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July 24, 2015

chapter 444 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Sir! Cheng Pu’s troop has arrived!

[?]: Good! The forth division is plateauing. Change shift!
[?]: Let none escape from the city!

[?]: Sir! We spotted Cao Ren’s troop in Yiling!

[?]: However, our men have already taken Yiling’s main city and are preparing to defend it!

chapter 444 Becoming The Warrior Saint
(or “the making/realization/crowning/formation of Warrior Saint”?)

[?]: And we have just received the letter of surrender from Xi Su of Yizhou.

[?]: So Liu Zhang’s border guards do get spooked as soon as we reach Yiling!
[?]: Yes! They’re wavering because they think Cao Cao’s forces will withdraw!

[?]: Chief Controller made a “killer” move!

[Zhou Yu]: They never could’ve anticipated that my goal was… Yizhou!

[?]: Amazing. We could take Yiling by merely blocking off Jiangling.
[?]: Try as he might, Cao Ren will never see Jiangling’s reinforcements since the latter has to dig in its heels.

[?]: Though I have to admit that the Third Genius Jia Xu had the brilliant foresight to predict your next move.
[?]: It’s a pity that he hasn’t the military power to do anything about it.

[ZY]: Any news of Liu Bei’s troops?

[?]: The communication line with the Huarong Path is hindered. We’re still waiting.

[?]: However, as you said… they will… travel south by ships?

[ZY]: If Cao Cao manages to escape, then yes.

[?]: Is that the supposed… dividing the world in three?

[ZY]: Haha, my brothers, I welcome you to think like the Eight Geniuses.

Quietly and unassumingly, Zhou Yu returned.

In November of year 208,

Cao Cao miraculously withdrew from the Huarong path despite Liu Bei’s blockade.

And the derision of Cao Cao had reached its peak that year.

[Guan Yu]: You must be discontent to see Cao Cao walk free, right, my child?

[Guan Ping]: Damn it! We could’ve been world famous, not this three division crap…
(“…but now instead changed into three division”; emphasis mine for tone)

[GY]: Don’t blame the Advisor for hiding his intention to release Cao Cao. It would’ve been a hard sell in the beginning…

[GP]: Of course I get that. This is just my raw emotions…

[GP]: Except… this Advisor really don’t understand what his men want!

[?]: Please board the large ship, my Lord.

[Cao Cao]: Ships in the hills. Unbelievable.
[Sima Yi]: Haha, it does feel ridiculous.
(“…is very exaggerated”)

[CC]: But I do wonder, why don’t we retaliate now when we outnumber Liu Bei’s forces?

[Zhu Ling]: We had to lighten the load to get the ships down the river, my Lord. They’ve already noticed that we don’t have much rations.

[SMY]: Don’t fret, my Lord. There will be plenty of opportunities to have your revenge.

[CC]: Yes, there will. Except…

[CC]: as the greatest villain I’ll be the laughing stock for millennia to come.

[SMY]: It’s possible to soften the blow.

[SMY]: Zhu Ling.

[ZL]: Understood.

[ZL]: Listen up, everyone! Repeat after me…

[ZL]: Minister Cao is benevolent and virtuous,

[ZL]: Repeat!

[ZL]: Minister Cao is benevolent, virtuous and beloved by the world…

[?]: Thank you, Lord Guan, for your help!
(not sure)

[?]: Thank you, Lord Guan, for your better judgment!
(not sure)

[?]: Wh… what…

[GP]: Damn it, what nonsense! They want to frame my father!

[?]: Yeah, it wasn’t like that at all!
[?]: Come on guys, think of something to yell back at him!

[GP]: Huh… Why me?

[Zhuge Liang]: It’s only believable because it’s you, second master.

[ZGL]: Second Master is a righteous man of Cao Cao’s “ilk”.

[GP]: Bullshit! Releasing the traitor will make father the laughing stock of the world!

[ZGL]: No questions, second master?
(not sure)

[ZGL]: You don’t understand your father, Guan Ping.

[ZGL]: What seems like a frame-up is not so in your father’s case.

[ZGL]: Remember that a contempt for fame is the best praise for virtue.

[ZGL]: Is it not the highest form of flattery to imply both righteousness and arrogance?
(maybe “superiority” is better than “arrogance”? Since the latter nearly always sound negative)

[ZGL]: Congratulations, second master.

[ZGL]: You’ve finally topped Lü Bu, the God of War!

[GY]: Of all men in the world… only you understand me, Kong Ming!

[GY]: And for that, Advisor, I’m yours to command!

[ZGL]: Hahaha, that one’s funny, Yun Chang, funny indeed!
(Yun Chang is Guan Yu’s courtesy name)

{horn sfx: woo~}

[Xiahou Dun]: Good job, little bro!

[XHD]: You’ve earned the Xiahou clan’s unquestioning loyalty!

[SMY]: Thank you.

[?]: To Advisor Sima, salute!

Climbing the ladder and gaining trust. He… has finally taken a solid step forward.

Of the craftiest men in the world, the other him has also made a move.

[?]: Advisor, the Sun army has blocked the paths from the north. The southern commenderies of Jingzhou is now without reinforcements.

[ZGL]: Good. We must beat Zhou Yu to the punch-

[ZGL]: and take the four commenderies!

===== black page preview ========
Even with a shockingly small army, he was able to achieve victories repeatedly against all expectation…

For now the commanding officers look forward to making the next breathtaking step…
(not sure)


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