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September 14, 2016

chapter 468 (magazine syndication, not final)

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Rumor is still the best weapon in war before the fighting really begins.

[?]: Zhao Fan surrendered to Liu Bei. The four commanderies will rejoin the Imperial clan.
[?]: The world reunites under the Great Han!

[?]: Be on the look out for insurgents in the city. Report suspicious activity!

[?]: What? Liu Bei is already here?
[?]: His Majesty has regained control of the court?

[?]: Damn it, stop spewing nonsense!

chapter 468 The Secret of Guiyang

[?]: Why would our Lord surrender to Liu Bei?

[?]: Why else do I dare to say this in the city?
[?]: If you don’t believe me, go ask our Lord yourselves!

[?]: The other ten cities have already received notice. Go get ready!

[?]: But…

[?]: Sir, report says that Liu Bei’s army has bypassed Changsha!

[?]: Zhao Fan is still at the eastern courtyard, unaware of what’s happening. No time to waste.

[?]: Our troops are limited, but the other cities will surrender once we capture Guiyang.

[?]: Our spy at the eastern jailhouse reports heavy casualties there,
[?]: and that Zhao Yun killed many key officers in the courtyard.

[Jian Yong]: Hm. He’s like a “cloud” of myth and mystery.
(“…this ‘cloud’…”; wordplay on the name Yun, and will also get a callback at the end of this chapter)

[?]: Sir Jian, over here.
(“…come here a moment”)

[JY]: There’s another dungeon below?

[JY]: Why didn’t you report it earlier?
[?]: We just found it.

[JY]: They must not be ordinary prisoners.

[?]: Damn does it stink down here.

[?]: Sir Jian, we found a live one.
[?]: Get up. We want answers.
(“…have words ask you”)

[?]: Ah, mister, is that you?
(this “mister” is like “sensei” in Japanese, polite reference to a learned person, like a teacher; in modern use it’s just a polite reference to an adult male)
[?]: I… I really have nothing more to say…

[?]: I’m only an officer of the southern patrols. I told you everything about the route!

[?]: Val… valley’s entrance tends to get flooded in July. Woods to the west, flatland to the east.
(he’s saying “left” and “right”)

[?]: Hills north then flat lands, and swamp to the south.
(“up… down has marshland…”; not sure because this is so vague)

[?]: Natural barriers made it unnecessary to station more troops there. We only go on patrol once every three months!
[?]: Any… anything else can be solved by paying the barbarians!

[JY]: Barbarians? Does he mean the southern territories?
[?]: Aren’t the barbarians always fighting us?

[?]: No. Lies. All rumors!

[?]: That’s some shocking news if it’s true.
(“…indeed shocking inside-story”)

[JY]: Check if there is anyone else here, and identify them.
[?]: There’s more to Zhao Fan of Guiyang than meets the eye.

[?]: Name, and how long you’ve been here.
[Zhang Si]: Zhang Si, captured while on patrol…

[ZS]: I… I don’t know how long I’ve been here…
[ZS]: These people were all missing-in-action…

{sfx: shoom~}

[Zhao Yun]: Cough.
[ZY]: Cough.

[ZY]: Cough cough.

[?]: The walls are breaking apart. Haha, the four-layer steam tower won’t last much longer!
[?]: Zhao, hurry up and come down!

[?]: Ah, he’s heading for the top level.

[?]: My Lord, will “mister” get mad if the tower is destroyed?
(this “mister” is like “sensei” in Japanese, polite reference to a learned person, like a teacher; in modern use it’s just a polite reference to an adult male)

[?]: We can’t put out this fire. And… this was their study.

[Zhao Fan]: No. Let it burn. I’ve memorized what was there.

[ZF]: All that’s left…

is this source of all evil!

{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: shoom~}

{sfx: pa pa}

{map reads, right to left: …”can station four thousand(?)… bottom “deep valley, below cliff, flood in July”; circled “hill north, flatland, swamp south”; above “valley entrance flood in July, woods west, flatland east”… Routes of Shu, map ten}
(can’t read the rest)


{sfx: pong}

[?]: My Lord, the tower is collapsing!

[ZF]: By blocking out the sun, the cloud has shape but no light.
(“cloud” implies Zhao “Yun”)

Oh Xiao Fan, today that storm cloud in your heart will dissipate…
(I want to say “over your heart” but I think “in your heart” works anyway?)

[?]: Take aim! He’s coming out!

before the coming of a bright sun.
(possible reference)

[?]: Aim in the direction of his jump!

[?]: Rainbow robe whitened by a cloud of blue,

with long arrow I shoot at the star of the wolf!
(“…heavenly wolf”, but since the notes say it refers to an inauspicious constellation, I figured it sounds cooler like this)


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