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August 14, 2015

chapter 445 (magazine syndication, not final)

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Cao Cao was defeated at Red Cliff in year 208 and lost his main forces. Warlords everywhere then used the opportunity to stir up trouble.

The chaos spread from the north to the south, spiraling out of control.

{Leiyang, a southern city}

[?]: I say, the battle of Red Cliff sure taught “our Lord” a lesson.
[?]: Hahaha, you got a death wish? Making fun of the “Prime Minister”.

[?]: Piss off. Us southerners never regard a rebel as our Lord.

[?]: Since we’re thinking of leaving Cao, anybody got a clever idea?

chapter 445 New Blood From The South
(“southern new soldier”)

[?]: In my humble opinion, why don’t we strike out now and make a name for ourselves?

[?]: Sounds reasonable, little bro, but was it your place to talk?
[?]: Yeah, it’s too early for you to pursue fame, youngster.

[?]: Sun Ce was about my age back then, wasn’t he?

[?]: Ptttt.
(spit take)

[?]: Hahaha, piss off. Like you two are even comparable.
[?]: You ain’t even twenty yet. Ever been on a battlefield? Do you know what it means to kill?

[?]: You’re drunk, old Li. Stop splitting hair with a youngster.
[?]: Yeah. Don’t forget his sponsor.

[?]: Phooey. A pretty face may be backing him, but our Lord isn’t like that.
[?]: Men have fun when it’s called for. But an undertaking for the future is the important thing.
(not sure)

[?]: Haha, a man’s fun night may be worth dying for too.

[?]: Are you talking about those two recent rumors?

[?]: I also heard about that- about Guiyin and Guihe, right?

[?]: The funny thing is… both magistrates were killed by a beautiful woman.

[?]: It’s just a rumor. You all remember that organization called “Handicapped Warriors” over ten years ago?

[?]: Yeah, that folklore about a group of cripples who killed every one of their target.
[?]: Whoa ho, what a load of overblown bullshit!

[?]: The head count’s done. Should I notify our Lord?

[?]: Just a while longer. Our Lord is having fun with the “assassin chick”.

[?]: I’ll ask you one more time. Wanna join me?
(“…want with old [me] cooperate”)

[?]: Haha, cocky brat.
(“…young [me] turned old [me]”, wordplay lost in translation)

[?]: Cocky… how about you stop that nonsense.
[?]: Drunken raving is still a punishable offense.
(slightly distorted, it should really mean inappropriate utterances is still inexcusable)

[?]: Forget him. We’ll make our decision before our Lord comes.
[?]: The scout says Liu Bei’s army is attacking our south.

[?]: His main force is still defending their base. The troop he sent is small; not difficult to finish off.
[?]: Yes. Besides, his ally is too tied up by Jia Xu in Jiangling to provide aid.

[?]: They’ll have worn each other down no matter who wins. That’s to our benefit.
[?]: Yes. We should head south now and take Guiyang first…

{sfx: pong}

[?]: Who closed the door?

[?]: One last time. Wanna work with your granddad?

[?]: Granddad… Ugh. I’ve had it!
[?]: Yeah. This boy harps on and on. So annoying.

[?]: Just hold out a bit. He won’t have teeth once our Lord gets bored with his “master”.

[?]: You got no business here, boy! Scram!

[?]: I asked. Now take the consequences.

{sfx: cha cha}

[?]: I’ve killed many people.

[?]: I warn them first to lessen the guilt.

[?]: Boy, you…
[?]: Assassin! Send men to protect our Lord!

[?]: His room is being heavily guarded! Don’t “lure” him out!

[?]: Besides, our Lord has fought enough battles to not fear an assassin!
(Is this grammatically correct? It’s meant to say he won’t feel threatened by an assassin.)

[?]: That’s right. And we’re no “slouch” either.
[?]: Yes! It’ll be a joke if the dozen of us still need reinforcement!

[?]: Compare to those at Guiyin and Guihe…

[?]: you guys are so much weaker.

[?]: However, thanks for your courtesy.

[?]: By the likes of you?

{sfx: cha}

[?]: Yup.

[?]: It’s certainly easier to fight a dozen men

[?]: than a hundred!

[?]: C’mere. One.
(“again come…”)

[?]: Two, three, four…

[?]: Five,
[?]: six,
[?]: seven,
[?]: eight,
[?]: nine.

[?]: Twelve.

{sfx: cha}

[?]: One more.

[?]: Come out.

[?]: Out.

{sfx: cha}

[?]: Hm.

{sfx: pa}

[?]: Still slower than me.

[?]: Leader, was it a smooth “process”?

[?]: Smooth… Too bad any husband of mine must die.

[?]: Yet… still can’t beat first and second masters. The door has barely shut, and already nothing but silence outside.

[?]: Please come in, sirs. Let’s head for the back door.
[?]: Okay.

[?]: Leiyang’s boss and his head lackeys are dead. Chaos shall reign.

[?]: Within three days this place will follow in Guiyin and Guihe’s footsteps and cozy up to old Zhao.

[?]: We of Guiyang shall easily gain the strength of three cities without casualties.

[?]: Yes. Opening a path through Leiyang today will allow reinforcements to be send to Magistrate Han Xuan in Changsha.

[?]: The timing is perfect. Teacher would be glad to hear about this.

[?]: Yes. A worthy rival is hard to come by.

[?]: Not to mention this guy is better than Lü Bu…

[?]: Master Huang won’t be the only one who’s glad. So are we!
(this “master” means “teacher”; it’s just awkward to call someone “teacher Huang”)

[?]: Hehe, even first master Wei is growing impatient.

====== black page preview ====
The boy always followed the first master, and looked forward to his next move.


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