Ravaging Times

May 8, 2014

chapter 416 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{along the shoreline of Red Cliff}

[Han Hao]: The Sun army is coming. Get ready!

{sfx: dong~ dong~ dong~}

[?]: General, something strange up the hill!

chapter 416 The Sun Army Landing

[?]: The enemy is here, General Lü, it’s an ambush!

[Lü Meng]: They’re just defenders. No need to lose our cool!
(how do I translate 自乱阵脚? “don’t become chaotic without a cause”)

[LM]: Change route according to Chief Controller’s plan- west!

[LM]: Attack the enemy’s left camp first!

[?]: The Sun army has been lured here. Archers…

[?]: Fire!

[LM]: They’re just the supporting defenders! Forward!

{sfx: ping~}

[?]: General, up there!

[?]: Whoa!

[Cao Cao]: Men of the Sun clan, dismount and surrender!

[CC]: My main army is here!

[LM]: Fuck!
(anachronistic wordplay on Cao Cao’s name, which is the same as the modern slang “fuck”)

[Yue Jin]: Men, charge down the hill and cut down the enemy!


(wordplay on sound effect! “kill” sounds like the sfx word “sha”)

{along the shoreline of Haihun}

{sfx: shoo~}

[?]: The enemy is in disarray! Keep firing!

{sfx: pong~}

[Jia Xu]: Attack their front line to block their advance.

[JX]: The tailwind won’t allow them to turn back.

[?]: Excellent.

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Advisor, Xun You’s fleet has arrived!

[Xun You]: Surround them. Let none escape!

[?]: Advisor Xun has trapped the enemy.
[?]: Lu Xun’s fleet is stuck!

[?]: Advisor, look!

[?]: Without a retreat route, they’re abandoning ship for the shore!

[JX]: Good! That should dampen their strength.
(“their strength will be greatly weakened once they move to land”)

[?]: Advisor, the infantry is ready!

[JX]: Good! Attack the Sun army that has just landed!

[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Advisor, over there!

[?]: The Sun clan’s reinforcement has arrived!

First came Lü Meng’s fleet, then Lu Xun’s. Which means…

now it’s you, Gong Jin!

[?]: Ahh! My warships! All ruined!
(“…my built warships…”)

[Zhou Yu]: Hm.
(actually an exhale)

[?]: Chief Controller, Commander Lu’s troop has moved to shore!

[?]: But… Oh no!
[?]: The Cao army on the shore

[?]: is going to attack them!

[?]: Hurry!

[?]: The Sun army is retreating to the east, General. What should we do?

[?]: We’ll cut in front of them through the woods!

[?]: Into the woods, hurry!

[?]: Chief Controller, the Cao army is cutting ahead- Lu Xun’s troop is in danger!

[?]: Chief Controller, should we take on Xun You’s fleet, or…

[ZY]: The forward flank will be the shield while our main force lands.

[?]: Wh… what?

[ZY]: We cannot lose Lu Xun.
(“lu xun must not not rescued”)

[ZY]: Go.

[?]: Can’t back down now

[JX]: Gong Jin, you’ve lost your cool.


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