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March 8, 2015

chapter 435 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{the Xu capitol}

[?]: Release them! Release them!

[?]: What do you think you’re doing, Xun?
[?]: Release Young Master Pi’s people!

[?]: Don’t be reckless. Secretariat Xun said they were insiders!

{sfx: ka}

chapter 435 Assuming Responsibility In the Face of Danger
(“facing danger accept order”; kind of long, but my original “A Mission During Crisis” could be interpreted as one-time thing, whereas here it might mean long-term assignment)

[Xun Yu]: Where are they?
[?]: They left their troops outside,

[?]: in the care of the Cao clan!

[?]: Secretariat, it’s unusual that the Cao clan would interfere. Do… do you think…

[?]: Secretariat Xun, we received no news of our Lord’s defeat,
[?]: since news by messenger pigeons were late by two full days.

[XY]: That means someone has been hiding said news on purpose?

[?]: Yes, but it’s not clear who did it.

[?]: Xun, we were ordered to transfer garrisoned men in the north to Jing. Why did you send men to stop us?

[?]: Fine! We’ll turn ourselves in and let our Lord be the final judge!
[?]: That’s right. You’d bully us because we surrendered to you in the past? Think again!
(“…don’t think we are surrendered generals, so allowed [to be] bullied”)

[?]: If that’s true, Secretariat Xun,
[?]: I fear that we would’ve hindered Jingzhou’s defense!

[XY]: Then… where is Jia Xu?

[?]: News said he suffered a heavy loss in the south.
[?]: He is now packing for a transfer back to Jiangling.

[?]: Jia Xu had a sizable army, yet he was wiped to the floor. The morale plummeted…
[?]: Our Lord must be furious. You should be careful too, Secretariat…

[XY]: Understood.

[?]: Who framed these men as insiders? The real insiders…
[?]: have already been eradicated by them before they headed out!

[?]: Release them now!
(“immediately release person”)

[Yang Xiu]: Our Lord is in a crisis at the Huarong Path.
[YX]: How dare you hinder their reinforcements?

He knew before I did that our Lord is at Huarong…

That means the reports I received were all fake!

Unless… it was all his treachery!

[?]: Why, Master?

[Guo Jia]: I must plan for the worst case scenario.

[GJ]: Even if the odds are in our favor at Red Cliff,

[GJ]: but… one thing troubles me greatly.

[GJ]: Zhuge Liang would never join the fray without absolute confidence.

[GJ]: And it’s impossible to defeat Zhou Yu in naval warfare.
[GJ]: Sadly northerners could never understand that…

[GJ]: I only pray for a victory, that our Lord could return triumphant.

[GJ]: If there is even a single miscalculation, Xun Yu and Jia Xu would be no match against those two.

[GJ]: For our Lord’s world,

[GJ]: you must find a way to weaken Xun Yu and Jia Xu’s leash on him!

[GJ]: After that, he won’t dare to revolt as long as you watch him carefully.

[YX]: Would he really accept the mission, Master?

[GJ]: Don’t worry. He’s a businessman.

Right now his “investment” in Cao Cao is being interfered with.

And he knows full well

that I could never account for everything after Guandu.

I have but a single contingency plan.
(reader Jax’s translation that “secondary strategy” really should just be “plan B” or “contingency plan”; I was afraid that there’ll be a third such thing… what do you think? should I change all the older wording to “contingency plan”?)

Let Sima Yi succeed my role!

[Sima Yi]: Officers, listen up!

[SMY]: There are no Zuo Ci here. Only “goats”!

[SMY]: And this is not the time to slaughter goats!

[?]: Goats… there are goats here.

[?]: Ah… goats…

[?]: Yes, only goats…

[Cao Hong]: Ha… goats… the goats are talking.
[?]: We went insane from hunger…

[SMY]: Get out there to clear your heads.

[?]: You hear that, Old Jia? Goats.
[Old Jia]: Haha, are you so afraid of that goat-face “Yang”, Zhong Da!
(wordplay on Yang Xiu’s surname, which sounds the same as the hanzi for “sheep/goat”, but different hanzi; and coincidentally 2015 is the year of the sheep! XD)

[?]: Okay. We’ll catch them one by one as they come out.

[?]: Ah! All goats outside?
[?]: Hahaha! Goats catching goats, hilarious!

[SMY]: Careful. Don’t breathe in that smoke.
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: He’s fine, Young Master. Our Lord has merely fainted.
[?]: We’ll move him to the next tent.

[Zuo Ci]: Boy… you sold me out…

[SMY]: Of course you’re worth selling for that nice price on your head.

[ZC]: Wh… what? Don’t you hate Cao Cao?

[SMY]: I do hate him, but hate isn’t a solution.

[SMY]: It takes capital to hate someone. I’ve been waiting…

[SMY]: waiting for Jia Xu to lose influence after the easterly wind;

[SMY]: waiting for Xun Yu to lose clout in the capital;

[SMY]: waiting for Guo Jia to provide me with an opportunity.

[SMY]: I could have exposed everything in the beginning.

[SMY]: Too bad no one would have believed me.

[SMY]: So instead of inviting a snub, why not focus on my “occupation”.

[SMY]: If I can’t engage by force, I’ll invest. Then… scheme to overthrow!

[SMY]: That… is the true quality of a businessman!

[SMY]: Immortal,

[SMY]: please say hi to Guo Jia for me.

[?]: The water level is rising, General. Please relocate us!

[?]: No. We’re done for if we scatter!
[?]: But… our rear division has fled already!

[CH]: Zhong Da, us commanding officers have all been wounded. We need you now!
[SMY]: As you wish.

[SMY]: Do all of you men trust me?

{sfx: pa}

{fist-palming noise}

[SMY]: Excellent.

[SMY]: Except I want you to know,

[SMY]: that there is an even scarier man than Gentleman Zhou up in those hills…

[SMY]: He… is about to make his move!


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