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August 28, 2015

chapter 446 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{the Dai Commandery}

[?]: Another troop of seven thousand emerged from the valley!

[?]: By banner they serve Fan Cheng, a former subordinate of Yuan Shao!

[?]: No, some are Xianbei banners!

chapter 446 Bugs In Decayed Wood

[?]: Word from Jiang Wu says Chen Yi of Shanggu is willing to send aid. Should we accept?
(“just received Jiang Wu’s letter… able/allowed or not”)
[?]: No, stall him. Chen Yi is of the Liu clan. This sudden generosity might be a trick.
(“…this sudden dispatch [of] troop, might has scheme”)

[?]: Notify Jiang Wu to keep his guard up and alert us of any news.
[?]: How many of our troops from the south could be transferred here?

[?]: Many barbarian tribes of the Taiyuan region are raising hell. I doubt they have men to spare.

[?]: Master, Li Chang’s army at Yanmen has mutinied. They let the Qiang armies come through the pass.

[?]: If Li Chang revolted, so will Lu Ying…

{Colonel Director of Retainers, Zhong Yao}
[?]: This Qiang tribe rebellion, master, does it mean Han Sui and Ma Chao would…
[Zhong Yao]: It’s possible.

[?]: Our occupation force is limited in this vast border territory. Redeployment would be difficult.

[ZY]: Yes. Qin and Han both invested in building the Great Wall precisely because of such fear…
(“…afraid of them”)

[?]: Master, right now it’s hard to spare troops to assist in the defenses, how…

[ZY]: Men, Prime Minister Cao devoted half of his life so that our Great Han can be what it is today!

[ZY]: External threats are nothing to be afraid of as long as we follow in our ancestors’ tactics.

[?]: Master, several mutinies have broke out in the Yanzhou and Jizhou regions. The situation is dire!

[?]: Even on the outskirts of the capital…

Our own people…

{sfx: pa}

[?]: Take care, master!
[?]: You should head inside and rest a while!

[ZY]: It’s nothing,

[ZY]: just old age…

[ZY]: Who else, who else…

[ZY]: think, who could assist in our defense?

Near the end of year 208, mutinies broke out across the country.

Supporters of Emperor Liu Xie, be they former subordinates, warlords, or outsider tribes, all started to rebel after hearing that Cao Cao lost his main force at Red Cliff.

The central power tried to stabilize the situation, but the remaining forces suffered severe casualties while Cao Cao’s other main force was kept in check by Zhou Yu.

Thus defenders everywhere hoarded resources to protect themselves. The political scene of the Cao faction was in imminent danger.

{the Hedong Commandary}

[?]: Consultant Jia, Colonel Zhong Yao sent word
[?]: that you are to assist Changan’s defenses.

[Jia Kui]: Reply to master Zhong that we will head out immediately.
{Jia Kui}
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Master Jia, we’ll pass through Hongnong on the way to Changan. Should we…

[JK]: Now that the world is in chaos, occupy Hongnong on the way under the guise of providing aid.

[JK]: And once we reach Changan, suppress it in the name of Zhong Yao.

[?]: Yes. Zhong Yao is trapped at the border, helpless to do anything about us.

[JK]: We have the same idea, Advisor.

{Xu Shu}
[Xu Shu]: Zhong Yao has ran out of ideas if he would even employ the bug.

[JK]: Haha, I can’t believe we’ll soon gain control of two key territories.

[XS]: Congratulations, brother Jia. You’ve made the climb.

[XS]: Now that the north is plunged in chaos, we’ll be busy with internal affairs for a few years.
[XS]: Once we have Changan, we could definitely help Liu Bei in secret with his westward expansion.

[XS]: We should be able to pull Liu Bei to his feet as long as we play our cards right.

[JK]: You mean the three-division strategy?

[XS]: Two strong factions will end with one devouring the other. But with three the checks and balances could maintain the status quo for much longer.

[XS]: And this crisis “manufactured” by the Sun and Liu will serve as Zhong Da’s protection charm.

[JK]: But Advisor, Liu Bei’s military is weak right now…
(“…what I want to know…”)

[JK]: Even if his main force has marched southward, it won’t be easy to conquer the four commandaries.

[JK]: I’m just concerned about Zhuge Liang’s method of strengthening the military.

[XS]: For this southward campaign, he’ll first boost the forces at Jiangxia. Kong Ming is not messing around.

[XS]: The tens of thousands from the Lujiang Commandery have already followed Lei Xu in his secret surrender to Liu Bei.
[XS]: Even though he was trapped by Zhong Da at Huarong,

[XS]: Lei Xu had prepared so that Liu Bei couldn’t actually be captured.
[JK]: Haha, I see.

[XS]: The world is in chaos, bug. Everyone wants a sudden rise…

[XS]: And so begins our counterattack.

[?]: The two cities of Guiyin and Guihe have surrendered to us.
{the Guiyang Commandery}

[?]: Leiyang has also sent note that a diplomat is on his way.

[?]: Together, the three cities form a buffer along with Changsha, complementing each other.

[?]: Our missed opportunity years ago has finally returned.

[?]: Yes. Everyone is just waiting to act now that the world is in chaos.

[?]: Our two Commanderies have been developing for years. We’ve already built up enough power.

[Zhao Fan]: And also recruited quite many talents…
{Grand Administrator of Guiyang, Zhao Fan}

[ZF]: Oh, they’re back.

[ZF]: Now I have no choice but to believe in “Myth”.

[ZF]: A “Goddess”… is not meant for a mortal’s touch…

[?]: Sir.

[?]: How’s the situation?
[?]: They’re here.

[?]: Liu Bei’s army has reached Wuling.

[?]: Grand Administrator Jin Xuan has already surrendered according to plan. He’s leading them on, so we must not be rash.

[?]: Preserving strength. So, an encore performance.

[?]: “Sell your master for glory”… Who are you giving me to this time?

[?]: Still go with “capture the chief“. Guess who’ll get here first? Guan Yu or Zhang Fei?

[?]: By habit Zhang Fei will be rear guard while Guan Yu lead the charge.

[?]: And Changsha shall be Guan Yu’s grave.

[?]: The main commander shouldn’t take part on a whim. The invader of Guiyang must not be run-of-the-mill either.
(not sure about first part)

[?]: There’s this guy named “Zhao” in Liu Bei’s army in recent years. He’s rumored to be phenomenal.

[?]: Oh. How intriguing.
(or “That certainly piqued my interest.”)

====== black page preview ====
Our leader loved to kill, especially those with the surname “Zhao”.


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