Ravaging Times

February 2, 2016

Volume 56 Extra Text

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Raging War South of Jing; Three Generals Attack Four Commanderies

God-like Warrior Leads His Troops to the Huarong Path; Confidants Find Common Ground In the War-tent

For people who work long hours, like me, watching TV at home has become a staple form of entertainment. Maybe it’s because I’m too bored, the usual comedies just aren’t satisfying enough. Yet the things that weren’t meant to be funny can be so much funnier if one is willing to look beneath the surface.
Some renowned historical piece, with serious production values and research… and then we see the main character fly onto the roof.
Some documentary, recording a realistic story about the lead being alone in the wild. But he is followed by a camera crew…
Some Haunted House (I don’t know which one he’s talking about) series on an American TV channel shows the home owner telling us how their life has been like hell while living there, and yet they still haven’t moved out by the end…
In music videos, black people are always partying next to swimming pools, and idol groups singing love songs always have that starving look…
I’m sorry, I’m way too bored.

[Last Pages]
Fifty-step-range Archer Swears to Break Feathers (Guan Yu)
Caged Bird Gets Trapped in Water, Unable to Fly (Zhang Fei)
The Vengeful Femme Fatale Stabs At the Turning Clouds (Zhao Yun)
Who Shall Rule the Four Commanderies

[Next On Ravages]
Volume 57: A Gathering of Heroes



  1. What do the last pages mean context wise?


    Comment by 124 — February 12, 2016 @ 1:28 pm

    • The “last pages” come after the last chapter in a volume, so we typically don’t see them in the syndication release of the chapter. In this case it’s trying to summarize what the current volume was about and give a preview of what will be in the next volume. There are three major war fronts in the current campaign, led by Guan Yu (direct), Zhang Fei (scout) and Zhao Yun (indirect). Mr. Chen is just trying to use fancy words to spice up the narration.


      Comment by merc — February 19, 2016 @ 8:26 am

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