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November 28, 2014

chapter 429 (magazine syndication, not final)

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When a person is full of themselves, they tend to devote all of their energy to certain things

and forget all about some others.

[?]: The Sun army presence is growing. We can’t hold this ground!
That is called “underestimating the enemy.”

[?]: The fighting at the gates is still quite intense.

[?]: Our main troop has pulled out, but General Zhang Liao is still here!

chapter 429 Outside They Never Fight Alone
(“outside defend against insults”; this translation is based on a reader’s version of the poetry quotation from 428; the implication is that “brothers” fight together when faced with a common enemy, here brothers could be blood-relatives or brothers-in-arm)

[Gan Ning]: Forgotten that severe injury, have you?

[Zhang Liao]: Forgotten that I’m more skilled, have you?
(“…technique not as good as mine…”)

Yes, all forgotten.
(“forgotten, everything forgotten”)

For the blood has turned into a strong liquor-

numbing the better judgment.

[ZL]: You… forgot?

[GN]: Save your breath, why don’t you!
(“I advise you, spare a breath of air”)

Fierce battle?

Or drunk on the rush?
(wordplay lost in translation)

{sfx: cha~}

The wound has long since stopped hurting.

Driven by frenzy, moving according to instinct.


But Gan Ning…

it’s time for you to retire!

Only the strong shall remain after the feast…

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: No, he’s…

[Ling Tong]: mine!

{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: pa}


this is no place for you.

[ZL]: Your name.

[LT]: Ling Tong.

[ZL]: A descendent of the southeastern Ling clan?

[LT]: Yes. I have never forgotten-

[LT]: this, father’s killer-

[LT]: this Gan Ning who killed my father Ling Cao.

[LT]: Vengeance permeates my every thought.
(“I at all times think about exacting revenge”)

[LT]: Let me tell you, however,

[LT]: that I kept another principle close to heart.
(“…remember another principle”)

[LT]: That is, whoever serves the Sun clan

[LT]: is also a brother I value the most.
(“…also my most important brother”)

[LT]: Brothers may quarrel at home. But outside, they never fight alone.

[LT]: The greater good takes precedence over all else!

[LT]: I… have always maintained a clear head.

[LT]: Stand up, Gan Ning!

{sfx: pa}

The greater good has already taken precedence over everything.

Those who fall will get back up.

I feel, at this moment…

a longing for the support that will always keep me standing.

Except it’s an empty dream.

The wound suddenly shivers without inhibition.

The pain awakens me-

yanking me back into reality.
(“cruelly pull back to reality”)

Pragmatism returns with the awakening.

In complete sobriety, I speak.
(“I extremely calmly say one sentence”)

[ZL]: My brothers, let’s retreat!

The Cao army systematically withdrew by early morning, allowing the Sun army to reclaim Yuzhang.

Through defeat, they begin to recall what they have forgotten.

When everyone was drunk on the total victory at Guandu, there was a set of schemes that became neglected.

And these schemes are now keeping the tide steady while waiting for an opportunity to retaliate.


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