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July 17, 2014

chapter 420 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Three from Zhang Zhao!
(“zhang zhao sent here three”)

[?]: Twelve from Cheng Pu!
[?]: Twenty from Huang Gai!

[?]: Move! Over there!
(“…all move there”)

chapter 420 Feint East Strike West

[?]: My Lord, the last of Cao Cao’s insiders have all been rooted out!

[Sun Quan]: Zhang Zhao was right. The greatest crisis in this battle comes not from the fighting but our own…

[SQ]: None of you would’ve given yourselves up if Huang Gai hadn’t pretended to surrender.

[?]: My Lord, the Ministry of Inspection caught one.

[?]: My Lord, it was only for the sake of brotherhood that made Zi Yu release Zhuge Liang…
(“…brothers bond deep…”)

[SQ]: I know. But your brother is important to the southeast, not to mention he possesses our military intelligence.

[Zhuge Jin]: My crime is grievous, my Lord. I deserve punishment.
(“…willing to receive punishment”)

[SQ]: Liu Bei may be our ally, but we have planned for the battle of Red Cliff down to the last detail. There mustn’t be any leaks.

[SQ]: Once returned, Zhuge Liang may change his side of the strategy and throw off our calculation.
[SQ]: It’s understandable for a brother, but as a subordinate…

[SQ]: that’s a traitorous crime!

[SQ]: Unless it was part of the strategy. Then it’s no crime at all.

[SQ]: Because… you have just lied to Kong Ming for Gong Jin.

[ZGJ]: Wha…

[SQ]: Did you think we really wanted to keep Kong Ming?

Gong Jin had accounted for your brotherly bond.

A deception must be built in layers.
(“…one pass over one pass”)

[?]: Password “chicken leg” is correct.

[?]: The token matches too.

[?]: So… how is General Xiahou’s condition?

[Zhao Yun]: He lives, but isn’t strong enough to come.

[?]: It’s urgent, sir. Please let us pass.

[?]: These are Xiahou’s men. Open the gate

{sfx: ka~}

[?]: Smooth sailing, boss.

[ZY]: Good. Take action as soon as we move through the pass.

[?]: Yessir.

[Xu Ding]: Oh Sima Yi, you sure have sold out Zhuge Liang…

[XD]: And… this “generous gift” makes me so happy.
{Xu Ding}

[XD]: I know you, boy, even if you’ve been turned to ash.

Go. We’ve been waiting for you!

[?]: Report from the pass said Liu Bei’s army is about to enter Wulin!

[?]: Hurry! Ready the ambush!

[?]: They’re coming. Prepare the eastern front!

[Xu Chu]: They, they’re coming.

[XC]: Huff… I, can, barely wait.
(“…I, already, cannot wait anymore”)

{over the river}
{sfx: shoo~}

[Xun You]: Signal the left flank to move right but keep their distance.

[XY]: Signal the middle to ram forward and split the enemy fleet in half!

[?]: Advisor Xun, bad news!

[?]: Huang Gai is not in the cabin.

[?]: And the imperial physician as well as the guards are all dead!
[?]: It must’ve been his doing.

[?]: Damn it, didn’t our insider say his legs were already…
[?]: Yes, he couldn’t have gone far.

[XY]: You all… have been really careless.

[?]: Advisor Xun, look over there!

[?]: Yes, the shore, look toward the shore!
[?]: Yes I see it too!

[?]: Advisor, there, near the shore!

[XY]: What?

[?]: There’s a support team!

Oh my!

Such long distance…

An old and stabled warhorse still longs to gallop far and wide; just like an aged noble man who never abandons his proud aspirations.
(alternative version:
Long in the pen the old steed stays,
Yet recalls its running days,
A hero blest with senior years
Aims high, strives hard dismissing fears.)

A masterful Delusive Injury!
(thanks to reader suggestion)

He has managed to see all of our ship formation.

And he has also made me realize one thing…

The people of the southeast are all like fish.

Fishes swim in the water…

Fishes are in the water!

[?]: General Wen, there are no more enemies in the water!

[Wen Ping]: Impossible. How could there be so few?

[WP]: Drowned bodies should float to the surface too!

[?]: General, they’re really gone!

[?]: Wen Ping, that means…

[WP]: Damn it, I was wondering why they delayed the fire attack until nighttime…

Yes. It’s harder to see them at night.

They have made it to shore in the cover of the night.

Having passed the blockade, they have moved far inland…


There are fishes in the southeast.

[?]: We’re here, master Jiang.
[?]: Good. Get on land!

[?]: Why so slow? What happened to your training?

[?]: Master Jiang, the five troops ahead of us have all reached their landing position!

[Jiang Qin]: We’ve bypassed all the obstacles since the Cao army couldn’t get a clear view in the dark.

[JQ]: Good. The fake attack was a success.

[JQ]: Change into the Cao army uniform

[JQ]: and remember to carry petroleum.
(what’s an archaic term for natural oil drilled from the ground? “oil” is too vague)

[JQ]: Listen up, Liu Bei’s troop will reach the east of Wulin and lure away the ambush.

[JQ]: And during that chaos we’re to sneak into the rations depot.

[JQ]: To Wulin, everyone!
(“…toward wu lin march forward”)
[?]: Yessir!


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