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February 22, 2017

chapter 476 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: We hit the wrong people. What’re your names and titles?

[?]: We’re on the same side but it’s impossible to tell at a glance!
[?]: If this keeps up we’re doomed!

[?]: General, the rebels created the chaos

[?]: and used the occasion to open the gate…

chapter 476 The Final Separation

[?]: Liu Bei’s army has entered the city!


[?]: Block the main entry ways,
[?]: and dig in!
(“to-death guard don’t give up”)

[?]: General, guards in the city confirmed that our Lord has been captured, and they’ve surrendered out of fear!

[?]: What?

[?]: General, the main city of Guiyang is done for!

[?]: Should we retreat or not?

[?]: Retreat.

[Eighth]: Make preparations.
[?]: Yessir.

[?]: Perhaps there is no other choice.

[Eighth]: Brother…
(“elder brother”)

[Zhao Fan]: Undertake its duties when called to office; retire otherwise.
(implying that he’s going to work for Liu Bei if LB wants him, or retire if LB doesn’t want him)

[ZF]: I won’t die.
(or it could be Eighth who says, “You won’t die.”)

[Eighth]: You chose correctly.

[Eighth]: Take care, brother.

{drop sfx}

[Eighth]: You got your city; and your woman too.

[Eighth]: Gather everyone and retreat.

[?]: But Eighth master… our Lord…

{stab sfx}

[Eighth]: Our Lord

[Eighth]: is his… as well.

[Eighth]: That means Liu Bei has entered the city.

[Zhao Yun]: Yes.

[ZY]: And now there’s nothing to hold me back.

[Eighth]: You’re gambling with the last of your stamina.
(“stamina weak, you can’t be certain of victory”)

[ZY]: I’ve killed so many. What’s one more.

[Eighth]: Can’t say no when you’re on the verge of death.
(not sure)

[Eighth]: Here’s a line for you.
(“gift you one sentence”)

[ZY]: Go ahead.

[Eighth]: They wave their hands with broken heart. From each other they will not part.
(quoting from the poem “Southeast Fly The Peacocks”)

[ZY]: Thanks.

[ZY]: Three days were enough.

[Eighth]: Yes. Some things are hard to let go of.
(“…heart knot difficult untangle”)

[ZY]: We’re all human.

[Eighth]: Same line of work.
(another translation is “kindred spirit”, but not sure how fitting it is here)

[ZY]: You chose correctly.

[?]: Eighth master, why don’t you use a better weapon?
(“…more advantageous…”)
[?]: And those foot movements are so…

[?]: Wait… isn’t… isn’t that…

[?]: that… that’s “Hero’s Duel”!
(not sure, could also just be “Warrior’s Duel” if you don’t like to associate them with “hero” here)

[?]: I heard it’s the cruelest of all dueling methods!
[?]: Yes, pointing at each other’s vital parts, do… do they mean to…

[ZY]: Any last words?

[Eighth]: Say hi to my elder brother.

[ZY]: Okay.


magazine-release-only teaser: “Next chapter: A Kind of Politics”


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