Ravaging Times

August 21, 2014

chapter 422 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: The Sun navy is changing their formation!

[?]: Sir! The Sun navy has turned about!

[?]: Look at their formation!

[?]: Haha, finally, beating a retreat!
(“…finally about to ring [retreat] bell”)

chapter 422 The Second Round of Fire

[?]: They’re withdrawing! We finally defeated Zhou Yu’s fleet!

[?]: A large gap appeared in the enemy’s left flank! Just like we hoped!

[?]: We the right flank will proceed with the attack!

{bell sfx: don! don!}

{sfx: don!}

[?]: Chief Controller, there are ten or so ships that couldn’t keep up!

[?]: Cao Cao’s right fleet has locked on to them!

[Zhou Yu]: There are more turning room downstream, that’s where we’ll change formation!

[ZY]: Tell the supply ships at the rear to get ready!

[?]: Chief Controller, you want… want to do what again…

[ZY]: You insisted on coming along, didn’t you?

[?]: No… please no!

[?]: Zhou Yu’s fleet is fleeing at full speed!
[?]: Our left flank is in hot pursuit!

[Xun You]: Our main fleet should follow too!

[?]: Advisor, their ships are splitting up!

[XY]: Don’t worry. The stream is wider up ahead, and their division
[XY]: means the Sun navy is definitely on the run.

[XY]: We shall split into three flanks, and ours will go for the middle.

[?]: Advisor Xun, a messenger!

[?]: Advisor Xun, General Wen Ping sent word!

[XY]: What happened?

[?]: Huang Gai’s fleet was a feint, the Sun navy…

[?]: The Sun navy reached the shore from under the water!

Under the water?!

[?]: What is Wen Ping playing at?

[?]: What does an underwater landing mean?
[?]: Are they fishes?

[?]: Advisor Xun, the Sun navy has changed formation again!

[?]: Look, they split into left and right flanks!
(“…directly” huh? what? let me look at this later)

[?]: That would slow themselves down… What’re they planning to do?

They’re not running…

They’re not running!


[?]: Make way! Make way!

[XY]: Make way!

This position…

their rear…

has tailwind. The wider stream, and our dividing into three flanks, that means…

[?]: Advisor Xun, the enemy has split up, but…


No! It’s fire!

The Sun navy is lighting their rear flank…

[?]: Our supply ships in the rear have all been lit!
[?]: All crew have abandoned ship!

Yes. They’ve finally fallen for it.

{sfx: pa~}

[ZY]: All right. I hereby give you permission to scold me!
(translation suggestion by reader princewenyuan and Chortle)

[?]: Fuck you Zhou Yu, do you know-
(translation suggestion by reader princewenyuan and Chortle)
[?]: how hard it was for me to make those ships?
(translation suggestion by reader princewenyuan and Chortle)

{fire sfx: shoom~}

[?]: The Sun navy is fast with the help of tailwind!

[XY]: Block those ships! Don’t let them pass!

[?]: It’s no use! The river is too wide, and our three fleets are too far apart!

[?]: Their burning ships have bypassed us!

[?]: They’re heading for our rear flank!

[?]: Advisor, th… that…

It’s too late…

Right now Jia Xu’s troop is in the woods behind us…

[?]: Boss, that smoke…

[?]: Don’t worry, nothing’s burning in the woods!

[?]: No! The smoke is from…

the river!

That… that many!

East wind, still the easterly wind.

Fire, still the blazing fire.

But it’s not to burn Red Cliff. Instead…

[ZY]: Listen up. First we eliminate Jia Xu.

[ZY]: Then we kill Xun You.


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