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December 11, 2014

chapter 430 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: The Sun army has landed!

[?]: We can’t hold this ground…

[?]: Full retreat!

chapter 430 The Contingency Plan Initiates

Cao Cao withdrew from Red Cliff in November of year 208.

[?]: Sir! The Cao army’s rear guards have finally pulled out!

[?]: Their main camps at Red Cliff have fallen into our hands!

[Sun Quan]: Thanks to everyone’s hard work!
(“everyone” is not part of the syntax, but either that or “you” may be implied)

[?]: The Cao rebels’ confidence has hit rock bottom. This is the perfect time for us to expand our territory.

[?]: Up for more fighting, my brothers of the southeast?
(“…still able to”)

(sounds more like “huh”)

[?]: Excellent! Full advance to kill the rebel Cao!

[?]: Our Lord will join the fight!

Father, brother. We’ve succeeded.

Really truly succeeded!

[?]: The lookouts from the left hills have also sent signal…

[?]: Wulin is in trouble!

[?]: Listen up, we’re to retreat!

[?]: General Xu, we’re retreating!

[Xu Ding]: Chu, you go first! I…

[Xu Chu]: No, I, won’t go!
(“…not retreat”)

[?]: Generals, this is no time to let emotions make your decision!

[XD]: It’ll just take a little more…

{sfx: ckang~}
(instead of pinyin “dang”)

[XC]: Yes, he, is, done!

[?]: General Xu!


[Zhao Yun]: Finish me…?

[ZY]: by the likes of you?


{sfx: clang~}

[ZY]: Dismount!

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: pa}

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Dismount.

[XC]: You, too.

[XC]: Brother, look!

[?]: Sorry we’re late!

[Liu Bei]: Zi Long, how are you faring?
(“…still able to”, colloquially I’d translate this to be “bro, you got this?” XD This actually echos what the Sun army officer said earlier, but the translation doesn’t sound right to me, or maybe you can suggest a better line that will work in both situations?)

[ZY]: No help needed. I’ll take care of these two myself.

[LB]: Third brother, Zi Long has surpassed you…

[Zhang Fei]: Oh yeah?

{sfx: pong~}

[ZF]: You dared me, big brother,
(“big brother your *&#@ provoke-general tactic, really useful”)

[ZF]: and damn is it effective!
(emphasis mine)

[ZF]: Zhang Fei’s troop, engage!

{upstream of Red Cliff}

[?]: Sir! Wen Ping’s troop has rendezvoused with ours!
[?]: Over five hundred wall-ships have been abandoned!

[?]: Sir! Jia Xu’s scattered troops from the other shore have been picked up as well!

[?]: But Advisor Jia did not come with them!

[?]: He must have gone to join Cao Ren.

[Xun You]: Although it’s unlikely that his men would be able to counter-attack with their high casualties.

[XY]: What a formation of flames. Zhou Yu really is extraordinary.
(“…god-person”, or “godlike”)

[?]: Commander Xun, a fleet from upstream has come to join us!

[?]: Commander… not… not Jingzhou’s ships?

[XY]: Their numbers dwarfs ours…

[?]: Thanks to your hard work, Commander Xun.

[?]: The primary strategy has fulfilled its role…

[?]: But rest assured,

[?]: the contingency plan is about to begin.


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