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April 4, 2016

Patreon Incentive Ideas?

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Hi fellow Ravages readers,

If you are willing and able to support my translating efforts, what kind of digital service would you like to receive in return in addition to my gratitude? :)

My current thinking is:
* all chapter translations continue to be public, free (not donation-motivated), and on the same schedule as normal (once to twice per month), usually should be after pictures are available at you-know-where
* any Ravages related article/posting that I stumble upon that have “value” will continue to be public, free (not donation-motivated), and ASAP
* at first level ($2? per creation), funding goes toward purchasing the physical books from volume 51 onward. I’m thinking of showing the video recording of the first round of translation process of a chapter (based on text transcription by other fans such as Ciper at PTT forum); these are not necessary for the understanding of the series, so they don’t need to be public
* at second level, ($5?) I’m willing to translate specifically designated short article/post/media-segment that’s Ravages related that I didn’t know about (Please note: I prefer not to deal with the light novels at all, but if you’re just asking for very short snippets from them, I’ll consider the content on a case-by-case basis); once translated, they will be public
* at third level, ($?) livestream of a translation session? I’m interested in branching out to other Chinese comics that I find interesting (not the Hong Kong musclemen comics, please), no blatant plagiarism (as in copy-paste content or same pose and background from another comic!), and those that don’t already have dedicated translation teams behind them
* I’ll try to provide a paypal option for supporters who don’t want to create a Patreon account

What I want is to provide a service that is not easily replaceable by another person/team. I’m not the best in terms of translation skill, but I have been doing this consistently for 10+ years. I never made money from this before because the act is unethical, but I feel the project is worth doing, and I want this project to be part of my “self-employment career” as an “edutainer”.

Feedback and suggestions welcome (such as how to further add “transformative value” to what I’m doing that makes all of us feel less guilty about profiting off of Mr. Chen’s work). If Tong Li tells me to cease and desist, then I may have to stop for good. But I really hope they consider hiring me as an independent contractor for the English-speaking fanbase! :)

Thank you for your support.

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