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February 2, 2017

chapter 475 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: They’re here, they’re here!

[?]: Proceed with the plan and ambush them on their way up the hill!
[?]: Prepare the main force to engage them!

[?]: Look, so many of them were lured here!

[?]: Third master, they’re coming!

chapter 475 Pointing the Sword At Changsha
(it can be more easily translated as “aiming at Changsha” if you want)

[?]: Hurry, they’re catching up to our infantry at the rear!

[Zhang Fei]: The plan’s no good. Forget it.
(“…give up”)

[?]: Third master, you mean…

[?]: They… they’re turning around?
[?]: Shit, did they see through our plan?

{cavalry movement sfx}

[?]: We’ve got the upperhand, Wei Yan, why’re we turning around?

[?]: We’d catch him for sure if we kept going!
[?]: We’ll have wasted our chance if we turn back…

[Wei Yan]: No, we must change route immediately.

[WY]: This way is quicker for an escape.

[WY]: I know an ambush when I see one.

[?]: Sir, Liu Bei’s army is heading for River Qu!

[?]: Our ambushing troop has lost the initiative.
[?]: Will we be able to save them if we go back?

[?]: But Wei Yan, we can’t get back to Guiyang by this route!

[WY]: I know, but…

[WY]: follow me if you want revenge.

[?]: This road goes to Changsha.
[?]: Looks like… they’re giving up on returning to Guiyang.

[ZF]: They’ll join forces with Changsha to save Guiyang.

[ZF]: The logic of a General-in-Chief.

He did paint this hill.
(the implication is that Wei Yan knows this terrain well)


[?]: Sir, Guan Yu’s troop is approaching.

[?]: We’ve abandoned three cities and transferred all the residents and supplies here.
[?]: Now that we’re gathered here, there should be enough resources to scare them off.

[?]: Report says an unknown number of Liu Bei’s army has reached River Qu.
[?]: If so, we might not see allied forces from Zhao Fan.

[?]: Having survived so many years in the Central Plains,

[Han Xuan]: that Liu Bei sure knows a thing or two.

[HX]: I thought we had a chance once we understood the tripartite strategy…

[HX]: Who knew this wasn’t going to be a clear-cut case.
(“thought not, enter tree-trunk three ‘inches’, just discover length not enough”)

[HX]: A fox from the north sure is scary.

[HX]: Conserve our strength. Don’t be rash.

[?]: Look, it’s Han Xuan!

[?]: He’s here!

[?]: He’s here! He’s here!

[?]: Han Xuan, get down here!
(personally I’m reading their subtle meaning as if they’re also calling him to “step down”, but the gloss is only “come down [here]”, not the more obvious “come down the stage”)
[?]: Come on, what’re you afraid of?

[?]: Remember how Changsha was founded?

[?]: We fight our enemies together!
[?]: Your city is our city!

[?]: Yeah, we’re not afraid of villains like Liu Bei!
[?]: Let us fight him together!

[?]: You took care of us like a father, Han Xuan, we won’t shirk our responsibilities in a crisis!

[?]: Yeah, we can fight our way to the Xu capital!
[?]: Show them that the people of Changsha are no pushover!

[?]: We’ll protect Changsha with our lives; never bow to another!

[?]: Get down here, Han Xuan!

[?]: Come down! Come down!

[?]: The people are loyal, unlike Huang Zhong!

[?]: We’ll never surrender like him! We rather die!

[?]: Yes, the people of Changsha are no pushover!
[?]: Definitely not cowards either!

[?]: Down with Huang Zhong! Death before submission!
[?]: Down with Huang Zhong!

[HX]: Rumors reached us before he did…
[HX]: Is there any news of him?

[?]: Huang Zhong used to be an outsider, my Lord, and he served Liu Biao of all people…
[?]: Now that Liu Qi also works for Liu Bei, the rumor does make sense.

[HX]: No. Someone is fanning the flame.

[?]: You won’t get away with it, old geezer Huang!
[?]: A dishonorable man has no place in Changsha!

[HX]: People of Changsha, the enemy is fast approaching.
[HX]: Maintain your morale and never give up!

[?]: Sir, please draft us into your army!
[?]: That’s right. There’s still time to train us!

[?]: Our lives are yours to command once we’re given weapons!

[?]: Changsha for Changsha people!


[?]: Second master has just captured a man named little Wu outside the city. Should be one of Huang Zhong’s.

[?]: Haha, there goes Huang Zhong’s call for help.

[?]: The Advisor was right. Changsha’s Han Xuan is not an easy mark.

[?]: Yes. He’s just like our Lord.

[?]: Honest and benevolent politicians are the toughest obstacle.
[?]: We’re out of ideas when the common folks would die for him.

[?]: Trying to govern these people won’t be easy either…

[?]: Sir, our troops have already infiltrated among the civilians. They’ll become part of the city guards.

[?]: Then act quickly. Our Lord doesn’t want to fight the people either.

[?]: If we fail, second master will besiege the city.

[?]: There’s only one way to fight a popular man like Han Xuan.

[?]: He targets the hearts and minds,

[?]: so we’ll target his reputation.
(民/名 semi-homonym wordplay lost in translation)

magazine-release-only teaser: “Next chapter: The Belated Battle”


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