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November 20, 2015

chapter 451 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{the Guiyang Commandery}

[?]: The chaos of today is the fault of a weak and unpopular Imperial Han.

[?]: In a war-torn era… who doesn’t look out for themselves?
[?]: What are you implying, General Zhao?

[?]: The defeat at Red Cliff has plunged the north into the greatest predicament…

[?]: But it also provided a stepping stone for men with lofty aspirations.
(“…goal/aspiration for the world…”)

chapter 451 Fine Words And An Insinuating Appearance

[Zhao Fan]: Having surveyed the four commanderies, Controller Cao, you must’ve reached the same conclusion?

[Cao Feng]: So you’re saying… the four commanderies have decided not to accept the rule of central command?
{Army Controller, Cao Feng}

[ZF]: Pity. If only someone of your abilities could lend us a hand…

{sfx: pong!}

[CF]: My loyalty belongs only to the Prime Minister!
(“[my] heart only contains the prime minister”)

[CF]: Why not lay it out in the open if that’s how you want to be!
(not sure)

[ZF]: Loyalist.

[ZF]: Yes. The Prime Minister certainly is a loyalist who supports Imperial Han.

[ZF]: But that doesn’t mean no one else could serve for the good of the country.

[ZF]: Your old-fashioned view saddens me.

[ZF]: And it also reminds me… of my older brother’s short life.
(he later clarifies it’s an Oath Brother, not one of blood relation)

[CF]: Why fear a short life when one’s aspiration never errs?
(not sure)

[ZF]: Our years of friendship makes us close like brothers.

[ZF]: There will come a day when we part ways, though as important as stately affairs are…

[ZF]: we cannot neglect family matters.

[ZF]: Perhaps sharing the same surname doesn’t make people learn to cherish the bond.
(the last part is my interpretation, because just saying “treasure [something]” doesn’t clarify what that something is)

[ZF]: My dead brother was a Cao. He left behind a widow.

[ZF]: If something were to happen to me, I hope you would take care of her.

[ZF]: As a member of the Cao clan, she shares the same ancestor.

[CF]: Uh…

[ZF]: Her maiden name is Fan. And she’s in her prime.

[ZF]: Come, pour some wine for the Army Controller.
[Fan]: Yes.

[CF]: Confucius said, an army commander may be carried off…

[CF]: but the will of a common man cannot be taken from him.

[CF]: That is our goal as righteous men…

[CF]: However…

[CF]: Confucius also said that humans have basic needs.
(“drink eat man woman”, food and sex)

[ZF]: Yes. There’s no contradiction. You’re getting the drift.

[CF]: No. Fine words and an insinuating appearance are seldom associated with true virtue.

[CF]: But a man of honor lives honestly without fear.

[CF]: A real man can appreciate loyalty as well as a rose.
(“…both love loyalty righteousness and love flower”)

[ZF]: A rose has thorns. It’s bad luck…
(“flower has thorn, approach/close-in not auspicious”)

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: cha~}
[F]: That’s the right attitude. Interesting.
(the second half of the sentence can be interpreted in many ways, so it’s not just plainly that this situation is interesting; could be “it’s only interesting if one has the right attitude”; or it’s sarcastic; I’ll keep this vague like it is originally)

{sfx: pong~}

[ZF]: A good officer is hard to find…

[ZF]: Why so drastic, Lady Fan?

[F]: Because this dick ain’t what I need.
(hehe, innuendo mine; if you don’t like this, try “Because this minion isn’t my type”)

[F]: How many dead “Oath Brothers” do you have?

[ZF]: And how many “husbands” have you killed?

[?]: Old Zhao, a real man is hard to come by…

[ZF]: Hahaha… The wise understands men. So, is the next step successful?

[?]: Cao Feng’s men have already agreed to surrender.

[?]: The troops outside of Guiyang have joined our ranks.

[?]: All dissenters have been captured.

[?]: My Lord.

[?]: Cao Cao’s influence within the four commanderies has been completely dissolved.

[ZF]: We are the only commandery to survive this civil war without any casualties.
[ZF]: We’re reserving our strength… for the last move.

[F]: There’s a hidden meaning to that, isn’t there? You sure are up to no good.

[ZF]: Haha, well I used to be a businessman.

[F]: So… we’re down to the last obstacle.

[ZF]: Yes. Liu Bei’s messenger is on his way to the city.

[ZF]: His surname is Zhao, and he claims to be from my hometown.

[ZF]: And he knows everyone who has some kind of association to me.

[ZF]: What’s more intriguing is that he’s coming here alone despite hearing of Guan Yu’s entrapment.
[F]: You mean…

[ZF]: An assassin… of your ilk.
(“…you all’s colleague”)

[ZF]: His background is shrouded in mystery. Cao Cao’s men have seen his might during the battle at Changban.

[ZF]: They tried to keep it hush because it was a humiliating loss, and Liu Bei didn’t brag either.

[?]: Zhao Yun, a visitor out of nowhere.

[?]: Adding so much fun to this last challenge.

[?]: As you wished, brother Zhao is here.
(girls/women call their boyfriend/fiance/crush “older brother” as a term of endearment, or used sarcastically)

[F]: The new “husband” is no ordinary man indeed.

[F]: Now that… is interesting.

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When Liaoyuan Huo entered the city that day, he never came back out.


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