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January 29, 2015

chapter 433 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Look, a fifth bonfire by the Sun army!
(help, what do they call these signal fires in the Olympic relay races?)

[?]: The smoke alone is threatening enough let alone the fire once it catches up. This probing attack has done its job.
[?]: Within that narrow path, this massive wall of smoke makes the Cao army fear its own shadows.
(“tens of li of smoke wall, causing narrow path within’s Cao army, suddenly become a wounded bird that is afraid of the snap of a bowstring”; li being the distance unit, the second part is an idiom)

[?]: Yes. They’ve already fallen without even being struck.
(“…damage not yet arrived, people’s heart already crumbled”)

[?]: As you say, Master, the most powerful method of war

chapter 433 Omnipotent

[Eighth]: is to subdue the enemy without a fight.
(like a certain militant group in a certain part of the world murdering everybody and sawing prisoner’s head off with a small knife so people are so afraid they would rather run away or pay them ransom money)

[Water Mirror]: Gong Jin has certainly employed deception in warfare to its maximum effect.

[Eighth]: But I’d say a type of extreme mind control is the most powerful.
(not sure, my first impression for the translation is “social engineering”, or “psychological warfare”, but subdue enemy without a fight is already a kind of psychological warfare, and “social engineering” is kind of light)

[WM]: Haha, so you still insist on this theory.

[Kan Ze]: Pardon me, but how does that work?

[Eighth]: There’s a reason why Master refuses to teach this.

[WM]: Yes. There are irreversible consequences when it’s executed successfully.

[KZ]: So it stays with the person and can never be exorcized?

[WM]: Yes. Too evil. Never learn it, and never teach it.

[WM]: This school of thought is powerful, no doubt, but leaves long lasting ill effects.

[WM]: It’s funny how the wisest men, devoting their entire life to its study, could only gain a superficial understanding.

[WM]: And yet this superficial understanding becomes a life’s goal for the common man.

[KZ]: So… which school of thought is it?

[Eighth]: Mind control at its extreme, the most powerful method of war…

[Eighth]: Occultism.
(not sure, literally it’s “evil cult/organization”)

[WM]: Those who could establish a cult are all masters of its essence.

[WM]: The people of this land have lived through chaos for too long. The relentless misery made their spirits fragile.

[WM]: And under religious extremism, people lose themselves to its command.
[WM]: What’s worse is that it will pass on from generation to generation until it’s impossible to uproot.

[WM]: Our land has yet to be cleansed of the seed of trouble that the cult of Supreme Peace has planted.
(if you want to keep the gloss “Taiping” as is, that’s fine with me)

[KZ]: Yes. Even after all these years, they are still taking roots everywhere.

[?]: However, Eighth, why did you ask this?

[WM]: Because in this battle, there is one such expert
(“…in cao’s camp”)

[WM]: within Cao Cao’s camp.
(“expert at this methodology, still one person”)

[WM]: A chaotic time like this is his perfect opportunity to employ his method of war.

[WM]: And you know this kind of men would never take on a rank of a lowly military adviser.

[WM]: They would grant themselves another title instead.

A grander,

more ambitious title…


And their method of war is that of performing miracles!
(“celestial’s deed/mark/evidence”; anyone familiar with religious literature? what are some generalized terms for show of Godly Presence? “Miracle Touch”? “Grace of God”?)

[Cao Hong]: Let go of my Lord you witch!
(warlock just doesn’t sound as hateful, sorry)

[CH]: Wh… what’re you guys doing?

[CH]: Mutiny?

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Dong Wu, why’re you taking down your own men?

[?]: Die, Zuo Ci!

{sfx: cha~}

[CH]: Lu Yang, you…

[CH]: Why’re the rest of you just standing there, why don’t…

why don’t…

[Zuo Ci]: Cao Hong sure is strong-willed.

[ZC]: So the Immortal

[ZC]: must increase “dosage” on the fire.
(sort of a wordplay on an idiom, “pour oil on fire”)

{sfx: shoom~}

[Cheng Yu]: Don’t breathe in that smoke, Cao Hong. It’ll make you…

[ZC]: Listen to my command, everyone.

[ZC]: Kill Zuo Ci.

[CH]: Ye… yes…

[?]: too many Zuo Ci…

[CH]: You hurt my Lord, witch, you die!

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Th… they’re killing each other in the tent!
[?]: What do we do?

[?]: Are we helping the Xiahou clan or the Cao clan?
[?]: No, even those up north have started to kill!

[?]: Look, the record keeper has come out!

[?]: Wh… what happened out here? You’re all Zuo Ci?

[?]: D… die, the lot of you!
[?]: Record keeper, you… you…

[?]: The men have gone mad! Mad!
(or “Mutiny! A mutiny!”)

[ZC]: Chaos drives fear and fear drives chaos; a vicious cycle…

[ZC]: Guilt will surface in the aftermath. And then…

[ZC]: let one’s foul deeds eat him alive.
(“person not ____ self, heaven kill [you] earth destroy [you]”; so here’s the translation puzzle, this modern interpretation may or may not be correct since it’s taken way out of context, especially linguistic-wise, of the original Buddhist text 《佛说十善业道经》chapter 24. Basically it superficially reads like “help yourself or be damned” based on current meaning of 为, but the interpretation that makes more sense in the context of “modest” Chinese tradition says “better yourself or be damned”. However, who knows what Zuo Ci is trying to say? I’m taking a gamble to trust in Mr. Chen’s understanding of the original context; but you are free to interpret it as in the online dictionaries)

[ZC]: Don’t worry, I’ll send reinforcements.

[ZC]: Remember that your main force, the Qingzhou regiment…

[ZC]: used to be followers of Supreme Peace.
(if you want to keep the gloss “Taiping” as is, that’s fine with me)

[ZC]: Traitor Cao,

[ZC]: bear witness to my miracle!


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