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July 4, 2014

chapter 419 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Two hundred on the left, one hundred on the right!

[Xun You]: Use our new formation to block the Sun navy!

[XY]: Don’t let them get to shore!

Jia Xu, the new formation is working!

chapter 419 The Final Strike

Zhou Yu is no longer the fearsome beast!

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Cao Cao’s warships are too powerful!
[?]: We can’t break through!

[?]: Boarding units, prepare to board enemy ships by force!

[?]: Let’s go!


[?]: Commander Lu, the Chief Controller still couldn’t reach us!

[?]: And another group of enemy ships has cut through this way!

[?]: The Cao army has entered the woods, Commander Lu!

[?]: They’ll form a blockade soon!
(“…blocking our front”)

[?]: We’re running out of flat terrain to set up formation, sir. This is the only place…
(slightly distorted)

[?]: But without warhorses it’ll be tough to fend off a powerful assault!
[?]: How should we deal with this worsening scenario?

[Lu Xun]: Good old Jia Xu and his slew of killer moves.

[LX]: Have our troops regrouped yet?

[?]: Commander, Ma Xin’s troop has returned!

[?]: Ma Xin, what took you so long?

[LX]: Ma Xin, that’s…

[Ma Xin]: Even if we flee, sir, we can’t let Mister Kan Ze sink with the ship.

[?]: We risked it all to retrieve his body!

[LX]: Hm.
(“hoo”; can’t I just leave this as “hoo” from now on? It’s an exhale, so nuanced and context-dependent! And of course, one of the signature Ravages dialogs. XD)

[LX]: Men of the southeast are all expert swimmers.

[LX]: All right.

[LX]: By my command.

[LX]: We flee through the water!

[LX]: Remember, we of the southeast are all fish!

[?]: Haha, look! Lu Xun is taking to water
[?]: now that they’ve got nowhere to run!

[?]: Looks like our troop in the woods has reached position!

[?]: Advisor Jia, Lu Xun’s troop is done for!

[Jia Xu]: Yes, he’s out of ideas.

[JX]: Cao Ren’s troop has pushed inland and is heading straight for Yuzhang.
[JX]: And Xun You has also blocked the burning ships.

The scene on the river is under my control.
(“river’s everything… in my hand”)

I have defeated Lu Xun,

and kept Zhou Yu at bay.

Just one move short- this move.

[JX]: Men,

[JX]: we’ve held our breath for so long.

[JX]: At last…


The Battle of Red Cliff is won at last!

Are you excited, everyone?

[?]: Victory is exciting.

[?]: But that penultimate moment

[?]: is often when one relaxes his guard.
(“…easiest to lax…”)

[Cao Cao]: That equates to the most dangerous moment.

[CC]: Having followed me through countless battles over the years…

[CC]: who could tell me what else we should caution against?

[CC]: Who among you?
(“who could tell me”)

[CC]: Nobody?

[?]: Please enlighten us, my Lord.

[CC]: Who else?

[?]: My Lord,

[?]: I still remember the lesson from the battle of Guandu.

[?]: The strategy covered all aspects, but it still missed one flaw.

[CC]: Someone remembers. Good.

[CC]: Both with Wu in the name, whether it was Wuchao,
(“…Guandu’s Wuchao”)

[CC]: or Wulin; they were both key rations depot.
(“…Chibi’s Wulin…”)

[CC]: That’s right. Our last opponent is Liu Bei.
[?]: Yessir.

[CC]: And what makes me even happier…

[CC]: is that you’re finally betraying Zhuge Liang.

That’s why I turned a blind eye to your dealings with Zhuge Liang.

[?]: Sir! We can’t break through the Cao navy’s defenses!
[?]: Damn it- they know our strategy through and through!

[?]: Chief Controller, what now…

[?]: Chief Controller!

[?]: What should we do now?
[?]: Chief Controller, your orders, please!

[?]: Chief Controller…

[Zhou Yu]: Feeling at a loss, everyone?

[ZY]: It’s discouraging to lose.

[ZY]: Except… that penultimate moment is not yet a loss.
(if I want to be more colloquial, this would probably be “But… it’s not over until it’s over.”)

[ZY]: Because at that moment the enemy might just relax his guard.

[ZY]: Oh, Cao Cao! You have predicted my every move.

[ZY]: But I’ll be honest with you…

[ZY]: when you think you know me,

[ZY]: I still know myself better than you.
(slightly distorted?)

[ZY]: What we have before us are my river and my Red Cliff…

[ZY]: Men, now is the time we tell our enemy…

[ZY]: we fish of the southeast shall splash like a dragon!
(“river east has fish, play wave turn-into dragon”; Dragon in Chinese mythology has no wings and can move between heaven, land and water without any problems, not like Western dragons or “Sea Serpents”; again, Zhou Yu’s “yu” is homonym to “fish”)

==== black page preview ====
Here, we,
(“Yu”, wordplay on his name, see previous line; he is saying “here I come” but to make it fit flow from the previous translation tweak, I’m going to use plural, make him sound a bit humble as well)



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