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October 16, 2014

chapter 426 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: The Sun army has begun their siege through the eight gaps in the walls!

[Xu Huang]: Hold your ground! They must not be allowed to enter!

{sfx: shoo~}

chapter 426 Reclaim the Long River


[?]: We just lost the eastern quarter!
(“city east…”)

[?]: The vanguards will hold off Cao Cao’s men!

{Zhu Zhi}
[Zhu Zhi]: Han Dang, let’s rendezvous with Cheng Pu inside the city!
{Han Dang}

[?]: Sir! The Sun army’s vanguard is smashing into us like they’re splitting bamboo!
[?]: Sir! The right side has been breached as well!

[Cao Ren]: Any news of our reinforcements?

[?]: The sentry reports that they were held off by the Sun army in the valley!

[?]: Master Ren, this fresh group of enemy soldiers are just entering battle.
[?]: Our exhausted men are no match for their vigor!

How did they manage to hinder our reinforcements, unless…

something happened to Jia Xu’s main force!?

{sfx: shoom~}

{Red Cliff}

[?]: Sir, the wind is turning. But… but the flames…
[?]: are moving toward our retreat route!

[?]: Advisor, we may be too late!

[?]: What’s next, Advisor?

{sfx: pong!}

[Jia Xu]: The corners of hillside, the twisting paths, the direction of the fire, the flammability of vegetation, accurate to the hilt…
(“…all calculated correctly”)

[JX]: Zhou Yu’s “ship-made” wall of fire flawlessly covered the entire area…

[JX]: And we were lured in far too deep by Lu Xun!

[?]: Our troops are in disarray, Advisor. Many of the men are fleeing to the shore!

[?]: Oh no! That… that would…

[JX]: The fire has caused the men to become unmanageable…

[JX]: Oh no, Xun You’s side is already being affected…

{the Long River}

[?]: Zhou Yu’s fleet is returning again!

[Xun You]: Maintain formation and we’ll be fine!

[XY]: Hold them off, just like last time!

{sfx: woo~}

{sfx: woo~}

[?]: The enemy is within arrow’s range!

[?]: Sir! Xun You’s fleet is using the same formation as last time!

[?]: Chief Controller, do we follow suit?

[Zhou Yu]: Of course, but this time the outcome will be different!

Because the wall of fire has begun to show its effect!

[?]: Commander Xun, we’re over here!

[?]: Advisor, look at the shore…

[?]: A large group of our troops are swarming to the shore!

[?]: They… they’re Jia Xu’s troop that was trapped by the fire!

[?]: There are so many of them, and they’re all rushing to the shore!

[?]: What do we do, Advisor Xun?

{sfx: pong~}

[XY]: We can’t let them be devoured by the flames…

[XY]: Send half of our fleet to rescue them!

[?]: Advisor, our defenses might not hold if we lose half of the ships!
[?]: We’ll be handing over the river to the Sun clan!

[XY]: Jia Xu’s main force must be saved.

[XY]: If they are finished, our troops at Yuzhang will be isolated…

and then Cao Ren will be the next to fall!

[?]: Sir! Cao Cao’s fleet is changing formation!

Correct move, Xun You!
(“…correct decision”)
{sfx: pa}

[ZY]: Listen up! Cao Cao’s fleet is weakened.

[ZY]: We shall reclaim the Long River before dawn!


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