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January 16, 2015

chapter 432 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Tinder’s lit!
(“head of fire” is like a source of fire, is it “seed” of fire? I don’t remember how they said it in that “Aztec/Mayan episode” of Avatar: The Last Airbender where Aang and Zuko each obtained a fire from the “source”)

[?]: Troops! Form two lines to light your torches! Go!

{sfx: shoom~}

[?]: Light up!

chapter 432 By the Immortal’s Guidance
(“celestial person points [toward] path”)

[Lü Meng]: From here on out we’ll make ourselves a path of fire!
(“…light up five li long fire path”; Han dynasty “li” ~ 415.8 meters according to wikipedia; can anyone suggest a more descriptive translation without resorting to “miles”?)

[LM]: Be certain of the fire’s direction, my brothers!

[LM]: They must all point toward Cao Cao!

[LM]: Let’em burn!

Who’s faster, Cao Cao? You or the wind!
(“…I want to see [whether] you fast, or is wind fast”)

[?]: General!

[?]: Lü Meng’s troop right behind us has stopped pursuing!

[?]: Boss, what are they planning to do?

[Yue Jin]: No, pick up the pace!

[?]: If the enemy won’t advance, General, we should make a stand here,
[?]: or set an ambush in the woods ahead.

[YJ]: No,

[YJ]: our enemy is no longer Lü Meng…

[?]: General Yue is right. Look, everyone!

{sfx: shoom~}

The wind blew harder by dusk on the third day. General Lü Meng of the Sun army started burning the woods behind Huarong.

The arcing nature of the Huarong path hindered the retreat of Cao Cao’s army. And thanks to the wind gust, the fire is catching up doubly fast.

[?]: Look, the fire has caught up to General Yue Jin’s troop!

[?]: The enemy is enlarging the scope of the fire.

[?]: Everyone hurry and move out of the gorge!

[?]: Only a few li left. Hurry!
[?]: Sir! Four troops from the rear has fallen behind!

[?]: Master Hong, is our lord…

[Cao Hong]: Don’t worry. The physicians are tending to him.

[CH]: The enemy troop is now the fearsome fire.
(not sure about last part)

[Cheng Yu]: I have sent men to fend off the arsonists near the mouth of the gorge. There might still be enough time for a retreat.

[CY]: Please remain at your posts, everyone. Do not, under any circumstance, rock our morale.

[CH]: Has Doctor Ma arrived?

[?]: I was looking for him too. He was here yesterday,

[?]: but now he’s nowhere to be found.

[CH]: That’s weird. How could all the physicians have disappeared?

[Cao Cao]: Generals, here are your orders…

[CC]: The enemy is behind us. The fire… fearsome…

[CC]: No matter what, save… the main force.

[CC]: Cough… cough… let them withdraw first…

[CC]: Cough… cough cough cough… cough!

[CC]: And… has Pi-er… withdrawn?

[CC]: Where… where is he?
[?]: My Lord, we’ve temporarily lost contact with Young Master.

[CC]: Xiahou Yuan, and… on the other shore…

[CC]: Where is Cao Ren on the other shore?

[Zuo Ci]: Looks like Doctor Ma hasn’t arrived yet.

[ZC]: You’re sick, my Lord. I’ll do my best to help.

[ZC]: The temperature is falling. This fire… is too small.

{sfx: shoom~}

[ZC]: How do you feel, my Lord?

[CC]: Bones…

[CC]: these bones hurt me so. And… and… cough…

[CC]: Cough cough cough… I… cough cough cough…

[ZC]: Do you fear death, my Lord?

[CC]: Who… who doesn’t?

[CC]: Now… I finally understand Lü Bu’s words…

[CC]: Lofty goals… lead to a fear of not accomplishing them…
(“…afraid of not completing them…”)
[CC]: before death… cough cough cough…
(“… the more afraid of death…”; I forgot which chapter LB said this. I can’t find it at battle of Puyang nor at his execution. reader fakepudding said the line can be found in chapter 219, but Cao Cao wasn’t present to hear it? Help?)

[CC]: Have you a remedy, Great Saint?

[ZC]: That’s what I’m here for.

[?]: Good news! We found Doctor Hua Tuo!

[?]: He said there is a cure, and he’s on his way!

[?]: My Lord, all of our sick will receive treatment!

[CH]: That’s great news, Ah-Man!

[ZC]: Great news for you, my Lord, but bad news to the enemy.

[CC]: By Heaven’s will.

[ZC]: However, Hua Tuo…

[ZC]: is also bad news for you, my Lord.

{sfx: pa}

[ZC]: Because the faster he tries to reach you,

[ZC]: the faster I must take action-

[ZC]: to eliminate a traitor for the world.

[ZC]: You see, I am the insider-

[ZC]: one whose job is to avenge the Yuan clan.

[ZC]: And you all

[ZC]: should go seek Lord Yuan’s judgment in the underworld!
(“…from yuan lord asking punishment”)


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