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September 4, 2014

chapter 423 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{capital city at Xu}

[?]: Under the cloud-filled sky, a dragon circles the palace…
(don’t know if the dragon is singular or plural)

[?]: Should this be recorded as history, Secretariat?

[?]: Sigh. It’s almost like an homage to the records under the Grand Ancestor.
(“…not much different”)

chapter 423 The Reveal
(“strategy’s truth”)

[Xun Yu]: Except, such hyperbole.
(“too exaggerated”)

[Liu Ye]: Accounts of an Emperor’s inauguration always included auspicious omens in the form of celestial events.
{Liu Ye}
[LY]: Unremarkable.

{Imperial Secretariat, Xun Yu}
[XY]: His Majesty never believed in these things, why now…

[LY]: Too bad this illusionist for His Majesty has quite a reputation.
(“just blame he-who-boast-for-emperor, has significant background”)

[XY]: The Great Immortal Zuo…

[XY]: you have certainly delighted His Majesty.

[?]: Zuo Ci the Immortal’s predictions have all been verified.
[?]: He has been popular in the capital for years. It’s no wonder for the Imperial clan to be taken by him.

[XY]: Haha, this crafty Taoist knows a trick or two.

[XY]: But those who follow that path tend to harbor evil intentions…

[?]: Sir!

[?]: Here are my findings, Imperial Secretariat.

[?]: You were right about a group of Yellow Turban officers joining the Yuan clan.

[?]: And that they joined our side after the battle of Guandu.

[LY]: Secretariat Xun, our Qingzhou regimen was also born of the Yellow Turbans.

[?]: With the crisis being over, the Imperial court has long since dropped the case against them.

[XY]: However, the people on this list are all confidants of the Yuan clan.

[LY]: Do you suspect…

[?]: These four men command the northern troops. Recently they were ordered to reinforce the south.

[?]: The day after tomorrow, they will pass by the capital to resupply.

[?]: I’ve only managed to find information on their identities yesterday.

[?]: Hm.
(not sure, I can’t see in the photo version)

[XY]: Guo Jia may be gone, but even his plan goes as far as Red Cliff.

[XY]: Let alone that man’s plan…

[XY]: Record keeper, look up anyone who has made recent contact with His Majesty!
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Imperial Secretariat, do you mean…

My, my. He has finally shown himself!

{Haihun, shore}

[?]: Commander Lu, look! The entire shore is on fire!

{sfx: shoom~}

Half of Zhou Yu’s main fleet are warships filled with flammable straw racks and tallow oil.

The fire will ride the wind…

When we use fleeing troops as bait, Jia Xu will pursue us through the woods.

The burning ships will crash onto shore like waves- forming a blockade like a flaming dragon.
Splash like a dragon, indeed!
(refers back to chapter 419)


[?]: Cao Cao’s men can’t stand the fire anymore. They’re heading into the water!

[Lu Xun]: Good. We’ll have the upper hand again in water! Engage!
(“…in the water, again it’s our world…”)

[Ma Xin]: Help me protect mister Kan’s body. I’m going to…

[LX]: Ma Xin!

[LX]: Put down that corpse. He’s only…

[LX]: a signal.

[MX]: What the hell do you mean, sir?
(“…what nonsense…”)

{sfx: ta}

[Kan Ze]: Apologies for having worried you all.

[?]: M… Master Kan, but we had just heard the Cao army’s announcement of your execution…

[KZ]: That’s because my executioner was also my savior.

[?]: Haha, feeling discontent at all?

[Water Mirror]: Because you couldn’t imagine being a mere pawn for Zhou Yu.

[KZ]: Yes. The epiphany only came to me in prison.

[KZ]: We were surrounded by opportunists who bet on Cao Cao’s victory.

[KZ]: Cao Cao would have been notified very quickly of our every move.

[Eighth]: As observant as he is, Cao Cao has long seen through the machination of the southeast.

[Eighth]: Unfortunately for us, we won’t be able to watch Master Kan’s “perfect performance”.

[KZ]: Except even I couldn’t have foreseen that their final move
[KZ]: would involve him.

[WM]: That classmate of yours?

[KZ]: Yes, and on behalf of Gong Jin and Kong Ming…

[KZ]: I must apologize for our collusion with an arch-rival of yours.

[?]: Who is Master Kan’s classmate?
[Eighth]: That’s Master Kan’s secret.

[KZ]: Hahaha, it’s brilliant! They even fooled me.

[WM]: I can’t believe Yuan Fang’s lasting strategy is still in play…

[KZ]: Yes. He… still holds a grudge on Guo Jia.
(“…still deeply bite on Guo Jia”)

And the one to push the wheel into motion…

is a man more treacherous than a military advisor.

[Sima Yi]: Great Immortal, your classmate is safe.
[SMY]: The way you handled the fake Kan Ze allowed him a flawless performance.

[Zuo Ci]: My medical skill-set made this an easy task. I just didn’t expect someone else to benefit from it.

[SMY]: Businessmen thrive on treachery. Rescuing Hua Tuo was merely to diversify my investment and make Cao Cao lower his guard.

[ZC]: Hahaha, so what’s your plan, treacherous businessman?
[SMY]: Zhao Yun was the bait, but the burning of Wulin was to cover Jiang Qin’s troop.

[SMY]: Zhuge Liang received my map and took a detour into Cao Cao’s areas of influence.

[ZC]: Excellent.

[ZC]: My four secret students are heading south toward the Xu capital to resupply.

[ZC]: They will initiate an attack on the capital as soon as they hear news of Cao Cao’s defeat at Red Cliff.

[ZC]: But most importantly, are our co-conspirators in the palace ready for this?

[SMY]: Don’t worry, Great Immortal, Ma Teng’s faction has long been prepared to regain control.

[SMY]: And as for you, haven’t you just delighted His Majesty?

[ZC]: Haha, thanks, Zhong Da.

[ZC]: Having defected for all these years,

[ZC]: Lord Yuan, Fang-er…
(“-er” suffix to a given name is an affectionate way of calling someone)

[ZC]: I have finally avenged your deaths!


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