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March 8, 2015

chapter 435 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{the Xu capitol}

[?]: Release them! Release them!

[?]: What do you think you’re doing, Xun?
[?]: Release Young Master Pi’s people!

[?]: Don’t be reckless. Secretariat Xun said they were insiders!

{sfx: ka}

chapter 435 Assuming Responsibility In the Face of Danger
(“facing danger accept order”; kind of long, but my original “A Mission During Crisis” could be interpreted as one-time thing, whereas here it might mean long-term assignment)

[Xun Yu]: Where are they?
[?]: They left their troops outside,

[?]: in the care of the Cao clan!

[?]: Secretariat, it’s unusual that the Cao clan would interfere. Do… do you think…

[?]: Secretariat Xun, we received no news of our Lord’s defeat,
[?]: since news by messenger pigeons were late by two full days.

[XY]: That means someone has been hiding said news on purpose?

[?]: Yes, but it’s not clear who did it.

[?]: Xun, we were ordered to transfer garrisoned men in the north to Jing. Why did you send men to stop us?

[?]: Fine! We’ll turn ourselves in and let our Lord be the final judge!
[?]: That’s right. You’d bully us because we surrendered to you in the past? Think again!
(“…don’t think we are surrendered generals, so allowed [to be] bullied”)

[?]: If that’s true, Secretariat Xun,
[?]: I fear that we would’ve hindered Jingzhou’s defense!

[XY]: Then… where is Jia Xu?

[?]: News said he suffered a heavy loss in the south.
[?]: He is now packing for a transfer back to Jiangling.

[?]: Jia Xu had a sizable army, yet he was wiped to the floor. The morale plummeted…
[?]: Our Lord must be furious. You should be careful too, Secretariat…

[XY]: Understood.

[?]: Who framed these men as insiders? The real insiders…
[?]: have already been eradicated by them before they headed out!

[?]: Release them now!
(“immediately release person”)

[Yang Xiu]: Our Lord is in a crisis at the Huarong Path.
[YX]: How dare you hinder their reinforcements?

He knew before I did that our Lord is at Huarong…

That means the reports I received were all fake!

Unless… it was all his treachery!

[?]: Why, Master?

[Guo Jia]: I must plan for the worst case scenario.

[GJ]: Even if the odds are in our favor at Red Cliff,

[GJ]: but… one thing troubles me greatly.

[GJ]: Zhuge Liang would never join the fray without absolute confidence.

[GJ]: And it’s impossible to defeat Zhou Yu in naval warfare.
[GJ]: Sadly northerners could never understand that…

[GJ]: I only pray for a victory, that our Lord could return triumphant.

[GJ]: If there is even a single miscalculation, Xun Yu and Jia Xu would be no match against those two.

[GJ]: For our Lord’s world,

[GJ]: you must find a way to weaken Xun Yu and Jia Xu’s leash on him!

[GJ]: After that, he won’t dare to revolt as long as you watch him carefully.

[YX]: Would he really accept the mission, Master?

[GJ]: Don’t worry. He’s a businessman.

Right now his “investment” in Cao Cao is being interfered with.

And he knows full well

that I could never account for everything after Guandu.

I have but a single contingency plan.
(reader Jax’s translation that “secondary strategy” really should just be “plan B” or “contingency plan”; I was afraid that there’ll be a third such thing… what do you think? should I change all the older wording to “contingency plan”?)

Let Sima Yi succeed my role!

[Sima Yi]: Officers, listen up!

[SMY]: There are no Zuo Ci here. Only “goats”!

[SMY]: And this is not the time to slaughter goats!

[?]: Goats… there are goats here.

[?]: Ah… goats…

[?]: Yes, only goats…

[Cao Hong]: Ha… goats… the goats are talking.
[?]: We went insane from hunger…

[SMY]: Get out there to clear your heads.

[?]: You hear that, Old Jia? Goats.
[Old Jia]: Haha, are you so afraid of that goat-face “Yang”, Zhong Da!
(wordplay on Yang Xiu’s surname, which sounds the same as the hanzi for “sheep/goat”, but different hanzi; and coincidentally 2015 is the year of the sheep! XD)

[?]: Okay. We’ll catch them one by one as they come out.

[?]: Ah! All goats outside?
[?]: Hahaha! Goats catching goats, hilarious!

[SMY]: Careful. Don’t breathe in that smoke.
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: He’s fine, Young Master. Our Lord has merely fainted.
[?]: We’ll move him to the next tent.

[Zuo Ci]: Boy… you sold me out…

[SMY]: Of course you’re worth selling for that nice price on your head.

[ZC]: Wh… what? Don’t you hate Cao Cao?

[SMY]: I do hate him, but hate isn’t a solution.

[SMY]: It takes capital to hate someone. I’ve been waiting…

[SMY]: waiting for Jia Xu to lose influence after the easterly wind;

[SMY]: waiting for Xun Yu to lose clout in the capital;

[SMY]: waiting for Guo Jia to provide me with an opportunity.

[SMY]: I could have exposed everything in the beginning.

[SMY]: Too bad no one would have believed me.

[SMY]: So instead of inviting a snub, why not focus on my “occupation”.

[SMY]: If I can’t engage by force, I’ll invest. Then… scheme to overthrow!

[SMY]: That… is the true quality of a businessman!

[SMY]: Immortal,

[SMY]: please say hi to Guo Jia for me.

[?]: The water level is rising, General. Please relocate us!

[?]: No. We’re done for if we scatter!
[?]: But… our rear division has fled already!

[CH]: Zhong Da, us commanding officers have all been wounded. We need you now!
[SMY]: As you wish.

[SMY]: Do all of you men trust me?

{sfx: pa}

{fist-palming noise}

[SMY]: Excellent.

[SMY]: Except I want you to know,

[SMY]: that there is an even scarier man than Gentleman Zhou up in those hills…

[SMY]: He… is about to make his move!

======== black page preview =====
Swaying back and forth several times between wanting to kill Cao Cao and helping him. This is because Sima Yi believed that once they get used to it…

no one will ever believe that he would truly revolt the next time he does it for real.


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