Ravaging Times

September 18, 2014

chapter 424 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{main encampment at Wulin}

[?]: Liu Bei’s raiders have been defeated!

[?]: The remaining enemy troop has fled, and three of our units are moving to intercept!

[?]: We’ve also blocked the enemy’s retreat route!

[?]: Gather everyone from the camp!

chapter 424 Stepwise Counteroffensive

{flag reads: Xu}
[?]: We’ve pushed them into the back hills.

[Xu Ding]: The impregnability of the back woods make it the perfect terrain to lay an ambush.
{sfx: pa}

[XD]: Listen up! Assemble two units so we may surround the enemy in the woods!

[XD]: Their vanguard have arrive first, and soon the scouting forces will get here too.
(not sure what 侯军 means, and syntax-wise not sure whose troop it is! Or it may be a typo, and meant to say “Xiahou’s troop”?)

[XD]: The rest of you should head out and annihilate Liu Bei!

[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Cao Cao’s men won’t let up the chase!

[?]: Proceed according to plan- retreat into the woods, hurry!

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Th… that far?

[?]: Cao Cao’s men have caught up!

[?]: Stay calm and retreat faster!

{sfx: sou~}

{sfx: pa~}

[Zhao Yun]: It’s too late. Go! I’ll be rear guard!

[?]: Be careful, General Zhao!


You’re here!


{sfx: sou~}

{sfx: cha~}

[ZY]: Hoo!

[Xu Chu]: Huff!

[ZY]: Come at me!

[Xu Chu]: Come!



[?]: Has the Sun army retreated yet?

[?]: No, and they’re more into the fight all of a sudden!

[Cao Ren]: A rout is like a landslide… but instead… they…

[?]: Master Ren, if the Sun army won’t fall back, maybe it’s because they’re expecting reinforcement.
[CR]: Perhaps. But the way things look now, I think Sun Quan has lied to them.

[?]: Master Ren, Xu Huang is signaling us!

[?]: One yellow, two green… that… that means…

[?]: Enemy reinforcement is over twenty thousand?

[?]: Sun… Sun clan’s reinforcement is here!

[Xu Huang]: They’ve lit their torches on purpose to show their troops in the city!

[XH]: Notify Cao Ren that I’ll be setting up defenses right here!

[CR]: We may have more men, but a drawn out battle leads to fatigue.

[CR]: Now that they have more manpower, that’s bad news for us.

[?]: Master Ren, we heard that the main force of the Sun army is at Red Cliff, so how could there be twenty thousand here?

Twenty thousand…

Unless… half of Zhou Yu’s ships are empty?

{sfx: pa}

[Gan Ning]: Huff… huff…

[Zhang Liao]: I’ll ask again, do you know who I am?

[GN]: Huff… save your breath.

[ZL]: I’m Great Han’s number one General Zhang Liao!

[ZL]: Burn that into your memory!
(“I want you tightly remember”)

[GN]: Fine!

{sfx: pong~}

[GN]: Huff… Zhang Liao, eh? …Sounds so grandiose…
(“…loud bell-ringing name…”)

[GN]: Except, I also forgot… to tell you…

[GN]: I… Gan Ning-

[GN]: Grrr!

[GN]: love killing a big name!
(“…famous person”)


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