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April 4, 2014

chapter 414 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Sir! We’ve spotted more of the Sun navy over the water!

[?]: Over a thousand of their ships have gathered downstream from us!
(simplified because I don’t understand how the author is using directional terms)

[?]: Sir! Hundreds more upstream!
(simplified because I don’t understand how the author is using directional terms)

[?]: Sir! Huang Gai’s vanguard fleet has been burned!

{flag reads: Cao}
[?]: But our first line of wall-ships won’t last much longer either!

chapter 413 Flaming Red Cliff

[Cao Pi]: Send in another line of wall-ships.
[?]: Yessir!

[CP]: Any news from the other shore?

[?]: Zhang Liao has initiated the attack on Bronze Wall Mountain. He’s got the upper hand!

[?]: Cao Ren’s main force has bypassed the woods and are heading for the city of Yuzhang!
[?]: Li Dian is taking the mountain path and awaits Advisor Jia’s orders!

[CP]: What about here?

[?]: Tht scout reports that the main naval force of the southeast is on its way!

[?]: Great! Sun Quan’s main force has been lured out!

[CP]: Good! Start the fire!

[CP]: Lure the enemy onto shore!

[?]: Third camp, listen up! The enemy’s main fleet is on its way. Proceed with the plan!

[?]: Hurry, burn down our empty camps!

[?]: Hurry! Light’em up!

In November of year 208, the southeast navy under Sun Quan’s command attacked Cao Cao’s forces at Red Cliff!

That night under the guise of surrendering, Sun Quan’s General-in-Chief Huang Gai sent his burning ships to ram Cao Cao’s ships that were locked together in chains. Thus began the prelude to the battle!

[?]: By the looks of that raging fire, Huang Gai must’ve burned the camps on the shore!

[?]: Boss, Old man Huang succeeded!

[?]: Long have we waited for this!
(“our longed for goal finally succeeded”)
[?]: The Cao army has crumbled. We’ll head to shore and pursue them!

[Lü Meng]: Right! Speed is vital in war!

[?]: Five of Lü Meng’s vanguard fleet will dock first!

{sfx: don… don… don…}

{sfx: pong~}

[Xiahou Yuan]: Slow down, take it easy.
(“slow down, don’t be impatient”)

[XHY]: Haha, quite a lot of them.

[XHY]: Let Lü Meng pass. We’ll wait for Zhou Yu.
[?]: Yessir!

[XHY]: We’ll catch the big fish.
(wordplay on Zhou Yu’s name, homonym with “fish”)

[Yue Jin]: Huang Gai burned the ships, Lü Meng and Lu Xun are the vanguards, and the main force is led by Zhou Yu.

[YJ]: Lü Meng will land first and head for the main encampment.

[YJ]: Lu Xun will go around to Haihun while Red Cliff is in flames.

[YJ]: He will attack Cao Ren’s rear flank once he lands.

[?]: Sir! We’ve spotted thousands of warships downstream!

[Cao Hong]: My, my! Zhou Yu is finally here!

[?]: The enemy has been lured out by this one fire.

[YJ]: The easterly wind is within our prediction.

[Cao Cao]: Everyone,

[CC]: right here, right now,
(“here, it is here”)

[CC]: allow me to preemptively congratulate you all!

{Sun Quan’s vanguard fleet led by Lu Xun}

[Lu Xun]: Look how lovely it burns.

[?]: General Lu, Lü Meng has successfully landed.
[?]: The Cao army is in disarray, and we’ve bypassed their main encampment.

[?]: The Cao army has headed for Yuzhang. Recovery of Haihun is likely since they didn’t leave much troops there.

[LX]: All right. The Chief Controller shall deal with Red Cliff while I deal with Cao Ren.

[?]: Ships ahead, don’t slow down!
[?]: You hear me?

[LX]: What’s happening?

[?]: General Lu, look!

[?]: Someone there!?

[?]: Who’s there? Name!
[?]: You hear?

[?]: No response. He must be dead!
[?]: Torch, over here!

[?]: Whoa!

{sigh reads: Kan Ze dies here}

[?]: It… it’s Mister Kan Ze!

[?]: How could that happen. Stop! Stop the ships!

The plan has sailed smoothly so far…

Except, if Kan Ze…

They saw through Kan Ze’s scheme long ago…

That means they have already prepared themselves…
The fire of Red Cliff is “empty”!

And Hai Hun’s main force might not have all been sent to Yuzhang!

Perhaps they were left behind for an ambush!

[LX]: My, my,

[LX]: come out!

[Jia Xu]: Their ships have slowed down.

[JX]: Aim every catapult at the enemy ships.

[JX]: Listen up, finish Lu Xun;

[JX]: then…

==== black page preview ===
kill Zhou Yu!


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