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April 6, 2015

chapter 436 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Jiangling is just ahead, everyone. Pick up the pace!
[?]: March forward, despite this boggy path!

[?]: Sir, the remaining troops have crossed the river.

[?]: Life is unpredictable. From a great fire

chapter 436 It’s Snowing Swords
(the metaphor is really referring to each snow flake as a sword)

[?]: to an even scarier mixed blizzard of rain and snow.

[?]: What’s with this abnormal weather? There’s no way we could’ve predicted this…

[?]: So many have died because we were caught off guard.
[?]: It would’ve been worse had our Lord not left Huarong already…

[?]: Master Ren, a report from Jia Xu!

[Cao Ren]: Wh…what? The Sun army took a detour?

[CR]: Abandon gear! We must make haste to aid the defense of Jiangling! Hurry!

[?]: Rain and snow, fast and furious.

[?]: Kong Ming’s “Borrowing the Weather”…
(“…borrow sky murder people…”; reader “porn” suggests that I use a consistent terminology for Kong Ming’s series of “borrowing” scehemes)

[Kan Ze]: really is the most powerful strategy I’ve seen in my life…

[?]: Defensive positions, Old Zhong!

[?]: Listen up! We’re no businessmen. Come at us at your own peril.

[Water Mirror]: Cao Cao’s men?
[Eighth]: Yes. Most likely deserters.

[?]: You hear me? Back off now!

[?]: Without rations or morale, more than half of Cao Cao’s men have scattered.
[?]: These men won’t make it back to the north…

[Eighth]: We’re no longer safe here with these soldiers turning into outlaws, Master. Why don’t we…

[?]: Master…

[WM]: This scenario is like a repeat of Guandu.

[WM]: A routed Cao army crumbled in an instant.

[?]: Once the news reaches the north, warlords there will use the opportunity to conduct raids.

[?]: And the Cao clan will face a threat unlike anything prior.

[?]: That means the worse is…

[Eighth]: Yes. Cao Cao’s demise will lead to infighting amongst his sons.

[Eighth]: As Master has said, it’ll be just like Yuan clan’s three sons at Guandu.

[KZ]: So then even if Guo Jia is still alive…

[KZ]: it’ll be an unmanageable mess.

[WM]: Yes. Cao Cao…

is really truly finished…

[?]: Grab on and don’t let go!

[?]: The torrent came too fast; the third field has been destroyed!
[?]: Hurry! To the hills!

{sfx: long~}

[?]: Everything below has been wiped out by a mudslide!
[?]: Climb, hurry!

[?]: Please, is there any more space in these tents?
[?]: Our men are freezing to death!

[?]: Scram! There’s no more room here!
[?]: I’ll cut you down if you barge in!

[?]: Cough! Cough! Cough cough cough!
[?]: More and more of us are taken by the plague…

[?]: Have we made contact with the main army?

Cao Cao had lost the battle at Red Cliff by November of year 208.

The remnant force was routed through Huarong. By the month’s end, the valley has been flooded by a nonstop shower of rain and snow. The remaining troops were all scattered, and half of them died.

The Cao army at Huarong had completely crumbled in a mere few days.

[?]: Sir! Guan Ping’s troop is in position!

[?]: Sir! We have blocked Cao Cao’s retreat route!

[?]: Their main army is also running out of rations!

[Zhuge Liang]: You look down, second master.

[Guan Yu]: I followed big brother through countless campaigns, but this time…

[GY]: I had no idea a vital battle could be won without breaking a sweat.

[GY]: It’s funny how the top achievement will go to you,

[GY]: and the next…

[GY]: goes to big brother for inventing these waterproof boots.

[GY]: Our men don’t so much expect me to save them as they need these boots to work.
(“officers and soldiers’ expectation of these boots have long since surpassed their expectation of me”; can anyone suggest a smoother wording that’s more faithful to the way Guan Yu talks?)

[GY]: A scholar and a shoemaker dominated this battle. Don’t you find it funny?
[ZGL]: Not really.
(“not funny”)
[?]: Sir!

[?]: Cao Cao’s main army has relocated to somewhere nearby.

[?]: They seem to want to break our siege!

[?]: It looks like their rations are almost depleted!

[?]: Our troops are in position, second master. Should we attack?

[ZGL]: They say you and Cao Cao had a nice rapport. I’m afraid…

[GY]: That’s not funny either, Advisor. I have but one dream through all these years of fighting-

[GY]: for my big brother’s success. Wise men do not believe in rumors…

[GY]: I wish I could capture Cao Cao right now!

=================== BOOK VERSION BLACK PAGE PREVIEW =============
At the moment, Guan Yu is upset for sure.

This new kid may be challenging his position as the number two man.
(a reader in baidu forums translated the last term as “second-in-command”, which is fine, but I’m going to try to fit the running theme of the volume, something to do with “number one and number two”)


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