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July 24, 2014

July 2014 Author Q&A

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Chen Mou talks the Red Cliff intrigue

Q: Now that we’re at Red Cliff, how much of “Ravages” has been completed?
A: About half, since there’s still the Wuzhang Plains after Red Cliff. It’s going to be a different story after Red Cliff, what with the next generation of Handicapped Warriors.

Q: In the new release Liaoyuan Huo tells his lord that “Fire Attack” will commence. Why such a concept?
A: There were quite a few campaigns in China’s history that used fire as a strategy. Liaoyuan Huo does a lot of secret missions for Liu Bei. The “Fire Attack” that you saw was merely the beginning. There are many more steps to go before we hit the core of the campaign.

Q: Red Cliff was a huge loss for Cao Cao. What’s the trick in this?
A: Cao Cao will lose, as I won’t change history. As for what trickery is involved… sorry but no comment (grin). Defeat is defeat, but even so, Cao Cao still came out strong, because he controlled much of China.

Q: What historical event will accompany Handicapped Warriors Next Gen?
A: The main plot line will be on Zhuge Liang and his battle of wits against Sima Yi. Plus there will be bad-blood drama between Liaoyuan Huo and Sima Yi.

Q: Members of the original Handicapped Warriors have died one by one. How will you develop this story?
A: First of all, Liaoyuan Huo will remain. The protagonist will pop up here and there, just like in “Storm Riders”. It’ll be about Zhao Yun, since his time to shine is after Red Cliff.

Q: So this old running gag again- who’s the Eighth Genius?
A: Can’t reveal that just yet. I’ve actually been drawing him, but he’s still masked! He’s just a little two-bit paper-pusher who hasn’t landed a job yet (grin)…

Q: You’re using “two-bit paper-pusher” to describe the Eighth?
A: Even the best needs to be noticed by the right person. At that time the “right person” would be one of the warlords. Eighth Genius or not, he still only has his small role to play during that era.
(use any analogy that means “being plucked out of obscurity and into the limelight”, getting recruited by NBA, NFL, Hollywood, etc.).

Q: Is there anything you can reveal about him?
A: Eh… all right. Eighth Genius is about to enter the scene. I will use him to unravel all the schemes in the battle of Red Cliff, for he can see through all the intricacies. To put it simply, we’re only seeing the surface of the campaign. Even the dumbest strategist would suggest a fire attack. Those of Zhuge Liang’s level will of course have deeper considerations.

Q: Have you thought about taking a break after drawing “Ravages” for over ten years?
A: Break time is pretty much going home after work. I can’t just rest any time I want since I’ve got pages to turn in. The work is not really tough anyway.

Q: Pressure from boss?…
A: No pressure. Taking care of baby is harder…

Q: In recent years there have been political satire done using your artwork. How do you feel about that?
A: In some ways I’ve been doing the same thing (grin). If they find the pages fitting for their message, I don’t mind.

Q: Aren’t you afraid of political censorship?
A: But it’s not my intention. I think the readers of “Ravages” are mature people. This series has always been critical of the society and the Confucius teachings of that era, and it’s no surprise when it’s being used [for criticism] that way (?). Of course, I also know they’re using the scanned version (grin)…
(is he taking a jab at the fandom? :P)


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