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March 7, 2017

chapter 477 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Sun clan’s warships have left Jiangxia thanks to Kong Ming’s negotiation.
(top bubble; “…persuading…”, and Kong Ming is Zhuge Liang’s courtesy name)
[?]: And the supplies they gave us have a calming effect on the morale.

[?]: The people of Jiangxia are enjoying some stability under Kong Ming’s leadership.

[?]: Those who fled Jing Province are gradually returning.

chapter 477 The Handover of Jiangxia

{Liu Qi}
[Liu Qi]: Huff…
{Yi Ji}

[Yi Ji]: It’s true. Civilians returned, and so have many officers.
[LQ]: Huff…

[YJ]: Those intended to surrender to Cao Cao have gone north.

[YJ]: Those who didn’t go missed our Lord Liu Biao’s benevolent rule.
[YJ]: They followed refugees south to the four Commanderies,

[YJ]: but because people of Xiangyang can be found in all four, Young Master, as long as you’re still alive,

[YJ]: there is hope for their return after Cao Cao loses influence.

[YJ]: Imperial Uncle is victorious. There’s bound to be good news as the people of Jing Province watch you grow in power.
(not sure, the syntax is confusing)
[YJ]: We’re only short of a few leaders who can assume command at will.
(“…one call hundreds answer”)

[YJ]: Please rest easy and focus on recovery, Young Master. Let Imperial Uncle handle everything…

[?]: How is Young Master?

[YJ]: Spirited, but needs more rest.

[YJ]: Do not disturb him anymore. Go back.

[Lu Su]: Stop following. I won’t be able to escape.

[?]: Yes. Sorry.

[LS]: Is that the direction of Xiangyang?

[?]: Yes.

[LS]: People of Jing Province sure are sentimental.

[LS]: They always think about returning home.

[Zhuge Liang]: Jing was governor Liu Biao’s base. His son Liu Qi is the proper heir.

[ZGL]: As Liu Qi’s uncle, my Lord will fully support him.

[ZGL]: Young Master Liu Qi guarantees people’s support.

[LS]: He brings legitimacy, so protect him well.

[ZGL]: Pity… how our weak state forces us to use trickery.
(“…only side door left path”)

[LS]: Yes. A fine line…
(“yes, this path no easy walk”)

[LS]: But,

[LS]: you made it.
(“but got you walked out of it”)

{upstream, Han Xuan’s military encampment}
(not sure if that’s an actual location name)

[?]: Stop looking. There’s no reinforcement.

[?]: It’s Zhao Tong from Guiyang!

[Zhao Tong]: Why hasn’t our ally taken action when Guiyang was attacked?

{Han Xuan’s officer, Cai Jian}
[Can Jian]: Our Lord closed the pass and we were directionless without aid.

[ZT]: I’ve been hearing about old master Huang’s surrender all the way here. Is it true?

[CJ]: No, what we hear now… is that he’s asking the enemy to surrender.

[CJ]: Over half of Jing’s soldiers who surrendered have fled.
(not sure whether it’s surrendered troops to Jing or from Jing; I also simplified the second half, because in context the soldiers could be “unable to defend against enemy forces,” or “unable to resist enemy words”)

[ZT]: Back then you and old master Huang went south to serve Han Xuan together.

[ZT]: Now that Han Xuan refuses to help, he seems to be giving up on questionable people he employed.

[ZT]: Aren’t you even a little bit angry, sir?

[CJ]: Haha, you want me to defect to Guiyang? Nice goading trick…

[CJ]: They say Liu Bei is a scoundrel,

[CJ]: but I just don’t see him annexing Jiangxia during this crisis.
[CJ]: Perhaps there was another reason for Liu Bei’s seizure of the Xu Province.

[ZT]: So you’ve already made your decision, sir…

[CJ]: It’s not up to me but the people here.

[?]: Liu Qi guarantees people’s support.

[CJ]: Huang Zhong used to be Jiangxia’s best.

[CJ]: And he has the most influence within the ranks.

[CJ]: I ask you, if he surrenders…

[?]: Do you want to work with him?

[?]: Yi Ji.

[?]: As the Advisor expected, the Sun clan left many spies even though they withdrew their ships.

[?]: They’ve been spreading rumors about our Lord’s intent to annex Jiangxia.
[?]: But don’t worry, we have it under control despite the size of their planned disturbance.

[YJ]: Please keep it a secret. Announce only after we pacified the four Commanderies.

[?]: Yessir.

[LS]: The people of Jing still miss Liu Biao.

[LS]: But this is not the proper way to pay respect to Liu Biao.

[ZGL]: Please speak your mind, Zi Jing.
(Zi Jing is Lu Su’s courtesy name)

[LS]: Imperial Liu is fighting in distant region away from Jiangxia. This place still belongs to Liu Qi.

[LS]: Liu Qi guarantees people’s support.

[LS]: Except…

[ZGL]: Accurate prediction, Zi Jing.

[ZGL]: Young Master Qi has just passed away.

[ZGL]: We must hide the news to prevent undesirable obstacles.

[ZGL]: We can’t bury him, so I’m here to express my apology to Liu Biao of Jing.
[LS]: Hm. Too bad my Lord didn’t realize it…

[LS]: or his warship could’ve conquered Jiangxia during the chaos.

[LS]: The handover was successfully completed despite our strong interference…
[LS]: Your mastery over internal affairs is indeed the best in the world.

[ZGL]: Zi Jing is also the most sensible.

[LS]: So… when will you release me?

[ZGL]: On the day of Miss Sun’s arrival.

magazine-release-only teaser: “Next chapter: The Eighth.”
(this is why I don’t care about this teaser line, it’s misleading; see chapter 478)


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