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June 18, 2015

chapter 442 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Instead of awaiting the changes of a season, why not respond and exploit it…
(quoting from “Xun-zi”, chapter 17 on Heaven/Nature, thanks to reader comment)

[?]: regulate what Heavens have mandated and use it.
(quoting from “Xun-zi”, chapter 17 on Heaven/Nature, thanks to reader comment)

[?]: No amount of military might could stand up to it…

chapter 442 A Hard-call Between Loyalty And Righteousness

[Kan Ze]: The Heavens want to end you, Cao Cao.

[Eighth]: Do you mean to say, Master Kan, that the Way is immutable like the Heavens?
(quoting from “Book of Han, volume 56: Biography of Dong Zhongshu”, but I can’t find an official translation that I like)

[KZ]: It moved me, yes. Though why do the Heavens favor Liu Bei?

[Eighth]: Haha, those who resent Heavens do not learn from experience. Gong Jin just wasn’t as skilled.
(quoting from “Xun-zi”, chapter 4 on Honor and Disgrace, thanks to reader comment)

[?]: It’s clearing up, Eighth Master. We can go now.
(“weather is nicer…”)

[Eighth]: Good. Detour to Jiangling.

[KZ]: You all can go spectate. I haven’t the mood.
[Water Mirror]: Why withdraw before the fight’s over, Kan Ze?

[WM]: Have you no faith in Gong Jin?
(“unless for gong jin confidence not enough”)

[KZ]: No, Gong Jin’s extraordinary art of war will earn him a victory. Except now at Jiangling he and Jia Xu…

[KZ]: are at a standstill. Even if he wins, he will have been a victim of Kong Ming’s diminution tactic.

[KZ]: Capturing Cao Cao and reducing our military strength. Two birds with one stone.

[KZ]: This battle made a name for Zhou Yu. Yet the real victor behind the scene is Kong Ming.
(“…golden oriole from behind…”)

[KZ]: The big picture is set. I rather not watch Gong Jin keep falling.
(“…keep watching gong jin mistakes on-going”)

[WM]: Oh Kan Ze, would a teacher of the Eight Geniuses not know their capabilities?

[WM]: One thing about Gong Jin- his tolerance is second to none among them.

[WM]: Attacking Jiangling was not a spiteful decision.

[WM]: Don’t forget that Guo Jia was wary of him too.

[WM]: There’s something else at work behind this detour.

[WM]: Oh Kan Ze, I’m only now discovering how intricate…

[WM]: this battle really is.

[?]: We’ve taken the hills!
[?]: Cao Cao’s troops have all surrendered!

[?]: There was another group trapped in the hills who shouldn’t pose a threat!

[?]: Their defenders are too exhausted to fight back.

[?]: Search through the corpses. Don’t let any fish slip away!
(“…caution against [fish escaping out of] broken net”)

[?]: The enemy vanguards have all been captured!

[?]: Haha, we caught the big ones!
(wordplay regarding “letting no fish escape the nets” and the high-ranking prisoner being “big fishes”)

[Cheng Yu]: Huh… You fell too, Cao Hong…

[Cao Hong]: Cheng Yu… you’re not better off either.

[CH]: But at least we’re done. It’s all over…
[CH]: We can die now.

[CY]: Yes. No coward would’ve held on this long.

[CH]: Yes. Our Lord should’ve already died a martyr.

[?]: Days after days of grind…

[?]: The rest of the clansmen should know what to do for the heir…

[CY]: Cao Hong. Something looks off.

[CY]: Our Lord might still be alive.

[CH]: Wh… what!

[?]: Quiet! Don’t move!

Have you lost your mind, Ah-Man?

Are you going to give up your life’s goal so you can live!?

[?]: Congratulations to your victory, Advisor!
[?]: Mister Zhuge, Eighth Genius the Crouching Dragon indeed!

[?]: We are blessed to serve under you!
[?]: Look! Our Advisor has captured the traitor!

[?]: It’s only a matter of time before the Han is restored!

[?]: Advisor Zhuge is invincible!

[?]: Advisor Zhuge is invincible!
[?]: Calm down! Calm down!

[Zhuge Liang]: How was it?

[?]: Sorry, it was not what we expected.
[?]: For some reason he’s very unyielding.

[ZGL]: All right. Allow me.

[?]: Cao Cao, our Advisor is here.

[Cao Cao]: Brazen traitor. You dare not to kneel before the Prime Minister?

[Guan Yu]: Don’t mind him, Advisor.
[ZGL]: I understand.

[ZGL]: You’ve been wanting to kill Cao Cao for a while. Why the hesitation when the traitor shows no change of heart?

[GY]: As a subordinate, Advisor, I follow your orders to the letter.

[GY]: A military order outweighs any gibberish uttered in the heat of battle.

[GY]: Upholding the military law is my duty. No exception.
[GY]: Now that you are here, Advisor, I have one request.

[GY]: This traitor might’ve been kind to me, but he wields the Emperor like his servant- a crime above all crimes.

[GY]: He’s without remorse even in defeat. For the sake of the world, I wish to…

[GY]: kill the traitor!

{sfx: pa}

[Sima Yi]: What “an assertive stance on morality“.

[SMY]: Whether Cao Cao dies or not, this world still belongs to the “Liu” clan.

[SMY]: However, General, you claimed that the outcome is clear when the big picture hasn’t yet settled.

[SMY]: I beg to differ.

[SMY]: Although what I really want to know now…

[SMY]: is it Zhuge Liang who always wins?

[SMY]: Or is it Sima Yi who never loses?

=============== BOOK VERSION BLACK PAGE PREVIEW ===============
All was quiet inside the tent. Only Zhuge Liang was laughing- to his heart’s content.


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