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September 20, 2017

chapter 487 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{flag reads: Sun}

[?]: I don’t see guards in the city. Only aging civilians.
(“…old [and] weak civilians”)
[?]: The main walls have all been damaged. It’ll take time to repair them.

[?]: This has always been Cao Cao’s stalling tactic.

[?]: It’s done. We can now enter the city.

chapter 487 The Strongest Units

[?]: Advance the frontline by one city!

[?]: Let the enginnering unit get to work!

[?]: We’re handing this over to you, General Zhu!
{Sun Quan’s General-in-Chief, Zhu Zhi}
[Zhu Zhi]: Okay.

In year 209, Zhou Yu’s army conquered over half of the Jing Province after Cao Cao’s rout from Red Cliff, while Sun Quan marched on Hefei to wear down Cao Cao’s defenders.

Due to having to deal with constant mutinies in the north, Cao Cao could not spare resources to aid the southern campaign. Cao Ren, trapped in this predicament, focused his forces to defend the northern part of Jing.

[?]: General Zhu will remain, leaving only five more troops to continue the march northward.
[?]: The two supply troops from the southeast will finish unloading very soon.
[?]: Sir!

[?]: Chief Controller, the enemy forces attacking Yiling have not withdrawn, but have been growing in size instead!

[?]: It’s a wise move to abandon the main city and attack Yiling.

{Sun Quan’s General-in-Chief, Lü Meng}
[Zhou Yu]: Yiling is a route for the supply line into the western Chuan region.

[?]: Our long-term plan can’t take shape if we lose Yiling.
(top bubble)
[?]: Cao Cao has already seen through this.

[?]: By transfering the troop from the Nan Commandery to Yiling, the difficulty there will worsen.
(not sure)

[ZY]: What’s your thought on this, General Lü?

[Lü Meng]: Our troop morale is too hot to be wasted.

[ZY]: Guan Yu of Liu Bei’s army is just south of here. Aren’t you afraid of a trap?

[LM]: No worries. I never considered him a threat.

[ZY]: Fine.

[ZY]: Then let’s press on in one go!

[ZY]: Mobilize! Follow Lü Meng and I to rescue Yiling!
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Still no news, Chief Controller.
[ZY]: At this speed, they must be cavalry.

[?]: But… we’ve never known Liu Bei to have this unit?

[ZY]: Don’t worry. This unit is small.

[ZY]: It can’t make elaborate plays.

Next day, Cao Cao’s forces from the Nan Commandery began to attack Yiling.

{flag reads: Cao}
[?]: My, my. They’ve held on for seven rounds.

[?]: Brothers, with reinforcements our strength just increased.
[?]: How could we live this down if we can’t take Yiling?

[?]: Sir! Zhou Yu’s reinforcement is mobilizing!

[Su Yong]: They’re here, big brother. Are you confident about this?
{Cao Ren’s subordinate, Su Yong}
{Cao Ren’s subordinate, Lu Heng}
[Lu Heng]: Fear not, their main force is small.

[LH]: Not to mention our Lord has just sent us a strong unit.

[LH]: They will definitely revitalize our morale!

[?]: Just wait and see.


[?]: There are too many of them, master Gan, we won’t last much longer!

[Gan Ning]: Still no reinforcements?

[?]: Sir! They’ve occupied the grounds ahead of us.

[?]: There is a cavalry unit that bypassed our defense!

[GN]: Our arrows are used up after so many rounds.


[?]: All right! One more time. Kill them all!

[?]: But, this… this unit is different!


[?]: This horse!

[?]: Leaps so far!

[?]: Impossible! They jumped over!

[?]: Sir! They’ve taken the breach!
(“report! crevasse lost defense”)

[?]: Pull back to assist the next crevasse.
[?]: We can’t let them break through!

This kind of gear…

The armor is thick but light.

Vine hook?

[GN]: Focus on the walls!
[GN]: Hurry! To the lowest points of the walls!

[?]: Are you afraid the cavalry will siege the city?

[?]: This method of attack, could it be… Gao Shun’s unit back in Lü Bu’s army?

[GN]: No, they’re more powerful,

[GN]: and more renowned…

Cao Cao’s Tiger And Leopard Cavalry!

{leader of the Tiger And Leopard Cavalry, Cao Chun}
[Cao Chun]: The broken wall ahead, six meters or so.

[?]: Go!


[?]: Swing!

[?]: They… they’re up!


{sfx: zing. zing}

[?]: They… they used the momentum of their horses to scale the walls!

[?]: The vanguards shall block Gan Ning’s troop!
[?]: The main force shall scale the walls and attack the gate to our right!

{sfx: pa}


[?]: By General’s orders, full stop!

[?]: Why are we stopping, boss?

[CC]: Left side.

[?]: The ruins?
(“that abandoned city”)

{sfx: shoo~}


[CC]: Tiger and Leopard Cavalry.

[CC]: Cao Chun.
(a smoother translation would be to switch these two phrases, “Cao Chun, of the Tiger and Leopard Cavalry.” But the bubble size is limited)

[Chen Dao]: White Feather Unit.

[CD]: Chen Dao!

—– black page preview —-
The goose feathers on the riders’ heads speak of their intention.
(“…express clearly [their purpose for coming here]”)


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