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October 3, 2014

chapter 425 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Sir! Cao Cao’s main force has completely cut off the hills from the outside!
(“report! …layers-upon-layers surrounded”)

[?]: We have nowhere left to retreat to!

[?]: Our tactic worked.

chapter 425 Counterattack On Cao Cao

[Lü Meng]: We’ve lured the Cao army to quite a distance!

[?]: About face! Prepare to engage the enemy!

{cavalry movement sfx}

[Yue Jin]: Lü Meng’s army is turning about. Ready our formations!

[?]: General Yue, the outpost on the hill is signaling us!

[?]: Why a retreat signal when we’ve got the upper hand?
[?]: Right, the Sun army is practically within our grasp…

[?]: Could it… could it be…

could it be…

[?]: To our southwest, the outpost there is signaling us too?
(I don’t know what 长廊 is referring to)

[?]: Sir! Yu Jin’s troop is already retreating!
(“…first withdraw”)

All of the outposts are sending signals. That means…

it’s Wulin!

Something is wrong at the main encampment!

[?]: Multiple fires broke out in the east camp. Hurry there first!

[?]: What happened to the guards here?
[?]: Since the news of fire up north, they’ve been dispatched to fetch water!

[?]: Damn it our deployment plan has gone to shit!
(“…all disarray”)

{burning sfx: shoom~}

By dusk, Cao Cao’s main camp at Wulin was under an arson attack.

The flames spread by riding the tailwind. Soon the camp was a sea of fire.

[?]: The wind is too strong. We can’t save the rations depot!

[?]: Have the arsonists been caught?

[?]: No. We don’t know how they got in!
(“…from where sneaked in”)

[?]: Is it the Yanzhou fifth camp?
[?]: Is it Xu Chu’s troop of the eighth camp?

[?]: Strange. Didn’t we meet your troop just then?
[?]: And they told us to go support the north gate!

[?]: Support? We’ve been ordered not to leave our post!

{sfx: ta}

[?]: General Jiang Qin, the last target has been burned too!

[Jiang Qin]: Where’s unit two?

[?]: Unit two has completed its mission, and they’ve infiltrated Cao Cao’s army for their next assignment!

[JQ]: Good. Notify Zhuge Liang immediately.

[?]: Then… should we “lie” or tell the truth?

[JQ]: Our insiders are no longer of use. No trick this time,

[JQ]: tell them the truth.

Our combined counter-offensive is poised to start!

[?]: First Kan Ze, then Huang Gai, and followed by Zhuge Jin.

[?]: Three layers of schemes fooled no one but our own…

[?]: And who would’ve expected… that those southeastern men with ulterior motives… were actually useful pawns.

[?]: Except… we had to deceive our colleagues and my brother…

[Zhuge Liang]: Haha, such cruel schemes will teach me and Gong Jin not to step foot in the southeast again.

[Guan Yu]: But, I really couldn’t have imagined it to turn out like this…

[ZGL]: What’s on your mind, second master?

[GY]: Not even the bottom-rung military minds would fall for this easterly wind scheme, yet Cao Cao did.
(“…military advisors…”)

[GY]: That’s the greatest humiliation to Cao Cao!

[GY]: But I’m still thinking…

[ZGL]: Yes. The next move is coming.

[GY]: So, what’s going to happen at Huarong?

[ZGL]: Haha.

[ZGL]: Rest assured, second master. It’ll rival Red Cliff.


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