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November 13, 2014

chapter 428 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{the Xu capitol}

[?]: The scouts just returned. They spotted troops ahead!

[?]: They’re at the western bend, behind the woods, and halfway up the hills!
(“left corner, woods back, mountain waist, all have”)

[?]: Their numbers are small. They must be scouting for station grounds!
(not sure about the last part)

chapter 428 The King of Decisive Strategy

[?]: They’re here a day earlier than we predicted.

[Xun Yu]: Lock the gates and keep a close watch on every clan in the city.

[?]: Secretariat Xun, I have enacted curfew to cease all activities.

[XY]: The insiders won’t act now because their goal is to assist an attack.

[?]: Not bad.

[Cao Zhi]: Secretariat Xun does indeed make prompt decisions.

[XY]: Your cooperation made everything simpler, Young Master.

{Cao Cao’s fourth son, Cao Zhi}
[CZ]: Have you received my list of suspects?

[?]: Yes. I have already passed it on to the Ministry of Investigation.

[XY]: Your list has definitely saved us a lot of effort.

[CZ]: Please pay extra attention to the second batch of names on that list.

[XY]: Yes, I understand.

[?]: The garrison for the outer camp has arrived!
[?]: Transfers from the south have also arrived!

[?]: Secretariat Xun…
[XY]: Speak.

[?]: According to my investigations, the named individuals do indeed raise suspicion. However, those on the second batch…

[XY]: I know. Most of them are Young Master Pi’s confidants.

[?]: If we were to investigate them, honestly I’m afraid Young Master Pi would…

[XY]: Yes. We would be in a difficult position if Young Master Pi takes issue with this.

[XY]: But if we do nothing, it will be troublesome when something does go wrong.

[XY]: Things are becoming more and more complicated.

A grown man will have goals. Except…

this is not the time for brothers to fight among themselves.

[?]: Brothers may quarrel at home. Outside, they never fight alone. Or so says the poem.
(alternative translation of the poem)

[?]: Therefore you should focus on the rebels outside, Secretariat,

[?]: and leave the rest to us servants.

[XY]: You’re dismissed.
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: Yes. Let’s discuss secrets in secret.

[?]: Someone is indeed trying to eliminate our Lord during this crisis.

[XY]: As if your behavior isn’t suspicious at all.

[?]: It sounds like you have forgotten my duty, Secretariat.

[?]: The flames are heading this way!
[?]: Pull back further!

[?]: My Lord, these troops are supposed to be Wulin’s defenses!

[?]: That… that means… Wulin…

[?]: Wulin… is finished!

[Cao Cao]: Underestimating the enemy…

[CC]: How could I have forgotten…

[CC]: He was right. I would actually make…

[CC]: the most rudimentary mistake there is!

[CC]: Cheng Yu, I will be the laughing stock of the world.

[Cheng Yu]: Yes. And our heightened morale that we’ve cultivated over hundreds of battle is no more!
{Cao Cao’s military councilor, Cheng Yu}

[CY]: Yes. The world will also realize that the Prime Minister is not unbeatable!

[CY]: Yes. We shall face an even greater crisis than ever before!

[CY]: This… is what our enemy wants to prove to the world!

[CY]: My Lord, their stepwise baiting strategy was indeed impossible to guard against.

[CY]: And the nail to the coffin was Sun clan’s unimaginable skills in naval warfare.

[CC]: Then… do we have a counter-strategy?

[CY]: Our divisions all had counter-strategies. By now, however, we’ve all been led by the nose.

[?]: Except for one that they couldn’t account for.

[CC]: They couldn’t account for… a contingency plan!
(“calculate out…”)

[?]: So, the contingency plan is to use spy.

[?]: Then… who do you think it is?

{Yang Xiu}
[Yang Xiu]: Sima Yi!

[YX]: He… had betrayed our Lord.

[YX]: You may think, Secretariat, that I’m framing Young Master Pi’s supporter to raise Young Master Zhi’s status.

[YX]: Actually, all I know is that someone got close to Young Master Pi

[YX]: in order to plant seeds for future success.
(“…goal is to arrange own people inside, for future’s great undertaking paving road”)

[YX]: I knew his intention, so I joined his ploy.

[YX]: Besides colluding with him, my goal was also to probe the amount of intelligence he has gathered.

[YX]: In the end I couldn’t fish out a single piece of evidence. He’s one clever son of a bitch, I must admit.
(“…this man/boy clever top-most”; curse word is my addition for tone emphasis)

[YX]: And he has climbed up the power ladder through shrewdness alone. Until my recent discovery of his connection to Zuo Ci…

[YX]: Pit primary strategy against primary strategy; and contingency against contingency.

[YX]: Using both primary and contingency strategies has always been master’s technique of accounting for every scenario.

[YX]: And I have always been the executor of his contingency plan…

From Guandu, to now Red Cliff, that fact has never changed.

[Guo Jia]: Yang Xiu, if a loss at Red Cliff confounds all of our military minds…

[GJ]: proceed with my contingency plan.

[YX]: Master, why not eliminate Sima Yi and be done with this future threat?

[GJ]: No, you must get close to him, because…

[GJ]: I… intend to foreshadow our Lord’s unification of the world!


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