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April 12, 2017

chapter 479 (magazine syndication, not final)

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[?]: Stab!
The teacher had his head up, without looking at anyone in the courtyard.

{Changshan Commandery, Zhending County}
[?]: Chop!

[?]: The sword style of Changshan’s Zhao clan has been kept within the family for generations. It has long been world-renowned.
[?]: Back-step!
[?]: And it brings pride to every descendant of the Zhao clan no matter where they are.

[?]: Even your father would keep up with the training during his yearly visit.

[?]: Nephew…

chapter 479 The One I Want To Kill

[?]: why don’t you train with them?

[Zhao Huo]: A style with prestigious origin looks pretty but is hollow underneath. I don’t see you practicing either, teacher.
[?]: Haha, how could a member of the Zhao clan criticize the hard work of his ancestors?

[ZH]: Martial arts of the Central Plain have always been mere tricks to fool people.
[ZH]: There’s only hand-to-hand in battle. It’s not a performance.

[ZH]: If martial arts would’ve made a difference, then key positions in the world would already be dominated by various schools.

[?]: Then how do you think beginners should learn martial arts?
(not sure)

[ZH]: I dare not boast, teacher. Please enlighten me.

[?]: Kill people.

[?]: Without such experience, martial arts is just a form of therapeutic dance.

[?]: Without such experience, a strategist will live their whole life merely theorizing.

[ZH]: Even a strategist has to kill people?

[?]: You won’t understand books on warfare without knowing how to kill.
(not sure if it’s “how to kill” or a more general “the feeling of killing someone”)

[?]: Tell me, what kinds of books have you read?
(“I ask you…”)

[ZH]: I learn from history; I repeat what the texts say.

[?]: You won’t understand history without knowing how to lie.

[ZH]: Physical strength.

[ZH]: It’s the only standard of measure of a warrior in the history text.

[?]: Yes. Physical strength is the only thing that cannot be faked.
(“…other can [be] fake, muscular strength [should/could] not [be] false”)

[?]: With enough physical strength, any form of martial arts training will do.

[?]: Come.

[ZH]: Which move?

[?]: The riskiest.

{sfx: pa~}

[ZH]: Waist.
[?]: Shoulder.

[?]: Hero’s duel. A path of no return.

[?]: Very good. Separate the wheat from the chaff. Learn to fight, not dance.
(homonym wordplay on 武martial/舞dance)

[?]: Living in the Zhao family, I haven’t felt like this for a long time.

[ZH]: If you dared to take the risk, teacher, you must have a way to counter me.

[?]: Please allow me to teach you, for I have a feeling that…

[?]: you’ve killed many people already.
(“you [have] killed people, and not few”)

[ZH]: So you’ve taught people like me before?

[?]: Regrettably there was only one before you.

[ZH]: Even in the Zhao clan?

[?]: He left… because he unearthed a secret in the existing literature.
(not sure)

[ZH]: That’s a relief.

[?]: What do you mean?

[ZH]: Teacher, what do you call this move?

[?]: Changshan’s

[?]: twist and turn.
(“left turn right return”)

[Zhou Cang]: Boss, our troop has entered the city!

[ZC]: Bo…

{Twist with physical strength-}

{horizontally with the waist.}

{Turn and use that force}

{to target the shoulder.}

That man also seems to be reciting those words under his breath…

And then be stunned like me in the aftermath.

[?]: The eighth battalion will be rear guard. We still have time to retreat!
[?]: Eighth master, keep pressure on your wound!

[ZC]: Boss, his personal servants confessed that he’s from the same village as Zhao Fan and they knew each other in their early days.

[?]: Also from Zhending of Changshan.

That village, that family…

[ZH]: Zhao,

[ZH]: tell me your name!

Teacher, who was that man?

[Eighth]: Huff.

I’m not allowed to say…

Why not?

It cannot be revealed before graduation.
(the super vague syntax allows ambiguity in point-of-view)

And then the teacher raised his head again, still so proud.

Clouds were flying that day.

(hahaha, fake Zhao Yun meets real Zhao Yun?)

===== black page preview =====
The setting sun shines on the hills and dresses the clouds in gold.

And the eighth is even more brilliant.


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