defensively. Caution against a trap!

[?]: Advisor Xun, they’re approaching!

[?]: Hm.
(sigh of relief/anxiousness? this “exhale” is vague and open to interpretation)

[?]: They were chased.

[?]: Is he really risking everything, Advisor?
(an idiom, “attend a banquet of certain danger with only a blade to protect oneself”)

[XY]: The men of Sun clan never feared death.

[?]: Huang Gai of the southeast is here as promised!

[?]: Permission to board!

[?]: He… he really came.

[XY]: Haha, that’s sincerity.

[?]: Careful.
[?]: Careful.

[XY]: Advisor Xun You of the Cao army, here to welcome you, General Huang.

{sfx: ka}

[Huang Gai]: My legs are done. Forgive my poor etiquette.

[XY]: Our Lord has heard of your devotion to the Greater Good.
(or could just be “righteousness”)

[XY]: That is why he has ordered the imperial doctor to accompany our navy to treat your injury.

[HG]: That’s considerate of him. I’m grateful.

Except… way too cautious.

[XY]: Make way for the surrendering ships.

[?]: Yessir.

[HG]: That… that’s…

[HG]: Ah, that’s Wen Ping’s fleet.

[HG]: Wasn’t Wen Ping assigned to guard the border?

[XY]: Wen Ping’s reputation as a General-In-Chief travels far beyond Jingzhou…

[XY]: Are you that naive, General Huang, to think our Lord would employ Cai Mao?

[?]: Down!

{sfx: ka~}

[?]: Welcome, allies from the southeast!

[?]: Are these Cao Cao’s new ships!?
[?]: We’ve never seen them before!

[?]: Look. What do you think those shifting-masts are for?

[?]: They’re moving!

[?]: They’re coming together, that’s…

[?]: Like a water-borne moving castle!

[?]: And that painted color, what’s their use?

{Huang Gai’s deputy officer, Jiang Qin}
[Jiang Qin]: Fire-proof coating.

[JQ]: Plus those masts to keep things at a distance.

[JQ]: Even if we ram a blazing ship at them, it won’t make them budge nor burn.

The enemy is prepared for us.

[JQ]: Notify the Chief Controller to stay put!
(“…definitely not act without discretion”)

[?]: It’s too late. They should’ve already left the main camp!

Oh no…

The ships have left the camp…

[?]: The ships are speeding up.

[?]: Cometh the east wind.

[Zhou Yu]: Cometh Zhou Yu.


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