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May 3, 2017

chapter 480 (magazine syndication, not final)

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That terrifying face speaks words of justification.
(not sure; I know it may directly refer to Zhang Song, who was supposedly not good looking, but I think it’s broadly mocking hypocritical politicians who can lie to you while looking you in the eye, not necessarily that they’re ugly/scary-looking, but interpret this however you want)

Dressing up his own ambition at the same time.
(not sure)

{Liu Bei’s Aide-de-Camp, Mi Zhu}
[?]: Correct. There are three encampments along this route to Chengdu.
[?]: The numbers for the population and military strength are also close enough.

[?]: Sir, the Advisor has arrived.

[Mi Zhu]: Good work. You’re dismissed.
(“labored, first retreat [to the] back”)
[?]: Yessir.

chapter 480 The Humane Military Adviser

[Zhuge Liang]: How goes the evaluation by the natives of Chuan?
(geographically speaking it’s the same as the Yi province in the western part of Han dynasty territory)

[MZ]: After extensive study, it seems that those natives were correct…
[MZ]: This map of the Shu region should be authentic.

[ZGL]: What have you found out about Zhang Song who delivered this map?

[MZ]: We confirmed that he does work for Liu Zhang.

[MZ]: Supposedly Cao Cao didn’t believe the map was real when Zhang Song presented it to him.
[MZ]: So Zhang Song came to Jiangxia out of spite, trying to curry favor with our Lord.

[MZ]: I think the people of Chuan expect the incompetent Liu Zhang to fall and they’re making plans for themselves. This is a golden opportunity.

[?]: Young Master, don’t… don’t run in there.
(“…run [to where you’re not supposed to]”)

(sfx: “pa”)

[ZGL]: Look, here comes a very important person.

[?]: A… apologies for the intrusion!
{Liu Bei’s son, Liu Shan}

[ZGL]: Young Master Shan’s troop moves so fast to have traveled this far in a single day.
[ZGL]: All right, now, go back with old Huang.

(a mouth noise that’s like gulping, “lu”, or anything you want)

[MZ]: Haha, are you upset, Young Master?

[Huang]: Whoa!
[H]: Y… Young Master, don’t crawl up there!

[Liu Shan]: Ya.

[MZ]: This is an important map!

[MZ]: You impudent brat!

[ZGL]: No, let him paint.

[ZGL]: Sir “Advisor”, what’s your brilliant idea?

[LS]: Hee.


[MZ]: Bu…
(“this…”, it’s actually just an expression of frustration/disbelief)

[MZ]: Kong Ming, Bu… but!
(“…this… this”)

[ZGL]: Why worry, Mi Zhu, when even Cao Cao wouldn’t believe its authenticity?

[MZ]: Damn it- I believe it even if you don’t!

[ZGL]: The map is fake.

[ZGL]: That Zhang Song was sent by Cao Cao.

[ZGL]: When he took over Jing back then, Cao Cao already had various strategies in mind.

[ZGL]: Liu Zhang appears mediocre, but his governing policy kept western Chuan in perfect order. How could his people not be in support of him?

[ZGL]: Faced with the defeat at Red Cliff, this must be Cao Cao’s contingency plan to weaken the external threats.

[ZGL]: This scheme was designed based on our tripartite strategy.

[ZGL]: It’s a short-term gain if we use this map to conquer the Chuan region, but we’ll suffer because of it in the future.
[ZGL]: The man who designed this map is no ordinary talent if he could fool even the natives from that region.

[ZGL]: Keep this a secret and release Zhang Song.

[ZGL]: I have a plan to handle the rest.

[MZ]: If you take responsibility for this, I wash my hands of it.

[ZGL]: Haha, you’re responsible for this too.

[ZGL]: What now, sir Advisor?

[MZ]: He’s meditating. Does he speak?
[ZGL]: Don’t worry. Young Master differs from an ordinary person.
(not sure how different he means)

[?]: No war.
(“no fighting”)

[LS]: War, kills.
(“fighting, people die”)

[LS]: Baddie.
(“bad people”)

[LS]: You baddie.
(“you bad person”)

[MZ]: Haha, Young Master sure conveys “deep meaning through small words.”

[ZGL]: He’s right. I’m a villain.

[ZGL]: Young as he is, he already understands the value of life…

Practicing virtues will put the mind at ease each passing day and make life enjoyable. That’s why he indulges in joy and not worry.

He’s destined to become a wise ruler when he grows up.

Practicing hypocrisy will wear down the mind over time and make life miserable.

Perhaps… that is the portraiture of “treacherous vassals” like us.

[Liu Bei]: Spare the people from misery by not fighting.

[LB]: Your surrender is a blessing to the people.

[Liu Du]: Enough of your bullshit, just don’t make the people suffer. I surrender!

[LB]: Your tremendous courage is admirable.

I wish all benevolent men would be like this.
(not sure if he means “be like this” or “end up like this” (not punished/killed) )

In year 209, Liu Du surrendered and allowed Liu Bei to take Lingling.

===== black page preview ====
Liu Shan has never killed anyone nor delighted in waging war.

Future generations would consider a ruler without ambition to be an incapable ruler.


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