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May 23, 2015

chapter 440 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Ladders up; archers, cover them!
(“ladder team in front…”)

[?]: Cao Cao, hey Cao Cao!

[?]: Fuck you and yours!
(“I’ll fuck your grandma”; homonym wordplay on the first name “cao”, which has a slang meaning of “fuck” in English; I thought about rephrasing the previous line to “Hey asshole Cao Cao” and connect it with “Take it in the ass”; but it’s probably not necessary to change both lines since the pun is lost in translation)


chapter 440 Yun Chang The Blade
(“sharp knife yun chang”; I’m not sure, based on some comments by other readers, I think the emphasis is that Guan Yu is being used by both sides as a weapon/tool)

[?]: Our army has begun the attack on the east corner!
[?]: The second unit is starting at another corner!

[?]: Jia Xu’s army is refusing to engage us in battle!
(“…deadlocked/firm defense refuse [to come] out…”)
[?]: The scouts are still on reconnaissance!

[?]: Sir! The rear troop has arrived!

[?]: Our Lord is here!

[Zhou Yu]: Have archers use the tailwind advantage to assist the main army!

[Sun Quan]: Whew. Caught up, finally.

[?]: Apologies, my Lord. Speed was of the essence.

[SQ]: Haha, I’m only a messenger.

[ZY]: The men are afraid to tell me themselves?
(“[what] officers [and] soldiers are afraid to say?”)
[SQ]: Yes.

[ZY]: That I deviated from plan and let Cao Cao slip away?
[ZY]: Or that I’m trying to compensate a loss by throwing everything at the wall and hoping something will stick?
(not sure about the “missing the opportunity on Xiangyang” part, is it saying he is going after Xiangyang because he missed catching Cao Cao or that he lost Xiangyang and is trying to make up for it)

[SQ]: That’s exactly their concern, Gong Jin.

[ZY]: Then please tell them, my Lord…

[SQ]: I’m all ears.

[ZY]: It shall rival Huarong.
(the catch phrase “no less/worse/lower than ___”)

Zhou Yu gave a quiet response.

Yes. Something that hasn’t been felt in a while has quietly returned.
(not sure, it uses the same word as in the previous line, but “has lightly/quietly/plainly returned” doesn’t make any sense to me)


[?]: Sir! The enemy has charged into our camp!

[?]: The main camp has been surrounded. A two-pronged attack!
[?]: The side flanks are either surrendering or fleeing!

[?]: We’re in dire strait! Here comes another enemy troop!

[?]: Cao Cao’s supporting camps are finished. Their main force now stands alone!
[?]: Cao Cao is within our reach!
(“…in sight”)

[Guan Ping]: Good. Men, we’re going in!


[?]: Kill Cao Cao!
(“swear [to] kill Cao Cao…”)
[?]: Kill the traitor!
(“swear [to] kill cao the criminal…”)

[?]: Kill the traitor… Advisor, they changed the slogan.

[?]: That deviates from our original plan to capture the traitor.

[?]: Even though it’s an effective rallying cry, what if…

[Zhuge Liang]: Hm.

[?]: Don’t worry, Advisor. Second master is joking. He’s trying to scare’em.
[?]: Besides, hasn’t he accomplished your assignment days ahead of schedule?

[ZGL]: Yes.

[ZGL]: Yes.

[ZGL]: Not bad, not bad.

[ZGL]: Except

[ZGL]: it’s not funny at all.

[ZGL]: Not in the least.

[?]: Continue the attack! The traitor is just inside!

[?]: Master Hong, can you keep fighting?
[Cao Hong]: What else could I freaking do?

[CH]: Over a hundred thousand men down to thousands in days,

[CH]: now less than a battalion. I…

[?]: We can’t fight like this, Master Hong.
[?]: And… that Sima Yi is no match for the Seventh Genius!

[?]: Why not command us yourself, sir!

[?]: Master Hong, Guan Yu’s on his way!

[CH]: Damn that half-assed Sima Yi, I gotta…

[?]: There’s only one solution, Cao Hong.

{Xiahou Su}
[Xiahou Su]: Our Lord, or the Cao clan’s legacy?

[CH]: What the hell are you saying?
[XHS]: The men are afraid to say it, Cao Hong,

[XHS]: but for the sake of the big picture it must be said!

[XHS]: You know what I mean.
(“you heart inside understand”)

[?]: He… he’s here! Guan Yu’s here!

[XHS]: Our Lord knows too. That is-

[XHS]: never be taken prisoner!

[?]: Right! Death over surrender!

[XHS]: The Cao clan remains! Imperial Han remains!
(the implication is that Han survives because of the Cao clan, but technically the syntax does not connects the two phrases)

[?]: These rebels want to overthrow Han! Death before surrender!

[?]: Rebel Guan Yu, today we’ll make you…

[?]: die for your crime against the world!
(“die seek/at world forgive sin”)

[?]: Up… up there!

[Guan Yu]: I’m
(very crude self-referential term, like something brutish Zhang Fei would say)

[GY]: pissed.
(his tone feels more like “you people have pissed me off” but that’s not the gloss)

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: pong~}

[GY]: If Cao Cao wants to die…


{sfx: cha~}

[GY]: I’ll grant his wish.

{sfx: cha~}

Over there!

{sfx: cha~}

[GY]: Men,

[GY]: Cao Cao

[GY]: is inside that tent.

========== BOOK VERSION BLACK PAGE PREVIEW ==============
The Immortal closed his eyes, because it had become clear who was the number one.
(there is a running theme of “number 1 or number 2” to this volume’s black pages)


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