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December 25, 2014

chapter 431 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Hurry with the rations. We’re getting pressed by our men up north!
[?]: The hundred carts we gathered in a pinch must be delivered before nightfall!
(I’m not sure what is meant by “temporarily a hundred cart”)

[?]: Headcount complete for the fifth infantry. Ready to move out!
[?]: Have the warhorses arrived yet for the third cavalry?

[?]: Where has Cao Cao’s main force fallen back to?

[?]: They’re moving slowly to avoid a rout.

chapter 431 Retreat To Huarong

[?]: But there were plenty of deserters due to their rock bottom morale.

[Zhou Yu]: Yue Jin and Xiahou Yuan’s troops have retreated. Lü Meng should be worry-free now.
(“…should [be] without head-turning worry”)

[?]: Yes. Lü Meng is engaging guerrilla warfare against Cao Cao using mainly his cavalry.

[?]: Without motivation to fight, the Cao army is being forced to fall back to Huarong.

[ZY]: Huarong is a path of retreat, but it must be crowded by the massive influx of naval forces.

[ZY]: We might still have time.

[?]: Sir! Liu Bei’s troop appeared north of Red Cliff.

[?]: And Guan Yu has headed for Huarong as well!

[ZY]: Zi Jing, you let them pass?
{note: Lu Su’s courtesy name is Zi Jing}

[Lu Su]: Liu Bei arrived first. We could let them test Cao Cao’s true strength.

[ZY]: Fine. If Liu Bei wants Jingzhou, let him go.

[ZY]: What a murderous tactic, Zi Jing.

By noon on the third day, the main force of the Sun army headed west in pursuit of Cao Cao.

[?]: Hurry up! Don’t block the entry way!

[?]: Wounded and sick should sit by the sides and let those behind you move ahead!

[?]: Remember your rendezvous locations. Don’t get lost!

[?]: It’s too crowded here, Advisor Cheng. We can’t guard our posts effectively when everybody’s bunched together.
[?]: And the men and horses are too exhausted to go any further. We need to let them rest.

[Cheng Yu]: No. The entire army must be out of Huarong Path by tomorrow.

[?]: Advisor Cheng, we hear news of Sun Quan arriving too.

[?]: Impossible. Cao Ren is still at Yuzhang. Why would Sun Quan risk coming here?

[?]: Surely a bluff by the enemy.

[CY]: The retreat and the crumbling morale have made our men fear their own shadows.

[?]: Yes. I’ve also just heard that Yuan Shao’s remaining factions were heading for the capitol.

[?]: Right now we should believe nothing to preserve our strength.
(“…most important thing…”)

[?]: The consequence of delaying in Huarong would be inconceivable…

[?]: We’ve already forgotten about the easterly wind overhead when we’re low in the valley…

{sfx: shoo~}

[CY]: Hm.
(stressed out exhale, any translation suggestion for that?)

I hope it won’t be too late…

[?]: My Lord, was this a drill?
[Cao Hong]: Stop that nonsense!

[Cao Cao]: I’m willing to use that line again if it’s enough to calm the troops…

[CC]: Unfortunately, even I’m at wit’s end as things stand now.

[?]: Please take care, my Lord. It’s windy.

[CC]: But the wind is sobering.
(“only by facing breeze, can make one waken”)

[CC]: In our campaigns against the Yellow Turbans, Dong Zhuo, Zhang Xiu, and Yuan Shao,
[CC}: our weaker numbers meant we had to rely on strategy to win.

[CC]: It’s as if the larger force will always miss out “strategically”.
(“…will always with ‘scheme’ brush shoulder pass by”)

[CC]: Yes… I have forgotten.

[CC]: Underestimating the enemy

[CC}: is the deadliest weakness of the larger force in a conflict.

[?]: My Lord!

[?]: Jia Xu’s report says our troop at Yuzhang has been routed and are too weak for more fighting!

[?]: Cao Ren’s routed troop is retreating southward.

[?]: We… we have nothing left to keep Sun Quan in check!

[?]: Then… then Sun Quan really did cross the river!
(“…the [news that] Sun Quan already crossed the river is real”)

[?]: Doesn’t that boost their army’s strength?!
(it’s not clear by how much of a multiple, so I’ll just be vague)

{sfx: pa}

[?]: My Lord!

[?]: Summon the Imperial Physician!

[CC]: We’ve lost the Long River. With our communications blocked,

[CC]: we must move out of the Huarong Path immediately!

[CC]: The easterly wind is still blowing. The enemy will try to burn us, and we cannot possibly move faster than the wind…

[CC]: Yes… more men is an advantage…

[CC}: Yet… we were short of one.

[CC]: If only Guo Jia was still…

[CC]: Guo… cough, cough cough!

[CC]: Cough cough cough!
(6 coughs)

[CC]: Guo… cough cough cough!

[?]: My Lord, don’t strain yourself!
(another definition is “grieve”, but how do I translate that? “Don’t over-grieve”? “Don’t grieve so hard?” “Don’t hurt yourself grieving”?)

[?]: Has the Imperial Physician arrived?
[?]: Examine our Lord, hurry!

[?]: His forehead is burning…

[?]: Oh no, our Lord talked with old Zhang recently,
(see chapter 417)

[?]: who was fine but then yesterday he… might’ve…

[?]: caught… caught the plague…


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