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July 5, 2017

chapter 483 (magazine syndication, not final)

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Strive to do one’s best until one’s death.

And everyday his job was to cause death.

[?]: They sure can grow anything in the south.
[?]: Food won’t be a problem once we unite the four commanderies.

[?]: Oh, why has sir Jian returned in a hurry?

[?]: Perhaps he needed to ask the Advisor something.

chapter 483 A Blood-soaked Discussion of Warfare

[?]: Ah, Jian Yong.

[?]: Apologies, but the Advisor is busy. I can take you to him if you want.

[Jian Yong]: So much has changed in the short time I was away, has it…
[?]: You’re right. We’ve gained control of Jiangxia.

[JY]: That means Kong Ming could soon begin surveying the south.
(Kong Ming is Zhuge Liang’s courtesy name)

[?]: Amazing. It’s like we succeeded despite not having done anything.

[?]: Haha, that’s the power of the Advisor.

[Zhuge Liang]: Your people saw the Eighth Genius in Guiyang?

[JY]: Yes. He claimed to be Zhao Fan’s oath brother.

[ZGL]: Wouldn’t that make him a fake if he’s found in Guiyang?
(not sure about the syntax)
[JY]: No, this one is different from those in the past.

[ZGL]: Eighth doesn’t get on well with others. And it’s even harder to track him.
[ZGL]: We barely kept in touch ever since Master Water Mirror retired.

[?]: As for his name… unless he declares it after graduation, no one would know.

[ZGL]: That can’t be the only reason why you rushed here.

[JY]: Ha.

[JY]: I have something that will interest you.

[JY]: Zi Long found this in Guiyang.
(Zi Long is Zhao Yun’s courtesy name)

{map reads, right to left: …”station four thousand”; left: “valley entrance floods in July, woods west, flatland east”; circled: “hill north, flatland, swamp south”; bottom: “to the right of swamp”; left: Routes of Shu, map ten}
(see chapter 468)

[ZGL]: Encampments, valley’s terrain, and the roads into Shu are all matching.
[ZGL]: Very similar to what our spies in the Chuan region described.

[ZGL]: We already know about the first half. But it’s the first time we’re seeing this second half.
{upside down map reads, left to right: “hilly terrain”; “three thousand (?) station”; “floods in July”; top: “four hundred, flatland”; below: “swamp land”; circled “flatland”}
(can’t read the rest)

[ZGL]: Even the way he handles the brush is the same.
[ZGL]: The author should be the same person as that of the map I received before.

[?]: We should know how they’ll deploy their troops if the map is correct.

[?]: Do you still have that map, Advisor?

[ZGL]: It has been turned into an antique. But the man named “Zhang Song” is still here.
(I think by saying “…turned into a famous painting” could mean a famous person autographed it)

[JY]: The renowned Zhang Song of west Chuan? Why did he come here?

[ZGL]: You’re right.

[ZGL]: That’s why I released him and sent someone to track his movements.

[?]: We couldn’t get anything out of him, instructor.

[?]: We still need your personal touch.

[ZGL]: Bring the map and do a little comparison.

[?]: Yessir.

[?]: Wait outside.

[?]: Wh… wh…
(“this… this…”)

[ZGL]: Come.

{sfx: pa}


[?]: AHH!

[?]: AHH!

[ZGL]: Oh right, Jian Yong, you said you saw the Eighth in Guiyang,

[ZGL]: so… have you seen a torture chamber like this?

[JY]: Yes. Exactly like this.

[ZGL]: Exactly like this…

[ZGL]: Then I’m certain…

[ZGL]: that the Eighth has graduated!


[?]: AHH!



[?]: {retch}

[?]: Take note, Yang Yi.
(thanks to reader Beatles9 for the correction)

[JY]: An advisor who has never killed anyone with his own hands will only ever deal with warfare in theory.

[JY]: Prowess and cruelty go hand-in-hand.
(“the more amazing [they are], the more vicious [they are]”)

[JY]: That’s one of history’s… unspeakable truths.


[ZGL]: Zhang Song?

[Zhang Song]: Yes…

[ZGL]: I ask you one more time, if you betrayed Liu Zhang,

[ZGL]: why did you go back?

[ZS]: No… don’t hit me!

[ZS]: I… I don’t know anything!



[ZGL]: Has he been slacking off?
[?]: No. He has been good.

[ZGL]: Come.

{sfx: pa}

[Liu Shan]: Stinky, stinky.

{fan, fan}
[ZGL]: All right now, you won’t broaden your abilities without study.

[ZGL]: Last time we discussed Mencius…

==== black page preview ====
Zhuge Liang had always felt regrettable about Emperor Huan and Emperor Ling of Han.

He, too, knew that the Han dynasty by then existed in name only.

That pair of hands was soaked in blood during the northern campaign in his final years. However, those hands also unwaveringly provided for one person…

Master Meng said, all people can become a Yao or Shun. Zhuge Liang had great hopes in Liu Shan.


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