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October 31, 2015

chapter 450 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{the Guiyang Commandery, Qujiang county}
(Mr. Chen appears to be purposely choosing water-themed words in this chapter, “Qujiang” is a common name, but literally it is “bending/bent river”)

[?]: That was out of line, Boss Feng!

[?]: This area is under boss Lu’s control…

[?]: You Mouth-of-River gang should mind your own business!

chapter 450 Seething Art
(“paint the seethe”)

[?]: Little Chen, call for boss Lu’s men!

[?]: Shopkeep, boss Lu has already retired and gave us the control!

[?]: There’s Mouth-of-River, and here’s Tail-of-River. The territories are clearly separated!
[?]: I won’t pay up. Do your worst!
(“…afraid of you not”)

[Feng An]: Everybody paid except for you. That’s not good.

[FA]: Me, Feng An, losing my street cred?
(“I feng an’s face where”)

{sfx: pong~}

[FA]: I’ll say this again. Mouth-Of-River gang will be the only gang in Qujiang!

[FA]: Be it with today’s Zhao Fan or tomorrow’s Liu Bei, this terf will always belong to our gang.

[FA]: So I ask you again. Pay up or not?

[?]: I give, I give. Stop hitting!

[?]: Boss, look.

[FA]: Oh, this is…

[?]: Owner Guo’s painted cruise ferry has recently changed hands. The new owner seems to be doing a dazzling job.

[?]: Welcome, good sirs. Welcome!

[FA]: Heh, way prettier decoration than before. No wonder they stole all the other customers.
[FA]: Boat-keep, business is streaming in, eh.

[?]: Oh but if it wasn’t for mister Guo I’d not have such fortune!

[?]: This is the prime location to take in all of Qujiang’s beauty at once.
[?]: Not only the fishery scene in its entirety, you’ll also see major naval bases at a distance…

[?]: Quit yapping. If you’re new around here, you should come and say hi!

[?]: You all sound like the Mouth-of-River gang?

[?]: I thought your gang has always had a rapport with Administrator Zhao Fan, no?

[FA]: Bullshit. Zhao is Zhao. The time has changed…

[FA]: We’re with the “Liu” now.

[FA]: Where’s the owner? Get him!

[?]: Ah, yes yes yes, I’ll notify him.

[?]: With the “Liu” now?
{jar label: wine}
[?]: Yes. Looks like they already seeped through.

[?]: Give’em some change and send’em away. But I should pay more attention…

[?]: We’ve caught a big fish.

[?]: An expert?
[?]: Indeed.

[?]: A landscape surveyor.

[?]: He has done several paintings. Three of gate towers.
[?]: Four of naval camps and ships.

[?]: Any other suspicious persons these days besides him?
[?]: Yes. There were more vagrants now. And something’s going on with gangs in the area.

[?]: I heard that the Mouth-of-River gang has swallowed the others and are making a racket all over the place.

[?]: If there’s no surprises, then Liu Bei has already spread his claws.

[?]: The deployment and gaps have all been drawn.

[?]: He has noted every position for future action.

[?]: If I’m not mistaken, he’s no mere spy.

[?]: He may also have the mind of a military adviser.

[?]: That means Liu Bei has already seen through our fake surrender?

[?]: It’s very likely, Young Master. They have already planned their next move.

[?]: Liu Bei’s use of force is meticulous. If I’m right…

[?] that man…

[?]: Young Master, wait…

[?]: They say that the landscape south of the Long River is picturesque…

[?]: Forgive a youngster for asking, why are you so fond of the gate towers?

[Zhang Fei]: How could a youngster understand what grownups like?

[?]: Sun Ce was my age when he made the scene, wasn’t he?

[ZF]: Haha, as if you could be compared to Sun Ce?

[FA]: Yeah? You wanna buy us off with spare change?
[FA]: We’re no bums; we’re in charge of this place!

[ZF]: Southerners have always been a foolhardy bunch.

[?]: Your accent marks you a northerner. You must have loads of experience in war.

[?]: This scene reminds me.
(not sure)

[?]: I’ve heard of a painter from the north who paints the battlefield before the battle happens.

[?]: I’m concerned that I’ve just met him, unfortunately.

[FA]: Pay up or not, you stinker?

[FA]: We’ll trash this boat if you don’t!

[?]: Since you’ve got your nose so high in the air
(“mister if eyes see no one…”)

[?]: This old bloke’ll have to be more direct. You with Liu Bei?
(he changed the honorific of himself to a more crude one, but it’s hard to translate)

[ZF]: Haha, the youngster grew up so fast.
(“…little man grow up so fast, turned old man”)

[ZF]: I suggest you stop talking nonsense.

[?]: Wh… what?

[?]: Boss, the ferry is moving!

[?]: The fuck you doing you bastard?
(made it more thuggish sounding)

[?]: Dock the fucking boat you hear me?

[?]: If you’re here with ill intentions…

[?]: Your granddad’s gonna ask you again. Are you… Mister Zhang?

[ZF]: Granddad… Haha, I’m starting to lose it.

{sfx: pong~}

[FA]: You hear me you stinking bastard?

[?]: I’ve only heard someone asking a question three times…

[FA]: The fuck you yacking about?

[?]: Three times…

{sfx: cha~ cha~ cha~}

[?]: He’s going to do it.
(“he about to take action”)

[ZF]: If you intend to kill, why bother asking?

[?]: I’ve killed so many. The warning is just to lessen the guilt.

[ZF]: Too bad you really are just a boy…

[ZF]: because you’re not the boss here.

[?]: The fox intimidates, forgetting it was the tiger’s fierceness that he’s borrowing.
(modified the last bit of the translation, since just saying “forgetting about the tiger behind” may be mis-read as something like the “Golden Oriole from behind”, which is an unrelated idiom; the explanation of the original idiom)

[ZF]: Getting your head is as easy to me as fetching an item from a bag.

[ZF]: Ah, my sword is trembling…
{sfx: pa}
[ZF]: A long-lost sense of high hope and ambition is calling to it.

[ZF]: Pleasure. My surname is Zhang.

[?]: My surname is Wei.
[ZF]: Interesting.

====== black page preview ==========
Heroes do not fear death. Perhaps there was already a reason why they sympathized with each other.

That was why among Liu Bei’s generals, only these two died in the hands of knaves.


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