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July 31, 2014

chapter 421 (magazine syndication, not final)

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One by one, strategies were played.


{crumbling sfx}

[?]: The front walls have crumbled too-

[?]: Men! Storm the city!

chapter 421 Suspenseful Steps
(“step-by-step startling heart” ~ “each step is fraught with suspense”)

[Xu Huang]: Xu Huang’s troop rejoins the main force!

[XH]: Hurry up, this is slower than expected!

[XH]: Where is General Cao Ren?

[?]: Master Ren, Xu Huang’s troop has arrived!

[Cao Ren]: Gong Ming, how’s the situation?
{Xu Huang’s courtesy name is Gong Ming}

[XH]: Half of our forces have already entered the city.
[CR]: But the fighting’s still fierce…
(“…defending still intense…”)

{sfx: cha~}

[CR]: Gong Ming,
[XH]: Here.

[CR]: see that highest point in the city?

[CR]: I want you to lead a unit up there and watch the enemy’s movements.

[CR]: Report back to me on anything suspicious.
[XH]: Yessir, understood.

[XH]: Even you think something strange is going on?

[CR]: If their morale still holds in this state, I’m afraid…

[?]: Master Ren, look out!

{sfx: pa~}

[CR]: …that the Sun army may have a backup plan.

[XH]: Speed is vital in war. I’m on it.

[CR]: This siege took longer than expected.

[CR]: And yours is not the only troop that arrived late.





[?]: Master Liao, we’ve taken the walls to the right!
[?]: The left one is down too, Master Liao!

[?]: Huff.

{sfx: zing~}

[Zhang Liao]: Your troop is finished. Why won’t you retreat?

[ZL]: Are you content to die like this?

[Gan Ning]: Ah, are you afraid to fight me?

[ZL]: What?

[ZL]: Like I would?


[ZL]: Do you know who I am?

{sfx: shoo~}

One by one, tactics were played.

[Water Mirror]: What do you think, Eighth?

[8th]: I see…

[WM]: You are the best at astronomy among the Eight Geniuses.

[WM]: How would you plan the attack if it was you?

{sfx: ta}

[8th]: My seven senior classmates all know what I know.

[8th]: Red Cliff is fought with fire in the easterly wind. But that’s just the topic.

[8th]: Military maneuvering is all about who could deceive the other.

[8th]: Fifth shixiong wants to deceive third shixiong.
(“shixiong” ~ male upperclassman)
[8th]: And third shixiong used that to lure fifth shixiong.

[WM]: Gong Jin used Kan Ze as bait.

[8th]: Jia Xu used insiders as the hook.

[8th]: Cao Cao is the Loyalist who supported His Majesty. This made him admirable to the Han Loyalist in the southeast.
[8th]: No matter how skilled fifth shixiong is, he won’t be able to uproot all the changing hearts in the southeast.

[?]: Then… if Gong Jin wants to win…

[8th]: I think…

[8th]: he will sacrifice Liu Bei for the sake of his strategy.

[8th]: Jia Xu could never have guessed that Zhou Yu played a sickening Yes-Man.

[WM]: So… the political marriage between Liu Bei and the Sun clan was also a smoke screen?

[8th]: It seems like solidarity, but it’s actually a move to fatten the bait.

[?]: Eighth master, you mean Gong Jin has been using Kong Ming all along?

[?]: Master, they’re here.

{sfx: riders sfx}

[WM]: This campaign really does involve countless next steps.

[WM]: Gong Jin’s strategy may be powerful…

[WM]: but don’t forget that everyone else is calculating too.

[?]: Sorry to have kept you waiting, master Water Mirror.

[8th]: Yes. Seventh shixiong is no easy mark.
(some translated the saying as “so-and-so is a real piece of work”)

[WM]: I did not expect to see this match turn into a three-sided conflict.

[8th]: It takes more unpredictable factors to deal with Cao Cao…

[8th]: This strategy…

[8th]: has really opened my eyes!


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