Ravaging Times

December 8, 2016

chapter 472 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{the Qu river}

[?]: Several dust clouds in the woods ahead.
[?]: With trees in the way, it’s difficult to tell if they’re real troops.

[?]: Look. The first group has appeared.

[?]: They seem to be from Leiyang.

chapter 472 Reading An Assassin
(I don’t understand the first half of the title, so I’m interpreting based on context)

[?]: Formations!

[?]: The enemy has arrived. Prepare for battle!

[?]: Leiyang’s surrender made Yinshan more susceptible to rumors, hence their surrender as well…
(Leiyang and Yinshan are locations, not people)

[?]: I heard that Han Xuan has locked himself in at Changsha.

[?]: Did something happen to old master Huang…?

[?]: Look, they’re coming for us.

[?]: Sir, the River gangs are fighting among themselves.
[?]: The Mouth-of-River and Tail-of-River are at each other’s throats!

[?]: They’ve been setting fire everywhere, even our barracks have been affected!

[?]: Damn it. They had planned this.

[?]: What do we do? Split our defenders to suppress the riot?
[?]: That’ll make our job harder, given our small numbers.

[?]: Our main force followed Master Wei on a pursuit. Seems to me we fell for the enemy’s baiting tactic.
(“…lure tiger leave mountain’s ploy”)

[?]: General, down… down there…

[?]: Our ambushing troops are deserting!

[?]: The fighting hasn’t even started yet and they’re already running? Spineless!

[?]: They ruined master Wei’s formation setup.
[?]: We’re being attacked from two fronts, now what…

[?]: We’ve still got master Huang even if first master Wei isn’t around.

[?]: Shatter like jade than stay whole as a brick.
(quoting History of Qi of the Northern Dynasties)

[Zhao Tong]: Have you forgotten old master Huang’s spirit?

[?]: Who do you think you are, boy?


[ZT]: Your granddaddy!

[Zheng Zhong]: I’ve heard that Imperial Uncle Liu wants to save Han,
[ZZ]: so I, Zheng Zhong of the Qu River, want to submit to you!

[?]: It’s wise to be loyal to Imperial Han!

[Liu Feng]: Zheng Zhong is the main force of the Qu River. We’ve reduced the enemy force by three-tenth.
(adopted son Kou Feng)
[Liu Bei]: Excellent.

[?]: Remove armor and boots, then report to the right flank.
[?]: Anyone who can help us break through the enemy lines will be richly rewarded!

[LF]: Don’t worry, everyone! The battle will be over soon!

[?]: My Lord, here comes another group!

[LF]: A little guy. Could he be the one our spy in the river told us about?

[LF]: Please be careful, father.

[ZT]: Your loyalty and righteousness have won over the hearts of the people, Imperial Uncle.

[ZT]: As a small-time militia chief, I submit to you!

[?]: It’s wise to be loyal to Imperial Han! Welcome!

[ZT]: Hmph. Hypocritical slogan…

[?]: Imperial Uncle, that boy’s Zhao Fan’s confidant Zhao Tong-
[?]: beware of his trickery!

[?]: Be careful, my Lord!

[LB]: Hm.

[LB]: Who is your father?

[ZT]: What do you mean?

[LB]: Never mind… I might’ve been mistaken.

[ZT]: I’m not sure I deserve such a personal welcome, Imperial Uncle.

[LB]: No, I just felt you’re different.

[LB]: A kind of familiarity, perhaps, like we’ve already met before.

[LB]: Except that I can’t feel any sincerity from you.

[ZT]: Anyone thinking they can read people is either a genuine man of greatness,

[ZT]: or a scoundrel who fishes in troubled waters.
(the imagery is too good to give up for a clearer translation)

[ZT]: Which one are you, I dare to ask?

[LB]: The other.

[LB]: A traitor to Han.

[LB]: Yet a traitor who is blessed by the Heavens.

[LB]: It takes certain amount of skill to survive in this day and age.

[LB]: Perhaps it’s not that I’ve been reading people correctly, but that the Heavens have chose for me.

[LB]: I can sense that you’re in danger… So I would like to pull you out of it.

[LB]: In front of you are people who’re dressed for war. They’re unkind.

{sfx: ta}

[ZT]: I can count too. A few dozen

[ZT]: is surely easier to take on than a few hundred.

[ZT]: Not to mention this is the perfect distance.

[LB]: For me as well, to get a good look at you.

[LF]: Father.

[LB]: Is it worthwhile to die like this?

[ZT]: Answering you…
[ZT]: surely isn’t.

[LB]: Then why do you dare?

[ZT]: ‘Cuz I feel like it.

[ZT]: Your granddaddy likes to win!

[LB]: Like? What a waste.

[LB]: Without a clear view of the world, so many righteous men stumble onto the wrong path…

[LB]: Favoring mediocrity just because the quality instrument is broken.
(quoting from Qu Yuan’s “Chu Ci” poetry collection, chapter 6 “Divination”, can’t find official translation at the moment; wordplay on Huang Zhong’s name, which sounds like “yellow bell”)

[ZT]: What?
(wordplay lost in translation, also depicting Zhao Tong as less well-read than Liu Bei)

[LB]: Old master Huang found his clarity in the end.

[LB]: And I’ve come this far because of him.
[LB]: I ask you,

[LB]: do you want to work with master Huang?

[LB]: If yes, then follow me.

==== black page preview ===
Liu Bei extends his hand, and it kept extending…


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