Ravaging Times

April 17, 2014

chapter 415 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{sfx: shoom~}

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: The second wall has also been destroyed!

chapter 415 The Lethal Distance

[?]: Sun clan’s fleet is now ramming the third wall!

[?]: The enemy has sent out all of their ships. Hang in there!

[?]: The wind is strong, but the third wall has blocked the enemy advance!

[?]: Good! They’re a spent force. Success!
(“…strong crossbow’s arrow shot to its farthest distance…”, a spent bullet)

[Wen Ping]: The fight’s still on. Not all is what it seems!
(“…cannot only look at the surface”)

[WP]: Being king of the waters means the Sun clan is full of surprises. Do not drop your guard!

[?]: Yes- don’t just focus on the burning ships. Watch over everything else too!

[?]: Conduct a thorough check!

[?]: Anything else?

[?]: Sir! Only debris of their fleet cover the water’s surface.
[?]: Don’t worry, Commander, the enemy men have all drowned!

{sfx: so~}

{sfx: cha~}

[WP]: The enemy’s attack has only just begun!

[?]: You mean…


[?]: It… it’s an ambush in the water!
[?]: Shit! The ramming was a feint!

{sfx: don~ don~ don~}
[?]: Their real attack has started!

[?]: Send out all our naval troops!

[?]: Surround the enemy! Don’t let them reach the shore and set real fire!


[?]: Stab them! Stab them dead!
(“…harshly stab”)

[WP]: When that’s done,

[WP]: report back that the enemy’s assault by fire has concluded.


[?]: Our troops are all in position!

[Cao Ren]: The enemy’s main force has been sent to Red Cliff. They won’t have reinforcements to spare, so we should defeat them in one go!
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Sir! Xu Huang’s troop has begun the attack on the other side!
[CR]: Good!

[CR]: We outnumber the enemy, so we have no reason to lose!

[CR]: There’s no pulling back until we’ve fought our way to Chaisang!
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: The vanguard forces are prepared to besiege the city!

[?]: Vanguards, march toward victory!


Our momentum is at its zenith. If the killing continues…

the neighboring cities won’t be able to hold out any longer, just as Jia Xu predicted.

[?]: Sir! Jiancheng and Nanchang have surrendered!

[?]: Excellent! They’re afraid!

Jia Xu, we’ve succeeded!

[Zhuge Liang]: Finally, the wind has picked up.

[Pang Tong]: Each side is using this excuse and waits for the other to initiate their strategy.

[PT]: In the end it was the weaker force of the southeast that took the initiative.

[?]: For both sides, how many surprising schemes from this point on are just waiting to take effect?

[ZGL]: Except I took one move ahead of Gong Jin.

[ZGL]: Fleeing is best.

[ZGL]: He thought he could trap me, but he forgot that blood is thicker than water.
(“…the bond between brothers…”)

{Zhuge Jin}
[Zhuge Jin]: I suggest you save the chatter while both sides are busy.

[ZGJ]: The ship is ready. It should be safe from now til dawn.

[ZGL]: I’ve gathered information on the southeast navy. It’ll be a tremendous help to our deployment.

[PT]: How could an older brother not help his younger sibling? No wonder you were calm through it all.

[PT]: Thanks for your troubles, Brother Zhuge.

[ZGJ]: Haha, stop putting me in a bind.

[ZGJ]: Hurry up and scram, please.
(I want to translate this as “Get out of my face, thank you.” XD)

[?]: How’s the situation?

[?]: Our Lord has ordered deployment according to your plan.

[PT]: Which means a complete disregard of Lu Su’s plan?

[ZGL]: A defensive stance keeps us isolated- with no benefit to us.

[ZGL]: We cannot let Gong Jin lead us by the nose in this battle.

[PT]: You mean… the Imperial Uncle has stepped out?

[PT]: But his forces are limited…

[PT]: How could you benefit with this?

[ZGL]: I’ll be honest with you, Shi Yuan, with or without Gong Jin’s help…

[ZGL]: I can still… crush Cao Cao!

==== black page preview ====
That night, Liu Bei’s army crossed the river,

and advanced toward Red Cliff.


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