Ravaging Times

April 9, 2015

chapter 437 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: The water level rose way too fast! We’ve been cut off from the fifth battalion!
[?]: What now? We can’t get the rations to them!

[?]: General, look!

chapter 437 The First Battle Between Ultimates
(“…godly man/men”)

[?]: General Song has been mobbed!

[?]: The fifth battalion has mutinied!

[?]: Sir! We can’t make contact with the two divisions in the hills ahead either…

[?]: We haven’t heard a single report from them the whole day!

[?]: They must’ve fled!

[?]: You men out there, keep your voices down! Our Lord needs to rest!
[Cheng Yu]: Hua Tuo, how is our Lord’s condition?

[Hua Tuo]: After taking the medicine, he just needs to rest for a few days to recover. However…

[?]: Right. We should still try to escape this freezing weather.

[?]: How does it look at the front lines?

[?]: The water level rose too fast. We’ve lost contact with many of our troops.
[?]: And Liu Bei’s forces have blocked our only escape route.

[?]: Our men are deserting in droves. Many more have succumbed to the cold.

[?]: Didn’t they promise to send four troops from the north to our aid?
[?]: But nary a word thus far.

[?]: Something must’ve gone wrong.

[?]: I heard that things are bad at Jingzhou too. Several reports of rebellion prior to the storm.
[?]: The commanding officers at each city have been working nonstop. Things will only get worse once they hear of our defeat at Red Cliff.

[?]: Stay at your post. As for reinforcements… don’t expect miracles!

[?]: Sir! The latest news…

[?]: Liu Bei’s men have been spreading the news around our camps…

[?]: that our Lord’s main camp has been breached, and that he has been captured!

[?]: Nearly all of our men in the region have surrendered!

[?]: What should we do, Advisor Cheng…

[CY]: It’s too late to do anything. They had intended to surrender…
(“…make amends…”)

[CY]: The outcome has preceded the battle. Our hundred-thousand strong is routed while they lose no one…

[CY]: The precision at which the opposing strategist plots his moves is beyond belief…
(“…already arrived at an unfathomable state”)

[CY]: In order to escape this unscathed, everyone,
(“…full body retreat”)

we’ll need a miracle…

[?]: All troops in position, Advisor.
[?]: Awaiting orders.
(“anytime can take action”)

[Zhuge Liang]: Deputy.
[?]: Yessir!

[ZGL]: Initiate the first round of a full scale attack.

[?]: Something off in the enemy camp?

[ZGL]: Their formation has exceeded my expectation somewhat.

[?]: Main army, move out!

[Guan Yu]: Hm. Finally.

[GY]: Only the Advisor knows me best!

[ZGL]: Go!

My first battle!

{sfx: dong~ dong~ dong~}

[?]: Sir! Liu Bei’s troop has begun their attack!
[?]: Their flag says Guan…

[?]: Guan… not Guan Yu, is it?

[?]: Sir, it… it is Guan Yu!
[?]: Are you all scared?

[?]: It’s common knowledge that Guan Yu is invincible.
[?]: But our… our commander hasn’t had that experience!

[?]: Hoo.

[?]: Tough luck…?
(“what other solution is there”)

[?]: Let’s tough it out!

[?]: Young Master, we didn’t expect to fight Guan Yu in the first found.

[Sima Yi]: Are you concerned for me, old Jia?

[Jia]: The foundation of our usurpation scheme may be in place,

[J]: but this fight is something else.

[SMY]: Yes. There’s this obstacle before us.

[J]: Can you handle… the art of war?

[SMY]: Haha, no “prior experience” to speak of.

[SMY]: Yet… it’s quite thrilling.


Zhuge Liang must feel the same way.

[?]: Advisor Sima, they’ve broken through our vanguards!
[?]: The middle flank can’t seem to fend them off!

[?]: Young Master!

[SMY]: Come.

[ZGL]: Go.

[ZGL]: My first battle…

[ZGL]: must be won.
(“only victory”)

[SMY]: can’t be lost.
(“cannot lose”)

============= BOOK VERSION BLACK PAGE PREVIEW ===========
Who is number one, and who is number two!
(“bo” and “zhong” has the connotation of “first” and “second, like how Sima Lang the eldest has the courtesy name of “BO-da”, and Sima Yi the second has the courtesy name of “ZHONG-da”; but there is also this idiom, so in a way this could be a wordplay)


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