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January 20, 2017

chapter 474 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{River Qu}
(technically I should translate it as location name “Qujiang”, but by now the precedence has been set in order to make the reference “Mouth-of-River” and “Tail-of-River” gangs easy to understand)

[?]: More fire in the back alleys outside the city wall.
[?]: The defenders there are about to retreat!

[?]: Unit three, guard the ships at the harbor!
[?]: Don’t let them burn the ships!

[?]: The Mouth-of-River and Tail-of-River gangs are fighting each other to lure us away,

[?]: so who’s leading the siege?

chapter 474 Words As Weapon
(“use mouth as weapon”)

[?]: Liu Bei is outside of our encampment, and Wei Yan isn’t here…
[?]: What do we do now?

[?]: Winning.

[Liu Bei]: I like to win too.

[LB]: And I also like sincere people.

{sfx: ka}
[Zhao Tong]: Except that

[ZT]: your granddaddy hates pretentious folks.

{sfx: pong}

{sfx: ta}

[Liu Feng]: Surrender.

{sfx: sou~}

[ZT]: No.

{sfx: pa~}

[LF]: Surrender.

{sfx: pa~}

[ZT]: No.

[LF]: Surrender.

{sfx: pa}

{sfx: cha}

{sfx: sha}

[ZT]: You’re fast.

[LF]: Not really.
(the implication here is “not my best record yet”)

{sfx: sou~}

{sfx: pa}

{sfx: pa}

[LB]: Have his officers surrendered?

[?]: Our troops have headed into the hills.

[?]: My Lord, soon their forces on the hill will surrender.


[?]: Zhao Tong, Zhao Tong-
[?]: Here, over here!

[?]: They sprung an ambush in River Qu. Everybody’s retreating.

[?]: Make a run for it!

[LF]: Haha, a boatload of smart men.

[LF]: I ask you again, boy,

[LF]: will you surrender?

{sfx: cha}

[LB]: Is it worth it to die like this?

[ZT]: No, but nor am I giving up.

[LB]: You’re young. You’ll have time.

[LB]: Knowing when to pull back.
[LB]: Not bad.

[ZT]: Sparing an enemy?

[ZT]: You’ll regret it.

[LB]: No, it was Huang Zhong who asked me not to kill you.

[LB]: Got it?

[ZT]: Oh Liu Bei…

[ZT]: you can swallow the world with that mouth of yours.

[ZT]: I take my leave.

{sfx: splash~}

[?]: He’s fleeing, my Lord, should we…

[LF]: He’s the toughest of the few we let escape.

[LF]: Is the scheme working?

[LB]: That’s another one of Han Xuan’s camps up north.
[LB]: Huang Zhong is done for once they withdraw to Changsha.

[LF]: Yes. Huang Zhong is a legend among archers.

[LF]: His tutelage in the past helped me tremendously.
[LF]: It’ll be a blessing to our archery units if you could recruit him, father.

[LB]: Haha, just like what Yun Chang said.
(Yun Chang is Guan Yu’s courtesy name)

[LB]: Follow me.

[LB]: Let’s go hunt for a bigger prey.

What that hunter is hunting for is no longer something small.

[?]: Amazing. If they keep up the pressure,

[?]: we’ll be stuck here.
(“…we already trapped in dead-end terrain”)
[?]: Little Wu should’ve broken through already, but we’re yet to see any reinforcement.

[?]: Is lord Han Xuan in trouble, or has he…

[?]: given up on us?

[?]: No. Lord Han’s army is bigger than Liu Bei’s. If he’s still not sending reinforcements…

[?]: I can sense resentment from the troops. I fear something’s gone wrong.

[?]: No. Our Lord must be thinking that we’re either dead or have surrendered.

[?]: It’s been several days. Liu Bei controls the rumor mill.

[Huang Zhong]: It’s reasonable that lord Han Xuan has reservations.

[HZ]: Who knew I could still feel the frustration like a younger man.

[HZ]: While we complain about our Lord, we’ve unwittingly…

[HZ]: fell into that devil’s clutches.
(“covertly struck by that guy’s demon claws”)

magazine-release-only teaser: “Next chapter: Clawing Toward Han Xuan”


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