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August 25, 2016

chapter 467 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: What is it? Can you see it?

[?]: That’s right. It’s the eastern pagoda that’s on fire.

[?]: That means something’s up at the eastern jailhouse.

chapter 467 Climb the Pagoda To Seize the City

[?]: Fire is the signal.

[?]: Master Fei, there’s fire. Not sure if it’s real.
[?]: Who cares. Just try it.

[?]: Niu, you squealer! I’m gonna kill you!
[?]: Stop hitting. Guards, guards!

[?]: Damn it, are you all sick of living?
(“…regard life too long”)

[?]: Any more noise and I’ll set a bloody example!
(“…I will first kill one”)
{sfx: da!}

{sfx: da!}

{sfx: cha~}

{Liu Bei’s Attendant Clerk, Jian Yong}
[Jian Yong]: Timely shout.

[?]: Jian Yong. It’s Jian Yong!

[JY]: Clean it up.
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: General Zhao sure kept his promise. We thought he was done for.

[JY]: The commanding officers of the four battalions all went to the eastern jailhouse, leaving the third-rates to guard the city.

[JY]: Your ranks are higher. They dare not oppose you.

[JY]: Hold your posts. Remember our previous deployment.

Everything is back on track.

{sfx: shoom~}

[Zhao Fan]: Fire appears severe, wherefore men rarely get burned.

[ZF]: But idiots deserve to die.

[?]: Guard the exits so he can’t escape!
[?]: Don’t worry. He’s got no chance!

[?]: It’s like a furnace in there now. He won’t last long!

[?]: Come on, jump down!

[?]: It’s better to die from a fall!

[?]: Look, he’s out!

[?]: Zhao, jump down!
[?]: Aren’t you super powerful?

[?]: Come down if you’ve got balls! We’re eager to avenge our brothers!

[?]: Come on! Come on!

What is he doing?

He’s waiting? Unless…

A spent force is no longer a threat.

[ZF]: The enemy is near death. The main force can withdraw.

[ZF]: Count the dead and fill their positions.
[ZF]: Warn each battalion to not transfer any more troops without a command token!

[ZF]: Do it now. Hurry!

[?]: Sir! Mutiny outbreaks in the city!

[?]: The leaders are the rebelling officers we put in jail!

[?]: First battalion stays. The rest shall go back!

So this is the contingency plan.

He… is stalling.

[?]: Hurry. There isn’t much troop at the south gate!

[?]: Wait, hold up!

[?]: Here they come.

[?]: Go back! Don’t come out!
[?]: Ambush!
(“here has ambush”)

{sfx: cha~ cha~}

{sfx: cha~ cha~}

[?]: What’s wrong? Can’t get out!
[?]: Storm out! The detour takes too long!

[Zhou Cang]: Hold your positions. Let none of them escape!

[?]: Zhou Cang, how do we rescue the leader?
[?]: Will he be fine in there?

[ZC]: No need. He’ll fend for himself.
(“…self has solution”)

{south gate}

[?]: Guan Xin, step aside!

[Guan Xin]: Wer… weren’t you arrested, sirs? Wh…

[?]: Let me repeat. Your superiors aren’t here,

[?]: because… they’re dead.

[?]: And so is Zhao Fan!

[?]: See how we’re free to move about without opposition?

[?]: We can wait a little longer if you don’t believe me.

Keep stalling.

[?]: They’re out!
(there’s no pronoun here, so it could refer to Liaoyuan Huo or Zhao Fan’s men)
[?]: Release!

Keep stalling.

The men on the outskirts are about to take action.

Xiao Fan,

this ciry is about to be mine.


it’ll just be about you.
(“only left you”)


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